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Hi, loves! Your hair looks great today! Listen, I don’t know if this is your thing, but you’re never too old to run through the sprinklers. It’s hot outside! Go nuts! You deserve it!

This week, Heather brought us all the gayest news from Comicon!

We had a LOT of thoughts about sex during the last survey. Here are 55 of them.

Speaking of sex…so, are you a switch?

Alyssa wants you to know that you’re queer enough. ❤︎

This is EXTREMELY relevant to your interests: The Top 30 Dykes on Bikes on TV and in Movies.

Well, this was lovely.

And then there were your comments!

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Doesn’t Like Sleepovers:

The Bang And a Whimper Award to Chandra, Snaelle, and Amidola:

Chandra: So if you put together all the media hype, somehow you end up with lesbian bed death that’s due to an overabundance of orgasms? / Snaelle: Well it’s logical that there’s only so much strain a bed can take from all those overabundant lesbian orgasms before it collapses and dies. / Amidola: #ikea / Snaelle: I’d always heard Ikea furniture can only take so much screwing. / Chandra: Time for a new line of products that meet minimum lesbian orgasm safety standards #dykea / Norma: BEST comment thread ever. / Snaelle: I’m not sure I can top this comment…I may have to come again when I’ve had a breather. / Chandra: We all have to meet our furniture maker someday. At least bottoming out multiple times is a good way to go / Snaelle: Going out with a bang, one might even say. / Chandra: A bang AND a whimper. / Snaelle: Well you’ve just floored me now. / Carmen SanDiego: Comment awards all around / Carolyn Yates: YES comment awards for everyone yes

On 8 Reasons ’80s She-Ra Was a Feminist Badass and You Should Be Hyped for Her Netflix Series:

The Cirrrrcle of Lifffffe Award to esjaykay:

The she-ra circle of life: Step 1) obsess over she-ra as a tiny child feminist Step 2) repress queerness for a quarter century Step 3) come out in your 30s, wonder how you missed that you were a super gay kid Step 4) get stoked to watch she-ra reboot with awesome partners Thanks 20gayteen!

On Monday Roundtable: The Makeup That Changed Our Lives:

The Turn, Turn, Turn Award to hayley:

My gender comes in seasons and this season is all about looking like a really cute boy who just rolled out of bed and ruined your gay life. So I don’t wear a lot of makeup at the moment. (Maybe someday I will use all my purple lipstick again. Who knows.)

On 55 Very Deep Thoughts About Your Sex Life You Shared With Us On Our Recent Sex Survey:

The UM WEREN’T THEY BROTHERS Award to somethingbsomething:

I want to Luigi so badly for whoever described their top energy as “It’s a me, Mario”.

And the Sounder Memorial Plaque to Donna M:

Was #39’s last partner Jenny Schecter?

On What’s the Lesbian Equivalent of “He’s Tall”?

The Sliding Doors Award to deli twotone:

I am not throwing my hat in with the hands or hair options, mostly because I’m contrary, but also because overly-focusing on physical attributes is a really straight thing to do, although I understand that straight cis couples are largely restricted to just staring at each other because they can’t hold a conversation and also hate each other. The only sensible choice here is pockets. Have you ever seen the grin on a practical femme’s face when she finds a dress she likes that has pockets? Or the contrasting despair of a butch weeping tender tears over a pair of trousers inexplicably without them? The person with pockets can never be that ex that always made you carry their shit around, ergo is already close to perfect.

And the Extra Toppings Award to Rachel:

she’s a top / Erin: Uh, this might be our answer

On No Filter: Evan Rachel Wood Playing PJ Harvey Songs on an Acoustic Guitar is My Actual Sexuality Now:

The PJ Party Award to Snaelle:

That ERWB post reminded me… I once hung out with PJ Harvey and some friends in a pub on Christmas Eve. On the way there my friend called another friend to try to get them to join us, saying “Look I’m giving you a pop star, lesbians and a man with one leg. What more do you want for Christmas?”. And then some joking around meant I got a close-up look at Polly’s hands and years later I’m still trying to chill.

And on I Watched Lesbian Movie “Liz in September” and You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me:

The Staycation Award to madmorris:

Come for the lesbian hotel, stay for the euthanasia

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  1. OMG, I’d missed the The Bang And a Whimper Award comment thread – that me giggle-snort in public.

    The entire He’s Tall comment thread was sooo much fun – glad to see it got two comment awards.

  2. “The UM WEREN’T THEY BROTHERS Award” has me lol-ing in the workplace. Well done.

  3. Well, there’s certainly a sandwich I don’t mind being in the middle of!
    And I got an award for it,too!
    Measured by performance I feel like a crowned pillow princess,though.

  4. When I read the blurb I was like, “I thought that was a beach house, not a hotel?” because I assumed we were talking about San Junipero

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