The Comment Awards Are Re-Watching Elliot Page Movies

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Hi there, lentils and sweet peas! As we coast this long, strange year into December, I’ve got a question for you, and it is: what would the premise of YOUR lgbtq+ holiday movie be, if you were to write one? I asked over on Twitter and people had MANY ideas, but I now want to hear yours!

Speaking of, this week the team got into it with Happiest Season roundtable!

Dani Janae and Shelli Nicole debuted The Drop, a space for talking about Queer Black Pop Culture, with a chat about SassyBlack’s latest album.

The team tried Lex, with some mixed results!

Kayla re-watched Saving Face, one of those rare lesbian movies that was truly perfect, 19 years ago and today.

It’s that time again — cue the end-of-year lists! Here are the team’s favorite and least favorite queer and trans tv characters. (I think I’m in a minority with this one, but… no Finley????)


There’s new merch for the Holidays, including AS magnetic poetry! I can’t wait to have Autostraddle on my fridge!

And then there were your comments!

On Reine #15: Co-workers:

The Representation Patters Award to Courtney and Ren:

Courtney you HAVE a CAT

On Dating Download: Three Lesbians Try Lex and Get Sexy With Words:

The Lex Your Own Adventure Award to Will:

I used Lex for a few months pre-pandemic (Dec. 2019-Feb. 2020) and as an ace spectrum person it was AMAZING because I get basically nothing from looking at people’s pictures. I didn’t have any relationships come out of it, but I went on a bunch of first dates, made some friends, and joined a new RPG group! I found it useful for finding people who vibe with really specific interests.

On Elliot Page Is Trans, So “Juno” Is Officially a Trans Film Now:

The Single Tear Emoji Award to Azul:

DREW. That paragraph after Elliot’s tweet. <3 I don't have any other words because my feelings outnumber them *one tear smiling emoji* thank you for sharing this!

On What’s New and Gay in December 2020 in Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO Max?

The Bridge Too Far Just Right Award to Camille:

My cousins husband created/wrote/produced the Bridgerton series and a few years ago when he was first working on it, I told him he had to put lots of queer stuff (and not just gay men) in it! So I’m expecting queer shit lol!!

On No Filter: Janelle Monáe Wants Your Birthday Wishes in Her Birthday Suit:

The On the Menu Award to SLB and msanon:

All I want for winter solstice is for Alice Wu to write a movie starring Melissa King.

On Foolish Child #85: Happiest Season:

The Hello Heather Hogan Award to Heather Hogan and Dickens:

Hello Heather Hogan. This animated film can be found on Netflix and involves a square pumpkin and a green cat, coming together against all odds to help three little kittens find a home. There’s singing! And dancing! Snarky pumpkins! Diva pumpkins! Talking spiders! And **MAGIC**. You might like it or I might just be conditioned to know every word from having watched it one thousand times with the Toddler.

And on Pop Culture Fix: Aweng Ade-Chuol’s “Modern (Queer) Fairytale” Is The Love Story You Need Today:

The Happiest Next Season Award to Lavendula and msanon:

I would have loved that movie to co-star Jen Richards

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  1. my plu-com/holiday would clearly star Jen Richards. it would be titled Amicus. She would be a judge. Niecy Nash is a prosecutor. there are feelings. things don’t work out until Ms. Nash is also appointed to the bench. the court clerk narrates and is also the unseen hand. i don’t know who plays that part yet. if anybody else does, please advise.

  2. I have two to pitch. I love queering common tropes!

    1 – the reverse Hallmark (with a high powered professional woman leaving the city and discovering love and the meaning of life in a small town) – A country queer leaves the country and discovers love and the meaning of life in the big city.

    2 – queer version of “cranky Christmas hater falls for sunny, Christmas lover and discovers the true meaning of Christmas”. This is basically the Christmas movie version of that picture of KStew sitting next to Janelle Monae at that fashion show.

  3. Holigay pitch: Kristana (funny that name) Kringle has to sub in for her dad when a greedy corporate exec tries to take over Christmas, but she’s totally unprepared to do everything. Lucky for her there is a North Pole elf who’s only to ready to help. A comedy of errors and romance ensues.

  4. A She-Ra Christmas special where the Catradora children learn the true meaning of Christmas after a mysterious dark force depletes the reindeers’ flying powers and Swift Wind has to pull Santa’s sled to save the day

  5. Snow fox mum has to herd snowkits back home after they get lost in a snow storm. Makes it back with the help of a butch snow owl, a genderqueer caribou and a smartass free ranging snowfox who suddenly realizes that actually…maybe this snowfox mum can more that hold her own, and she likes it, not to mention the way her eyes sparkle in the snow at night…

  6. Ok so…I’ve always wanted to make a film called Lez Van Winkle, where a lesbian from the 90s wakes up after 20+ years and has to process that both her ex-girlfriend and Anne Heche have moved on. (TradeMark etc. etc. plz dm for inquiries)
    But maybe we could do it as a nondenominational winter holiday movie, where she wakes up on the Winter Solstice and has until New Year’s Eve to find true love if she wants to stay awake?

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