The Comment Awards Are Punching Nazis


Oh, kittens. I hope you’re doing whatever you have to in order to get through this week. My heart is with you.

This week, some of you got the alternative lifestyle haircuts of your dreams.

Fuck yes Takiyah Thompson.

What if Tiger Beat was just full of butches and tomboys of the 20th Century? What if that?

Fuck yes Chelsea Manning.

Kayla wrote this about food and coming out and family and I think you should read it.

Saturday Morning Cartoons has a new artist, Brittney!

Sam’s telling the story of her transition, one outfit at a time.

Alysse’s listening to her own voice, and rocking high femme stiletto nails.

And then there were your comments!

On Yo! That’s Not Cool #1: Hi, My Name Is Brittney Williams:

The Oh, Frock Award to Lex:

Once as a petite fille I accomplished a Loretta Young worthy twirl in my pretty new full skirted frock right into the well occupied men’s room. To them it was a cringe worthy, embarrassing situation but for me it was Tuesday. You are my kind of people Brittney, I welcome you.

On Make Your Own Kickass Block Printed Patch:

The Blockhead Award to Nina:

Wow remember that time I was trying to teach myself how to block print? And kinda did it but not really? Look at this! Thank you queer journalism, how did u know?

On 41 Super-Hot Butches and Tomboys of the Early 20th Century:

The Hot Flash Award to Lex:

Feel like Thelma Wood is staring right into my soul.

And the Wings to Fly Award to Freakazoid:

Someone is missing next to Frida Kahlo… Chavela Vargas

On Show Us Your Planners: A Queer Organization Roundtable:

The Planned and Cultured Award to Nani Albornoz:

Passion planners are queer culture.

On No Filter: Chelsea Manning Leads The Revolution Straight Into My Heart:

The Must Love Dogs Award to Carmen SanDiego and Stef:

Carmen: Omg, dogs! I love dogs! / Stef: I LOVE DOGS TOO

On 8 Gayest National Holidays In August:

The Yes, Mistress Award to Alaina, Faith and Chandra:

Alaina: WHAT IS A WEBMISTRESS / Faith: A lady webmaster! / Chandra: I was picturing more like [posts image of dominatrix spider wearing leather, holding whip, standing on her web]

On Lez Liberty Lit: Silent Book Club:

The Bookends Award to dufrau:

Silent book club is my dream hangout. I like to read alone at bars, but I want a person who will read alone like two seats down from me so we can make eye contact if something ridiculous happens. I accidentally made a friend who also read alone at my favorite bar and we would “hang out” by sitting at opposite ends of the bar not talking to each other at all and it was perfect, but then she moved to North Carolina. The end.

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  1. Just a warning I do not actually sound like Scarlette O’Hara or something, but y’all can pretend while reading those two comments.

    Also the frock was cotton with a pattern of peas my aunt made and the restroom was at Cracker Barrel.
    Not helping lower expectations at all xD

  2. And congrats to the US friends here

    On this day in 1920, Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, granting American women the universal right to vote. It did so by giving the amendment the needed two-thirds majority of states to make it the law of the land. Its approval came by the narrowest of majorities: 50 of the 99 members of the Tennessee House voted for passage.

  3. Also also also, Fried Green Tomatoes movie night was an unqualified success and we are now taking suggestions for the next movie! Date and time TBD but hopefully more accessible for the Brits this time.

  4. That cooling comment from Lex was exactly what I needed after that article. I was staring at it for a few minutes, even comming back several times. But there was no relief just heat doubled by another heat wave here luckily not so bad and long as previous one.

  5. Since someone tried to smother Chandra with a pillow, let me ask you:
    Is cutting a car’s brake lines the least efficient way to kill someone? How fast could you be going before you use the brakes? 5mph while backing out of your driveway? Even then, a car crash would most likely end up with bumps and bruises

    • I never really thought about that, but you’re right. Even if you didn’t need to back out of a parking space or your driveway, you still put the brakes on before taking the car out of park, so it should be obvious that your brakes aren’t working.

    • wait, i honestly don’t know how i know this, but wasn’t cutting the brake lines about a slow draining of the brake fluid, so it’s after you’ve been driving for a bit that the brakes stop working?

        • Unless you know their route, schedule, driving habits and set up the uh terrain with those things in mind.
          Some people don’t brake in certain situations to avoid collision,they make evasive maneuvers instead.

          Humans have killed ginormous animals by unterstanding they can’t brake or turn for shit compared to us and using ledges to send them over or incapacitate enough to make spearing easier.

          If you know your prey, the terrain and how to manipulate it disrupting the breaking abilities of a vehicle could be very efficient and possibly keep suspicion awake from you.

          Uhhhh not that anyone should do that. Murder is bad. Humans aren’t prey, they’re people.

    • I’m sure there are more inefficient ways, like… putting a poisonous spider in somebody’s shoe and hoping they put the shoe on before the spider crawls out. Or sneaking extra salt into somebody’s food over a long period of time and waiting for their high blood pressure to give them a heart attack. But so far, you’re making a good case for cutting brake lines being the least effective commonly-seen movie-trope approach to killing someone.

        • I don’t know, snakes can squeeze into small spaces. Twice we’ve had baby rattle snakes coiled under the door at work and there’s a draft guard! So not inconceivable to have one in your mailbox, depending on the type of box.

          • OK so I know I live in Australia but in suburban areas you still don’t expect slithery wild life to find its way into your home or workplace. Sooo imagine my surprise when,on night shift one night, at the big Psych Hospital I worked at, I came back to the Nurses Station, after doing a set of rounds and found a very comfy looking (very venomous) Brown snake getting ready for a nap, I think, behind the desk filing unit.

            It was early spring so that probably accounts for it but I really never want to repeat the experience.

            The snake was fine, I called the wildlife people and a really nice bloke came and took my new staff member away to be released back down by the river where s/he probably came from looking for a mate.

            Gave me a nice little adrenaline boost to keep the yawns away till morning though. Actually till around mid afternoon really.

          • We have so much wildlife at work. In addition to the usual deer and turkeys there is apparently a beaver dam in a nearby creek, bobcats were spotted once, and of course the snakes. The babies are sooooo cute! But we aren’t supposed to go near them. They tend to show up in the winter looking for a warm place to sleep. Apparently, though, the snake handler people removed a HUGE rattle snake den recently and now my office has a rodent problem. So keep the snakes, I say! Just look down when you open a door ;)

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