The Comment Awards Are Matrimonial Superheroes


Happy Friday, muffins! I made tuna noodles with the good mac ‘n’ cheese last night, so lunch at my desk is about to get SO. MUCH. BETTER. Day jobs are wild!

This week, Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli killed me dead for the 1,431st time. Love is not a lie!

In Saturday Morning Cartoons, Megan made a touching tribute to Elton John.

From Zaynab: Reading black poetry as daily survival.

Go go Power Rangers!

Erin and Riese think Grace and Frankie might be gayer for each other than their husbands. Also, I have questions about the design of those vibrators.

Are you a couple of millimeters femme of center? Mey’s got dress tips.

Heather wrote this.

What if Mike Pence just didn’t talk to anyone?

And then there were your comments!

On The Republican Push to Gut Internet Privacy Rules (and What You Can Do About It) Explained:

The Radio 1984 Award to Carmen SanDiego:

"This is so scary! I do not want Time Warner knowing how many times I’ve listened to “jar of hearts

On Surprise! Samira Wiley And Lauren Morelli Got Married And Everything’s Perfect:

The Hero We Deserve Award to Chandra:


The Caped Crusader Award to Cyclone and Katie:

Cyclone: that ain’t no motherfuckin’ train that is a motherfuckin’ CAPE and I love everything about that outfit. Katie: I’m the praise emoji!!!

The Leveled Up Award to Emily:

AAAHHHHH THEY BOTH LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY this is pure and good; my crops are watered, my skin is clear, my anxiety is cured

The Mrs. Poussey Washington Award to Cecil:

Imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to marry Samira Wiley.

On 19 Popcorn Recipes for Popcorn Gals and Popcorn Pals:

The Must Love Corn Award to Nebia92:

Under “I spend a lot of time thinking about…

On Grace and Frankie Acted Gayer Than Their Gay Ex-Husbands In Season 3, Am I Right Ladies:

The Gals Being Pals Award to Lex:

Why can’t old women have a nice big gay relationship without people cooing “besties

The Let Me In Award to Monique:

I’m knocking on your walls, Grace. I’m gonna find a way in

On Weird But Legal Fashion Idea: Copy Outfits Leonardo DiCaprio Wore in the 90s:

The I’m Glittery, You’re Confused Award to Bea Trice:

I had a sparkle gold glitter headband on straight from the little girls section at target today accompanied by a pretty butch look for everything else; Unspeakably long leg hair (truly chewbacca inspired) and baggy cargos with a black tee (for work) and I just giggled all day as straight girl after straight girl wondered what kind of crazy I had for breakfast–inside fashion jokes make me laugh and laugh–viva la resistance!

On Even Better, What If Mike Pence Didn’t Talk to Anyone At All, Ever:

The Seen and Not Heard Award to Chandra:

I approve of this proposition and would like to request that its parameters be expanded. #yesallmen

The Handmaid’s Pork Chops Award to Abigail:

Well the Commander can’t upset the Wife by speaking to us lowly handmaids and Marthas. It’s just how things are done here in Gilead.

On How to Make a Sexy Leather Key Fob (and Learn Basic Leatherworking Skills!):

The Stealth Mode Unlocked Award to cb and SparkyMcDragon:

CB: i was the sorta kid who daydreamed about being a ninja, so i generally wanna be a little more stealth mode. also: sounds like you just need a dog to walk with you! problem solved. Sparkly Dragon: What’s actually great about the jingle jangle is that you can train people to hear you with the keys and then forget them on your desk for an house and walk around scaring the living daylights out of people because they didn’t hear you coming.

On “Supergirl” Episode 217 Recap: Exes and Oh Nos:

The You Say Mon-El, I Say Goodbye Award to emmapet:

oh also a long time ago when they were both veiled for no reason, you called Mon-El’s parents the Space Nuns and I loved that so I yell about it every time I see them TAKE HIM HOME SPACE NUNS TAKE HIM HOME

On No Filter: Lauren Morelli And Samira Wiley’s Perfect Wedding Gets Even Cuter:

The Ballad of Princess Bi Award to donnamartingraduates:

The saga of Princess Bi continues: all signs point to her having a soft butch alter ego and a gay butler to guard her secret…

And on Read A F*cking Book Club: The Handmaid’s Tale:

The Handmaid’s Resistance Award to Betsy:

I won’t despair about the narrative depicted in The Handmaid’s Tale becoming reality. I WILL fight fascism like fucking hell until the day I die. #RESIST

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  1. Queer girl this week is like “YOU get an award and YOU get an award and EVERYBODY GETS AN AWARD”

  2. SPACE NUNS!!! I actually didn’t even put together that the space nuns were Mon-El’s parents until this comment so it makes it EXTRA awardable. Plus I’ll be singing “You say Mon-El, I Say Goodbye” forever now THANKS

  3. Ms.Sandiego, I’ve listened to Jar of Hearts,too, too many times.
    I recommend Bailey’s on the rocks to go with that (they have a caramel variation of that, even) and some Warehouse 13 season 3 finale fanvids as the evening progresses.
    Congratulations on the awards, everyone!

    P.S.: Has anyone thought about Princess Bi secretly living as her soft butch alter ego someplace? Like maybe Key West?
    I mean…has anyone ever seen Kelly McGillis and her in the same room back in the day?

    • It’s such a great song. I will try it with Bailey’s on the rocks. That is my mother’s favourite. Whenever I visit Mrs SanDiego I bring her a bottle of Bailey’s

    • Like Princess Bi faked her own death so she could escape the limelight and further explore her soft butch side? I am on board but I think she would need her own secret island so her sons could visit without anyone catching on.

      • I am now imagining Princess Bi wearing overalls and running a small hotel in Greece, just like Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia

  4. Although I am proud of my alliteration I do not feel like I earned this award.

    But regardless I dedicate it to my 50 something year old cousin that I’ve met only twice, her lovely wife Jill who I met for the first time 2 weeks ago, and their adorable dogs who I hope to meet someday as well.

    To our gaylders!

      • I’m never going really understand on personal level why that is.

        Basic cishet-normative preferences on viewing interpersonal relationships I understand, but not seeing lovers when they stand before you being gushy and crap?
        Never gonna understand that.

  5. All together now, for Voldemort

    Who do you think you are?
    Runnin’ ’round leaving scars
    Collecting your jar of hearts
    And tearing love apart…

    • Hopefully gonna catch a cold
      From the ice inside his soul
      And not come back for us like a horror movie monster hunting for endless sequels.
      Just stay down
      Don’t come back ’round

  6. YES! I made the list. I want to thank Katie who set me up for the spike, my parents, my 4th grade teacher, and QueerGirl for taking a chance on an unknown kid.

    • It’s been a pleasure to work with you and honestly I think we’ll kick ourselves if we don’t take our double act on the road.

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