The Comment Awards Are Going Back to High School

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GOOD MORNING, IT’S FRIDAY, HOW DID WE MAKE IT TO FRIDAY? True story: On Wednesday of this week, I sat in front of my computer for an hour, then decided that Wednesday had passed and it was now Thursday. Days of the weeks are now hourly. Hey, I don’t make the rules! My brain does. My brain, and its complete pandemic rebellion from the order of real time. We have fun here, don’t we!

This week, Christina reminded us what outside clothes are.

Riese brought us this VERY important quiz: What L Word Side Character Are You?

In this week’s #PolyamoryProblems, Daemonumx tackled what to do when you want to change your partner.

Valerie Ann wrote to a newly out lesbian looking for community. This is such good advice!!

Vanessa wants you to read The Ex-Girlfriend of My Ex-Girlfriend Is My Girlfriend.

Pose is back, and so are Chinelo’s recaps!!!!!

Tegan and Sara’s High School is getting a series, from none other than Clea! Duvall!

This is so exciting: join us Monday for another LIVE QUEER SEX 101 WORKSHOP: How to Have Gay Sex for the First Time with Luna Matatas!

I love the I Still Can’t Believe series very much, and Drew’s latest installment does the impossible: it elevates the Friends discourse substantially. I Still Can’t Believe “Friends” Was The First Time I Saw Myself On-Screen.

And then there were your comments!

On I Still Can’t Believe Anyone on “Battlestar Galactica” Was Straight:

The Gay Yearning Award to tlyn:

Starbuck and Apollo are clearly a soft butch 4 soft butch couple. I know this in my heart to be true. I dont care what their genders are. Yearning for your ex’s sibling?? Your best friend?? Gay.

And the As You Wish Award to Gilbert:

Unfortunately that is not the case, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen your comment.

On So You Want to Remember What Clothes Are? Here’s a Guide to Updated Basics:

The Secret Life Of Bee Flies Award to Erin Wilaby:

As an irrepressible bug enthusiast, I think that these bumblebees look a little off, and that if I were to guess which bug they are really representing, it would be some sort of bee fly ( ) I am a masculine-of-center dresser always on the lookout for more insect and floral clothing though, so I LOVE seeing things like this!

On Boobs on Your Tube: If This Is How All American Honors Black Women, They Can Keep It:

The This Is A Martha Jones Appreciation Post Award to MeL and JLD:

As the daughter of a nerdy black man who caught Canadian airings of Doctor Who as a child growing up in Detroit, Martha Jones has always meant the world to me (and I still believe to be a generally underappreciated companion). My mom and I lovingly call this show Five Doctors (as apparently there are only five doctors working in this giant public New York hospital?) and while Freema Agyeman and the shows belief in humanity are still my two favorite things about it (and pull me through some of the cornier and ham fisted moments), I am VERY ready to spend more time with Leyla and finally watch Bloom get a storyline about joy.

On Quiz: Which L Word Side Character Are You?

The British Idol Award to Sally and Deli Twotone:

Rather than treat this as a personality quiz, I picked all the answers that I knew would lead me to my idol Peggy Peabody so I could use them as a kind of instruction set for how to lead my life.

On You Need Help: How Do I Feel More Connected to the Lesbian Community?

The You Are Enough Award to Maria:

All of my closest queer friends have expressed worries that they’re not queer enough, or in the right way, at some point. I’ve definitely felt the same way, and bonded with others over it (or encountered challenges to my queerness borne out of blatant insecurity from people who prove queerness to themselves by policing the experience of others). So in that way your experience is hyper-super-extra-queer, letter writer! <3

On No Filter: Janelle Monáe Posts for “Flysexuals Who Love Tubs Only”:

The Only Good Choices Award to Cleo:

I didn’t know until now that I have a thing for shampoo covered curls. But I already knew that I’m a woman who notices font choices.

And on Pop Culture Fix: Like You, Kate McKinnon Makes Jokes to Deal With Her Own Anxiety:

The No Boys Allowed Award to xx and Charlotte:

for a laugh click through the Wilds tweet and look at the # of quote tweets.

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  1. QueerGirl, thank you for this precious award. Seriously considering getting a British Idol t-shirt but may tweak to British, Idle.

    • A perfect wardrobe staple for walking your small dogs by a canal on a summer evening.

  2. wow thank you so much for honoring my gay BSG feelings with a comment award!! wish I could travel back in time to show my closeted BSG obsessed self. so gay we all.

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