Which L Word Side Character Are You?

Following my very successful “Which L Word character are you?” quiz, it was suggested that perhaps, as it often is for things that involve both “me” and “The L Word,” I could go even deeper into this abyss.

tweet sharing the original L word quiz in which Kayla says "my girlfriend and i both took this L Word personality quiz and both got jenny schecter.........jenny4jenny u hate to see it" Stef: oh no what it one of you is an adele // Kayla: I feel like maybe I'm Stacy Merkin // Riese: Should I do a "which L Word side character are you" next // Stef: 1000% Yes

And I did.

Which L Word side character are you?

Not everybody is a Bette or a Jenny. Some people are, quite simply, Stacey Merkin.

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  1. I got Jamie Chen, which I feel like is way better than getting Alice on the last quiz.

  2. Rather than treat this as a personality quiz, I picked all the answers that I knew would lead me to my idol Peggy Peabody so I could use them as a kind of instruction set for how to lead my life.

    • Ok, I took it again with answers from the truest depths of my heart and still got Peggy Peabody so I can probably rest easy from trying at life as I’m obviously already at the pinnacle.

    • You’re already making better choices than literally anyone else taking this quiz.

  3. First time Cherie Jaffie, second round Peggy Peabody. I‘ll play until I‘ll get Adele.

    • I may be heading in the other direction.

      First Adele (which is me), then Peggy with the help of ritual and incantations. Currently on my way to the Best Poolside Sex (™)

  4. I loved Jenny’s book about trauma manatees or whatever, how did I get Stacey, Jenny is the best character in the whole show, this is terrible

  5. I got Candace and I forgot who she was *shrugs*

    Also question 3 made me feel really boring as I don’t smoke, do drugs, and rarely drink (doesn’t mix with my meds)… Sparkling water drinking people really didn’t show up in the L word didn’t they? Not enough drama

  6. Ok, I know you guys are going to hate me for saying this but I’m probably the only dyke who’s not into the L word. I mean, I get it, it was an important step for queer female representation, I’m glad it exists, I get some of the references, (Bette Porter is really hot.) But I was just never really able to get into it. However, I am very happy to get Cynthia Nixion’s Character.

    • Oh, I’ve never watched it either. Almost all I know about queer women’s TV and movies comes from reading Autostraddle articles on them, not from actually watching.

  7. Oh good Lorde. Stacey Merkin. Really brought me down from my Carmen high. Although I’m sure the quiz is correct that I wouldn’t like Jenny’s book. And my partner got Jamie Chen, so that’s awesome.

    (Pretty sure I stopped watching prior to Merkin showing up, so I’m just judging her based on that name.)

  8. I got Cherie Jaffe, which I’ll take! My memories of her arc are … hazy at best. Didn’t she lead Shane on and then stay with her terrible husband and break Shane’s heart or something? Which, I mean, all of that is not great! But also she was gorgeous and kinda glamorous and if I’m remembering things right she seemed pretty bi to me? So that part fits lol. Anyway, I VASTLY prefer this to my result on the last quiz (Jenny).

    • I don’t know how many women Shane packed for, but she was definitely packing for you. Props.

  9. I got “Jamie Chen, who has been described as beautiful, dedicated, so cool and really chill. And surprise: it’s true!” and I guess my crush on Tasha gave me away ☺️

  10. I got Jamie and wow what a burst of confidence!! i am obsessed with these quizzes, ty

  11. stacey merkin, which i don’t feel good about but also don’t remember why that might be. i like the actress, though that’s more of a random whatever than silver lining.

  12. I love that you added None of the above to the vices, but it doesn’t seem to be working when it’s chosen. (I’m guessing I’m not going to be a Candace once it’s fixed—but also hoping I won’t be back at Stacey Merkin)

  13. I have no idea how those answers got me to Peggy Peabody but I am stoked they did :)

  14. “You’re Jamie Chen, who has been described as beautiful, dedicated, so cool and really chill. And surprise: it’s true!”

    I don’t remember this character at all, which is how I know she was probably awesome and chill af to hang with.

  15. I got Jenny as main character and Adele as side character, which feels accurate! Sorry to anyone who is friends with me and also my wife.

  16. I keep getting an error unfortunately. It won’t let me pick none of the above for pick your poison. Which, were there even any sober people on the show? Lol

    • yes i tried to add a “none of the above” bc i realized that there was no option to pick no poison, but without assigning it to a character it failed, so i added soda water to the vaper instead!

  17. i got jamie chen but my crush is a certain blonde whose already taken by the lovely bette porter

  18. I got Max on the first quiz and Candace on this one, not sure what that means but I’m willing to find out

  19. Very glad to have gotten Jamie after I was egregiously slotted as a Jenny last time due to my affection for Welcome to the Dollhouse.

    You could take this even further and just do villains, like Tina’s cis boyfriend, obstructive CAC board members, the woman who burned down Wax, Dana’s homophobic agent, Shane’s Hollywood boss, Angus, that social worker who thinks all babies need to fondle facial hair, or Joyce Creepy Lawyer.

    • hey, scorn Paige Sobel at *your* own risk! blowing off Painkiller Jane, Shane shoulda seen it comin…

  20. Finally a quiz that doesn’t say (and could never say) I am Jenny!!!!! I got Jamie and I’ll gladly take it, but I was hoping for James!

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