The Comment Awards Are Full of Hope


Happy Friday, human beings! It’s cool and rainy here and the world is really quite scary and I very much want to curl up in a nest in my bed and do nothing but read for a week. Is that allowed?

This week, Valerie Anne wrote about Humans, and Dorothy Snarker recapped The Good Fight. So many badass ladies on our TVs!

Riese and Kristin went to the GLAAD Awards with a very important question about hope.

Carrie has some issues with these ableist sex toy disclaimers.

World got you down? Take a Xanax-Rec! (And happy April Fool’s Day!)

Eli shared some gorgeous and important self-portraits.

This Trans Day of Visibility, Mey has hope for the future.

Alyssa wrote about beginnings, and endings, and the symmetry of U-Hauling.

I need you to read this title Erin wrote, so here it is: 15 Snacks You Can Eat As You Stare Dead-Eyed At The Person Who Says They Don’t Know Why It Always Has To Be A Gay Thing.

And then there were your comments!

On 15 Snacks You Can Eat As You Stare Dead-Eyed At The Person Who Says They Don’t Know Why It Always Has To Be A Gay Thing:

The Dead Like Me Award to emmapet:

as a professional, i can verify: dead-eyed eating is the civil disobedience sit-in equivalent in casual-conversation-based conflict resolution

The Salty Holtzmann Award to madeleine and platypus:

honestly, store-bought wise, pringles are the best for this. there’s the drama of reaching your hand into the tube over and over; the loud, satisfying crunch of biting into each chip; and not to mention the fact that they’re obviously going to want you to share but asking would require them to shut up in the first place. very satisfying.

And the Problematic Fave Award to Valerie Anne and Kris H:

I’m going to start making sure my bag is stuffed full of Problematic People Popcorn whenever I’m going to be alone in a swarm of straights.

On 18 Pickle Recipes for Trans Women and the People Who Love Them:

The Memoirs Award to Heather McCann-Young and linnea:

Heather: The siren song of sodium… Linnea: My life neatly summed up

The Pickleception Award to Anastasia Picklewomp:

I see you, pickle loving trans women. There is a bakery near my house that makes dill pickle bread on Saturdays, this article has me wondering is it too much to make dill pickle grilled cheese on dill pickle bread and dip it in dill pickle soup? With a dill pickle on the side?

On No Filter: Ruby Rose Is at Home in Nature Because She Says So:

The One Blind Item At a Time Award to Eva:

Since this is our Tabloid Space I think it’s the right place to bring this up: Riese and Isabella Gomez are wearing SUSPICIOUSLY coordinated outfits. I don’t know what sort of secret signal this fabric pattern represents but I am waiting breathlessly for the reveal. Clearly Autostraddle and One Day At A Time are in cahoots with one another. I support it.

On We Did the GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles, Left Starry-Eyed and Full Of Hope:

The Glaad to Make a Cameo Award to ekbergmann:

oh my God hi so I work at GLAAD and the girl in the back of the Troye Sivan photo is ME thank you for the queer lady media coverage you didn’t even know you were getting!!!

On Sunday Funday Has a Big Gay Crush On All These LGBTQ Millennials:

The Bee Movie Award to Carmen SanDiego:

I like bee butts and I cannot lie

And on 10 Tap Games for iPhone, Rated By Their Inevitably Fleeting Relief of My Low-Grade Depression:

The Fists Up Award to Chloe:

listen, we’ve all got to crush something, and if not candy then what? Chloe: The patriarchy, damnit!

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  1. I look forward to these all week… that and gorging on friend pickles on Saturday nights.

  2. I had no idea there was such a thing as fried pickles.
    Some days I can’t decide whether you Americans are evil or weird or simply geniuses.
    Probably weird evil geniuses.

    P.S.: Chloe, I hope someone’s knitting an honorary pussyhat for you. That was spot on.

  3. Lol!! What an esteemed bunch! ? I am so honored!

    And thank you Heather McCann-Young for naming the force that has called to me since childhood! The Siren Song of Sodium drew me to butter+saltine cracker sandwiches and bouillon cubes at a young age. ?

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