No Filter: Ruby Rose Is at Home in Nature Because She Says So

Welcome back to No Filter, your weekly glimpse into the glamorous world of celesbian Instagram. This week, we learned that Angelina Jolie might be moving into the same gated community as Kristen Stewart and something dubious about Dolly Parton’s [alleged] lesbian romance. You’d think it’d be a bigger week for the tabloids we’ve come to simultaneously love and loathe, but I did find this:

…So things seem normal, I guess. Anyway, here’s some Instagram.

? ?. …………..??? . …………………………?. Thank you, @disneyland!

A post shared by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

Samira and Lauren’s tour of adorable continued with a trip to Disneyland because of course it did, and then those two crazy kids got on a plane for their actual honeymoon. I personally vow to never stop writing about their marriage.


We got a thing. Queer teamwork! @herstoryshow #GLAADAwards

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Jen Richards in formalwear, doing important shit. That is all.

Sara Ramirez making a strong case for being renamed on this website as Sara Ramirez Bisexual. I’ll consider it.

?killer/super fun workout w @mizshawnafit ?#younicornfitness

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Stephanie Beatriz seems really involved in this unicorn fitness thing, which doesn’t seem to involve any actual unicorns.

Carrying @heynatte.

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Torraine is busy being an actual piece of art.

⭐️#Fleabags ⭐️#phoebewallerbridge ⭐️#comicrelief ⭐️#thefuture

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Cara made a “joke.”

Gaby Dunn met a million dollars and the million dollars insisted they take a selfie together.

Kristin Russo and Riese met Isabella Gomez and I HAVE SO MANY FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS! Also congratulations to Riese for what I believe is her first time in this column on her own website.

Thought I'd go ahead and get out in front of this one.

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St. Vincent’s absurdist Instagram is one of the best things on the whole internet.

I'm very at home in nature..

A post shared by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

“Babe, take a picture of me being at home in nature.”


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  1. Since this is our Tabloid Space I think it’s the right place to bring this up: Riese and Isabella Gomez are wearing SUSPICIOUSLY coordinated outfits. I don’t know what sort of secret signal this fabric pattern represents but I am waiting breathlessly for the reveal. Clearly Autostraddle and One Day At A Time are in cahoots with one another.

    I support it.

  2. Come for a dose of Ruby Rose posing like a great acid bird in the woods, stay for accidentally finding out where Kristen Stewart lives. No Krisbians Anonymous chips for me this week.

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