The Comment Awards Are Eating Those Sweet Little Figs

Hello, my friends! Are you taking care of yourself? Did you remember that you are made of love and light? Did you know your hair looks great today? Because IT REALLY TRULY DOES.

This week, the team spent all their money.

In her latest Wynonna Earp recap, Valerie Anne wrote about some very personal demons.

Heather interviewed Desiree Akhavan and I LOVE HER I LOVE HER.

Ever wanted to chop off all your hair? I’m paraphrasing, but as Sarah Waters said in Tipping the Velvet, it could give you wings.


Fiona wrote about Crazy Rich Asians and its place in the ongoing fight for Asian representation in Hollywood.

Read this, read this, READ THIS: You Need Help: Am I Bisexual If It Really Is Just This One Guy? Rachel might be the smartest person I know.

Oh hey! Have you behaved badly yet this week?

And then there were your comments!

On “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” Director Desiree Akhavan Makes Queer Women’s Movies Because She Just Loves Queer Women:

The Better Than Chocolate Award to Suzy:

And suddenly it’s simple. Films about queer women. For queer women. By queer women. And it works. This is a glimpse of the post-kyriarchy world that some people believe we already live in. Maybe it’s really out there, maybe pockets of it are coming closer. <3 as always

On Bra as a Top: When It’s Too Hot to Wear an Entire Shirt:

The Letter From My Editor Award to meeee:

Are we this desperate for tops

On Ask an Adult Lesbian: Get Your Shit Together, Shane:

The Orange Is The New Bette Award to csomethingbsomething:

A million sweet little figs for the person who wrote “Once I cheated on my life partner with a wall in a jail”.

On Monday Roundtable: Hey Bad Spender:

The Good Vibes Award to Snaelle:

Am generally damn careful about money bc I don’t ever want to be homeless again… …buuuuut I did decide to spend some of the money I got recently from my grandmother’s passing on a vibe. She always wanted me to be happy, so I’d like to think she’d approve.

On “Wynonna Earp” Episode 305 Recap: Personal Demons:

The Not Quite Bready Award to Denise:

My attempts to control women with my baked goods have not been nearly this successful.

On For Your Consideration: Restaurant Merch:

The Instanope Award to Em:

Picture it: 2007, rural Ohio college village dorm apartment. A carefree young student is invited by a good friend to a slideshow of the friend’s summer internship in Germany. The carefree student goes, expecting to see pictures of whatever Germany looks like. Instead, she is greeted by a picture of every single meal her friend ate that summer. The young student makes it through 3 hours of slideshow before undiagnosed lactose intolerance graciously releases her from her social obligation. That young student? Me. The friend? Almost certainly has an insufferable Instagram. The moral of the story? While okay in moderation, sometimes food pictures can be TOO MUCH. Restaurant shirts are okay, sans slideshow.

On Roundtable: The Haircut That Changed It All:

The We Can Make It Gayer Award to mooncakes:

I love this topic! As a trans girl, I had kinda the opposite experience where my “big haircut

And on 25 Streaming Movies With Hot Lesbian Sex Scenes:

The Debriefing Award to Amanda ling:

25 Streaming Movies With Hot Lesbian Sex Scenes

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  1. Denise, I’m sure that your brownies will eventually bring all the girls to the yard. That or your comment award.

  2. I meant to post a picture of Germany for Em, but looking through my camera roll, I realized most of my pictures are of food.??‍♀️

      • Thanks, QG!

        And I just want to say that I was not exaggerating. It was 3 hours, and it was most meals, if not every meal that she had.

        Here is a rough recreation of the moment I realized this was going to be a long evening:

        “Going to the grocery store was very confusing. Here’s what I bought on the first trip.”


        “And here are the breakfasts I made with this food…”



        “Those eggs were good.”



        (Em looks around room, sees horror creeping across everyone’s faces, and screams internally).



  3. And that really was a top-notch comment queer girl! Things are looking up with the great top shortage…way up into the tree-tops?

    • ok snaelle i tried to find a good briefs gif for you but they’re all beefcakey men which is not really what we’re going for here SO

          • No! I appreciate her trying to find the right coverage.

            I’ll just listen to some classical music to decompress…maybe Pachelbel’s air on a g string?

          • I appreciate the bra’d range of puns here. My cup runneth over.

            I read comments quickly til I stopped to write puns myself. By now when I see comments by Snaelle, Kristana etc. I should know…(Admiral Ackbar voice): It’s strap! :)

  4. When you gave yourself the comment award, did you type it with your left hand so it felt like someone else?

  5. My idea of gambling is only writing one very long serious heartfelt comment and one joke comment in the week and opening the comment awards to see which of them I’m better at.

    And as mentioned above, a hell of week for everyone XD

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