The Comment Awards Are Donating To Autostraddle

Hello! Did you know I love you? Have I told you, lately, how much I value you, and you, and you and you and you, and this whole community?

Autostraddle launched a fundraising campaign yesterday, and as I read Heather’s letter, I was reminded – for perhaps the thousandth time – just how important you all are to me. Where might I be without Autostraddle? Where would you be if it had never entered your life?

I found AS when I needed to, and it helped me build the life and friendships I needed to be healthy, and happy, and whole. And now they need our help to truly thrive – as a community but also as a business, the kind that needs to do things like…pay the people who work for them. Listen: the perks are rad! The cause is just! Please donate and share today.

This week, Straight People Watch came back with a vengeance.

Heather wrote about Kate Leth’s delightful comic, Valley Ghouls. 

This was just SO delightful: Are You the Heroine of a Tamora Pierce Novel?

Every year at A-Camp, I enter myself into the lottery for the Boxed Wine and Cheese Tasting, but I have never gotten in — which is why I am so glad that Riese does this yearly write-up! (Remind me to print out these reviews for when I next go camping and am asked to bring the wine.)

Heather ranked 25 gay hats, and I’ve never been happier.

Aliens are real. Right? Aliens are real? Rachel?

Ashley Benson is truly living her best life in this week’s No Filter.

Rhea Butcher showed up in Good Trouble! I am excited about this!

Did we mention yet that AS is asking for donations?

And then there were your comments!

On Straight People Watch: Spring 2K19:

The Worker’s Comp Award to Caroline (and Caroline):

Straight People Watch is what i’m gonna start calling my rants to my queer group chat about my terrible straight coworkers

And the Autoerotica Award to liz:

Straight people in 2019: “So who’s the BMW in your relationship?

On Are You the Heroine of a Tamora Pierce Novel?

The Foiled Again Award to Robin:

I’m a chaotic good foil, searching for a sidekick to a heroine.

And the Um, Yes Award to Alanna:


On 25 Gay Hats, Ranked:

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House Award to Hailey:

feels like an oversight not to mention kayla’s extensive collection

On 21 Boxed Wines, Ranked by Value By Day-Drunk Queers At Gay Summer Camp:

The Bladder of the Fallen Award to Megan:

That wine really did taste like meat for some ungodly reason. The best wine was the one where I combined them all in the bladder of the fallen.

On Pop Culture Fix: Watching Lizzo, Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez in the “Hustlers” Trailer Will Make Your Day:

The Representation Matters Award to amidola:

Those entertainment weekly covers feature a lesbian, a bisexual and a girl with a crush on her best friend, and all of them are Superheroes.

And on We Need Help: Autostraddle Is Raising Money!

The Safe Space Award to Sally, Meg, and Carmen SanDiego:

Hello, is this a safe space where we can discuss the complete emotional dismantling perpetrated by Heather Hogan’s letter accompanying the fundraiser

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  1. But is there a special perk if we blow past the fundraising goal? Cause it hasn’t been 24 hours yet and it’s already more than a third funded.
    I love this community

  2. Your tweets about AS giving you a place you can your whole self are so lovely! I concur. This is a great community to be part of.

    My 40 something cousin txted me this week that she thinks she’s bi (I am not surprised) and I sent her to AS (asap).

  3. *Trumpets*
    “Be the hero your country needs,today!”

    Thanks for the honors,QG!

    P.S.:If thee reader, who happens upon this post, wishes to tag thyself:
    I’m the awkward alien.

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