The Comment Awards Are Bubbly Inside and Out

A small brown and white dog sitting in front of a laptop with the words "hey did you see that comment?" The O in Comment is a soda can.

Hi there, sodas and seltzers! Have you been keeping up with Bubble Trouble? These essays are So! Good! Effervescent, if you will. Among the goodness: Stef wrote about the beers they drank from ages 14-20, and Julie opened up about the toxic grind culture that lead to energy drinks! Niko, one of our Canadians, would like to taste these American sodas, and Ashni humbly submits these canned wine and chips pairings for our consideration.

Also this week, Autostraddle celebrated its 14th birthday with a great big AMA! This was such a party. If you’re not yet an A+ member, you should sign up and read the answers to questions ranging from “what’s your favorite chapstick?” to “how do we fight fascism?”

Then there was this: An Incomplete List of Things I Wish My Mother Would Do. 💙

KKU wrote about the Vanderpump Rules scandal! I don’t know what any of the words mean in that headline but I bet you do!

Abby thought you just might want to create some queer Purim rituals!

Casey, our resident Lesbrarian, has the big list of queer books coming out this spring! (Remember that time on the internet where everything gay had to be peppered with superlatives and grandiosity? Like “Big Gay Night Out” or “Best Week Ever?” I miss those days!)

Adrian helped a reader who’s been thinking of asking their best friend out — again.

This was fluffy and delightful: Jasmin Savoy Brown Hard Launches Her New Partner on Instagram.

And then there were your comments!

On Mini Crossword Also Identifies as a F*cking Libra:

The Bundle of Joy Award to pearlpants:

FYI, these puzzles have been such a gift to me during insomnia connected to an exhausting pregnancy. Today is the first day I got to do one with my baby on the outside! So much joy and I’m stoked to continue on this tradition when I’m up at all hours with a newborn.

On Also.Also.Also: Gay Campground in Florida Presents the Question Is It Time We All Finally Become Land Dykes:

The AOC (Alligator of Celebration) Award to KatieRainyDay:

The alligator of celebration is everything to me

On No Filter: Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts Are the Bedrock of My Ideal Couple Vision Board:

The Portrait of a Hannah On Fire Award to M. and the Cutie Patootie Award to Stacey:

so many gems this time! 1. Tessa Thompson, oh my God, we don’t deserve your beauty 2. Baby Sloane is the cutest 3. Hannah Einbinder is SO incredibly beautiful it sets everything ablaze and she seems to be such a cool person!!!!

On 11 American Sodas I Yearn To Taste as a Canadian:

The Spit Take Award to Courtney:

hah! “raw-dogging some pre-pickles in a sodastream

On Jasmin Savoy Brown Hard Launches Her New Partner on Instagram:

The Expense Account Award to :):

Pretty sure you could submit the Hinge invoices for reimbursement (or is that not a thing?). Hope you reheated that pizza in a toaster oven or cast iron pan after all that hard work!

On Coca-Cola Used To Be Fifty Cents and We Used To Be Close:

The Things Fall Apart Award to bioluminescently:

This is so authentic in expressing what it’s like at that age – the way you get thrown together with people and you simultaneously connect with them like nobody else and keep tripping because of faultlines that you didn’t know were there. The way things often feel their most secure right before they come apart.

And on Yellowjackets Season 2 Trailer Teases Taissa/Van Reunion:

The Buzz Buzz Award to Tricia:

Screaming, crying, throwing up !!! I am so excited for this. The return of spike girl, the rescue, no sign of Javi… premiere day cannot come fast enough!

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  1. !!! I feel I may have to pepper “we really need AOC” into my convo and make my friends guess whenever i mean a brave and strong politician (expression of frustration with current status quo) or an alligator of celebration (delight and exuberant whimsy)

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