BREAKING: Zoe Saldana Is Bisexual Maybe, Definitely Wants To Raise Your Gayby

Although smokin’ hot actress Zoe Saldana told In Style magazine this month that she “worships” men, she told Allure that she’s also open to scissoring with ladies: “I might end up with a woman, raising my children…that’s how androgynous I am.”

Although it’s unclear what androgyny has to do with sexual orientation, this is still a promising tidbit of information because Zoe Saldana is really hot, talented and famous. As noted by Madame Noire:

The androgyny comment isn’t really the surprise here as Zoe has often referred to herself as a “natural tomboy,” but how that translates into raising children with a woman we’re not quite sure. Being characteristically male and female and being homosexual or bisexual are two different things so I’m not sure if we should consider this Zoe’s mild coming out or assume ol’ girl is just tired of saying the same thing on the press circuit and decided to throw something out there just to get folks (like us) talking.

Despite its lack of relevance to the Scissoring Issue, Zoe’s allegiance to tomboyhood has always been inspirational to many queer tomboys. For example when she told Siempre Mujer magazine, “If you want to punish me, send me to get a manicure or dress me in a skirt or shorts, and I would die. But if you dress me in jeans and a button-down blouse, I feel very sexy, feminine and powerful.”

exhibit a, b & c

exhibit a, b & c

Furthermore, Zoe told Allure that she is totally over dating actors, like her ex Bradley Cooper, saying, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.”

it's a cute t-shirt though

it’s a cute t-shirt though

In 2010, Zoe Saldana told the press that she wasn’t bothered by the lesbian rumors, suggesting it was a result of her “very masculine” energy. She told Siempre Mujer that “People have sometimes told my grandmother, Your granddaughter has a bit of lesbianism in her.’ It’s that my sisters and I spent all our time among men (growing up). We were very popular with them. Our way of thinking is very masculine.”

Today marks a bright new era of hope and prosperity for lady-loving ladies all over the world, as we’re now permitted to fantasize openly about being the next lady to put a lot more lesbianism into Zoe Saldana.

hey lesbians let's party

hey ladies, let’s party

Zoe Saldana is also a reported fan of sex in general, telling Essence magazine: ““S is for sex: “Love it, love it, love it—can’t live without it! I love sex. I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide.” According to our Girl-on-Girl Action Calculator, the fact that Zoe is 34 years old, is a big fan of sex, and is open to lady-love means that she’s definitely ridden the hobby horse with a lady or ten at this point.

how about after filming we do this thing for real

how about after filming we do this thing for real

Zoe Saldana previously exercised her lesbian muscle in the film “After Sex,” with Mila Kunis:

If you’d like to fantasize about getting pregnant with Zoe Saldana on the big screen, you can check out Star Trek: Into Darkness, which opens on May 17th.

Also, here’s another picture of Zoe Saldana:


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    • ME TOO! She’son my list of ‘Female celebrities I had really confusing pants-feelings about pre-coming out’ due to my repeated viewings of Center Stage.

    • So I regained consciousness hours ago but still the idea, the “maybe” makes everything so nice.

      I have a confession:

      I would have day-dreams of super hot powerful same-sex woc couples and there was this picture of Kerry Washington and Zoe Saldana sitting really close together and I blacked out from the hotness. I would lose minutes just thinking about them talking about social justice, feminism, their place in Hollywood and how it seems there is literally only room for one of them. Plus with that conversation you would think they would be competitive (kinda like Jennifer Lawrence v., Anne Hathaway) but they come to together literally and all the time…with their legs..hugging.

      Omg, it’s getting hot in here. So fuck yeah woc actresses that allude to queerness or whatever.

  1. Oh. My. God.

    I’m pretty sure I’m about to pass out in the library on campus.

    Please don’t tease me this way. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with her since that movie with the ballerinas. That and Drumline. Just last night I was watching Columbia and thinking to myself: “I wonder if she would go a younger woman (me. lol)? And let me cook her food (please?)

    Excuse me while I plan our fantasy date in my head…dammit I’m suppose to be studying for finals. *sighs*

  2. Well, I’m already married, so it’s up to all of you to snag her. I just want a wedding invite. And to babysit the kids, because those are going be some cute babies.

  3. O…M….G….sign me up to have gaybies with her asap! Wow, hurt my brain after falling from passing out after reading this! Had to read it again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming

  4. Omg! MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE!!!!!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!

    …….. Ugh, does this now make Zoe eligible for the Hot 100. And is it too late to vote?

  5. Originally BISEXUAL was a term that was (and is still) used in the context of botany to refer to plants who were bearing both the ANDROecium and GYNoecium of a flower – the male and female reproductive organs.

    Scientists applied the term BISEXUAL to human beings because they believed that homosexual men had female brains and homosexual woman had male brains to be able to feel attraction towards people of the same sex as themselves. Therefore it was assumed that bisexual people must have androgynous brains.

    And this is why many thesaurus still use ANDROGYNY, BISEXUALITY and HERMAPHRODITE interchangeably.

    [Can I have some nerd cookies now?]

    • Forget the cookies. I don’t deserve them because in my attempt to explain what androgyny has to do with bisexuality, I totally forgot be be super exited about OMG-ZOE-SALDANA-BISEXUAL!!! Shame over me.

  6. U m m m, this is going to be give me another whole reason to be overwhelmed when watching Star Trek Into Darkness besides the whole waiting-four-years-for-it-to-come-out thing. O_O

  7. I just discovered the ‘After Sex’ film last week! (..after being a big Zoe Saldana fan ever since the classic that is ‘Crossroads’ ha.) Somehow, just maybe.. has my seemingly silly wish for her to be into ladies in real life, made it true?! It just seems a bit too coincidental to find that film on youtube and then a few day later for this post to happen! This seems like a good time for me to cash in the second half of the wish… which is to bump into her in real life (on one of those days where i’ve actually looked in the mirror before i’ve left the house anyway!)


    If this is true there is a God somewhere, I might start going to church again. I’ll pray before meals, even. Just let her be on our team, and the remote possibility of having gaybies with her.

  9. First Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual. Now Zoe Saldana Would-Be Bisexual?

    Also, ick at the “worships men” comment. Reminds me of when Gaga said she’s not a feminist because she worships men. Like, men don’t need to be told that women/people in general worship them. That’s called “society,” and it feels like overcompensation – when people think you’re a feminist, or bisexual, you have to remind everyone you worship men, like it’s not possible to adore men and be a feminist or bisexual, or like feminism or bisexuality negate your femininity? It’s just kind of gross.

    And Zoe is HAAAAAWWWWWT, but I’m still a little peeved that, of all the black actresses in the world, they picked her to play Nina Fuckin’ Simone.

  10. Ok so my heartbeat immediately sped up when I read the headline as if I have a chance of dating her. It’s a ridiculous feeling but I don’t care. This is greaaaaaaatt news.

  11. Thought: there’s a big ol’ ellipsis in the raising kids/androgyny comment. She might not even be conflating the two things; it might be the editor.

    (I choose to believe the words skipped by the ellipsis were all about the various ladies she has gotten it on with, because YAY, BISEXUALS!)

  12. hopefully this “worshipping men” business is all an overcompensation, and this coming out is a sweet little stepping stone into full blown lesbianism.

    • How would it make you feel if I said “Oh I hope your lesbianism is a sweet LITTLE STEPPING STONE on your way to FULL blown bitopia” to you? Suggesting that your sexual orientation (and your public coming out) is invalid because it is just a phase that you need to go through before you really can come out as the one an only “full” possibility of queer – how would that make you feel?

  13. I’m…hmm. This is certainly an interesting approach to bisexuality? I kind of feel like this is spotting a shiny ring and calling it diamond when it’s really cubic zirconia.

  14. Maybe she’s pan, and she just isn’t ruling out any possibilities. I dunno. Let’s let her be herself, and celebrate that, and if she says it’s possible, then it likely means it’s possible.

  15. *the iphone girl with her hand raised*

    I really really really hope that this is true.

  16. all i could think about was how bradley cooper looks like a creepy alien (in general but especially that picture).

    zoe saldana bicurious

  17. things that I am excited for: ambiguously lady-loving Zoe Saldana
    things that I used to be excited for and am now massively disappointed about but if you let me start on this I will never stop: Star Trek into Darkness

  18. also omg
    that film

    that film is going to be my congratulations for getting done your second semester of grad school finals gift to myself

    *fans self*

  19. You realise all I have gathered from this article is there is a lesbian movie with Zoe and Mila in it and I havent seen it…. I must find it.

  20. I was watching Entertainment Tonight just now and Maria Menounos interviewed Zoe on the red carpet of the Star Trek premiere.

    She asked Zoe about how people have been interpreting her androgynous raising kids with a woman comment to mean that she’s gay/into women and if there were any truth to that.

    Zoe answered something along the lines of “I am what I am and I will be who am now and in the future.”

    Paraphrasing, but something like that.

    And both me and mom were like, well that was beyond ambiguous. And I was like that was beyond the gayest answer ever. I would know.

    So IMHO she’s totes into whomever she deems appropriate, meaning she’s totes lady loving. IJS.

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