The Comment Awards Are Bringing This Meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club to Order

Do we have any Kristys in the house? Hi! Hello, Jessies and Mary Annes and Dawns and Staceys! Hi Logans! Hi Mallorys! Hello, Claudias! This meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club will now come to order! Claud, do you have some snacks for us? Mary Anne, have you got the calendar? Great. Mrs. Rodowski needs a sitter next Wednesday, who’s free?

Ahem. Sorry about that! I don’t know if you heard the news — Netflix is rebooting The Babysitters Club! If, like me, you spent at least a few of your formative years reading all about the exploits of a glamorous and somewhat diverse group of teenagers who took the fictional town of Stonybrook, Connecticut by storm with their woman-owned small business (Kristy! I see you!), then you know what I’m talking about when I say I AM VERY EXCITED AND ALSO THIS TIME SOMEONE BETTER BE REALLY, REALLY, LIKE, ACTUALLY EXPLICITLY GAY. And if you didn’t grow up injecting Ann M. Martin’s words directly into your eyeballs, this intro means nothing to you and I am so very sorry.

This week, KaeLyn prepared us for the cuteness that’s going to be Club Fawn.

The team had some REALLY shitty birthdays.

Speaking of, Heather’s got some tips on how TV lesbians could maybe start having better ones.

The Speakeasy talked Jussie Smollett. 

Vanessa spoke to the T Kira Madden, author of the book Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls. This was so, so good!

Read this, from Dickens.

A LOT is happening in Riverdale. This show is a shiny fever dream but Kayla’s recaps are so perfect!

And then there were your comments!

On Sunday Funday Is Still Stoking Your “Killing Eve” Infatuation:

The Killing Me Award to Remy:

I’ve been watching some Killing Eve interviews and starting to think Jodie has a respectful little crush on Sandra and I can’t blame her.

On 8 Cute Gay Dates Inspired by Lesbian Movies of 2018:

The Lorde’s Work Awrad to LGBTRex:

thank you, Kiersey Clemons, for your vital community work of riding a bike in an explicitly gay manner in Dope and Easy as well as Hearts Beat Loud.

On “The Good Fight” Really Is the Best (Lesbian) Show You’re Not Watching:

The Cybill Linings Award to Chloe:

I feel like if anything can get us through the Trump administration it’s Christine Baranski’s laugh.

On No Filter: Kiersey Clemons and Tessa Thompson Broke the Oscars After-Party!

The Class Action Hero Award to Linnea:

I misread the Brittani Nichols caption as a “working, class action hero

And the 99 Problems and a Bra Ain’t One Award to thatottergirl:

At first I thought Teddy Geiger was saying “what’s your brablem”, aka what’s your bra problem. Now, Teddy’s underwear always looks excellent, so I doubt the has brablems of her own. But I would still love to have that conversation with her and complain about underwire or something.

And on A “Baby-Sitters Club” Reboot Is Coming to Netflix, Better Be Real About Who All’s Gay:

The GSA Award to Arvan12:

Kristy is gay and super out and proud. Claudia is bisexual and much more low key about it. Dawn is straight but everyone thinks she’s gay just because of her whole hippy granola vibe. And Mallory is only just realizing she may be gay too. There. Solved it.

And the Was She Even Wearing A Turtleneck? Award to Casey:

I have a fond memory of seeing the movie in theatres and when Kristy picked up the phone by just saying “hello

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  1. I’m so glad you are excited about The Babysitters Club. I’m all for woman-owned small business!

  2. Thank you, QG! As always, I’m grateful for your appreciation of my puns. This one’s for Teddy Geiger, long may she and her adorable thirst traps reign.

  3. I’m a little too old to get any of the baby-sitters club references. But I got the Cybill reference!

  4. Barely watched the Babysitters Club, think I maybe saw a movie of it at summer camp but I’m not sure therefore not familiar with any of the characters but Claudia just sounds like a bisexual character name to me a bisexual person.

    • Ok lex I accept this BUT the thing is the movie is not *the* Babysitters Club. The books are the originals! The movie is somewhat apocryphal. JSYK. It’s fine, everything is fine 😀

      • I didn’t forget the Babysitters book craze, but like I only read one of the books cause it was a creepy mystery plot judging from the cover but never read it again because it wasn’t as satisfying as somethings my child hands maybe should not have had their lil hands on.

        Can’t get the thrill of a Formula 1 in a golfcart.

        Babysitters Club is just another one of those normal girl people things I didn’t get. Live action stuff I understood better because I crushed on the cast.

  5. Ngl I had to google what a class action lawsuit was bc I kind of forgot, and then I learned/recalled it’s when “a group of people with the same or similar injuries caused by the same product or action sue the defendant as a group.” So, basically Brittani Nichols would be great in this role and someone needs to make this film already!

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