Sunday Funday Is Still Stoking Your “Killing Eve” Infatuation

Hello my friends it’s been a minute! I hope you’re well, I hope your week didn’t beat you up too much, I hope you didn’t have to wait 20 minutes for a bartender to notice you when you went out. My week has been good. Grief is weird as fuck, but I feel like I’m learning to live with it. It’ll take time to adjust, but I’ve got time.

There’s a lot of good news this week let’s get to that!

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer open up about TV’s most mesmerizing, twisted relationship

+ Pheonix Lindsay-Hall is displaying lesbian everyday items and ephemera as part of her exhibit Lesbian Matters, on view at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn until April 3rd.

+ Trans singers are breaking down the cissexist categories of voice parts.

+ Willow Smith talks feminism and the future. She is both feminist and the embodiment of the future, so we better listen.

+ Two trans legends died this week: Sarah DePalma, activist living in Houston, TX died at 67 and Jackie Shane, a trans music pioneer was 78. The Houston Chronicle wrote about Sarah’s legacy:

But in the end, DePalma’s most powerful effect may not have been changing other people’s minds about transgender people, but helping transgender people see themselves not as isolated weirdos but as a community, one more powerful when it united. In the mid-’90s, along with Jimmy Carper, a campy gay man, she co-hosted KPFT-FM’s “After Hours,” which billed itself as a “queer variety show.” People across the globe would listen via the station’s live internet stream.

+ A non-binary couple announced on Twitter that they were pregnant after raising funds to try to get pregnant last year.

+ Speaking of pregnancy, this Samsung ad with pregnant lesbians is too much and will make you cry, sorry.

+ This old white Republican signed anti-LGBT legislation, his daughter shamed him about his decision on Facebook, and he changed his mind and apologized!

+ Naima Green is photographing queer communities of color for a new deck of playing cards.

+ The University of Texas at Austin’s Queer Grad Student Association hosted a recent “love-in” at the Ellsworth Kelley exhibit on campus.

+ Andrea Meyerson knows that “chronicling the history and culture of queer women is vital. “I don’t believe in dwelling on anything negative, but I do believe in being proud of our journey,” she says.”

Okay spring chickens, get out there, live your life the way you want to, and be sure to keep looking for as much goodness and beauty as you can. Like, maybe this week take thousands of pictures of your pets! I don’t know! See you soon⭐

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  1. The state shall no longer be in the parody marriage funding and endorsement business and shall disentangle itself from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) secular humanist church pursuant to this section and the establishment clause of the 1st amendment of the constitution of the United States. The state shall not, through any government action create, enforce or respect any LGBTQ or any other secular humanist policy whether directly or symbolically. The state shall maintain the separation of church and state, which includes separating itself from the non-institutionalized religions such as secular humanism, expressive individualism and postmodern western individualistic moral relativism.

    Oh my holy everloving and merciful Lesbian Jesus, never in my life have I ever heard such shameless doublespeak!! Seriously????

    • The “secular church” (uhhh) of “expressive individualism”, fucking really???? Is there a word for this type of rhetoric when someone basically steals the ideals/terminology of a progressive group and twists them entirely around to try to fit their bullshit oppressive narrative?

  2. I was very late to boarding the Killing Eve train – literally binged watched it last week – oops! – but now that I have, infatuated is not a strong enough adjective to describe how my feelings for the show. I’m not actually quite sure why I’m so drawn to it but I’ve never binged watched a show then re-binged watched it under the space of a week. I think I need help.

  3. I’ve been watching some Killing Eve interviews and starting to think Jodie has a respectful little crush on Sandra and I can’t blame her.

  4. Thanks for bringing us the article about trans singers! So awesome! And there’s a little more hope for the future knowing there are teachers out there who are becoming more aware of how cissexist traditions, especially in classical music, affect students.

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