FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: How Do You Feel About Literally All The Reboots On TV Right Now?

It feels like all our faves are being rebooted lately. Charmed and Roswell are both back on TV like it’s 1999. One Day at a Time and S.W.A.T. are re-imagined versions of 70s shows. Netflix brought Full House, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Carmen Sandiego back from the depths of my childhood. Hell, there are even a million spinoffs floating around, like Grown-ish, Legacies, and Good Trouble, with fresh takes on old universes. Whirrings of L Word, Party of Five, and Buffy remakes are making waves. And just yesterday, we learned The Baby-Sitter’s Club is coming back!

I always get nervous when things like this get announced; I was especially wary for Charmed, because I loved that original series, and when it was mentioned that the original Halliwell sisters weren’t really on board for the new version…I just wasn’t sure how it would all go. But it’s one of the most (excuse the word choice) charming new shows on television this season. It’s more racially diverse and gayer than the original, and it’s different enough that it feels like it both pays homage to the original and also created a distinctly new show.

I know sometimes the first instinct when a reboot or remake is announced is panic, but the truth is, there’s room in this world for as many good or bad versions of shows and movies as they can make. A new version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t going to change the fact that the original helped shape me into who I am today. So while I do wish there were slightly less in volume (just because I’m ready for new stories!!) it can be nice to imagine what some of our faves would be like if they were re-made today. Like if there was a new adult version of Ghostwriter, or a re-imagining of Punky Brewster as a quirky, queer teenager.

What shows did you love when you were younger that you want to be rebooted? How would you make it better? Or gayer? Or what show would you bring back from the dead that was cancelled too soon? What reboots are you loving or hating? What are your hopes, dreams and fears for the new L Word? I want to talk about it all!

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  1. Some of them I loathe because they just don’t have the spark and feel like some studio head deciding Nostalgia Bucks are a safe bet “let’s cash it”. Missing all the reasons why our generation(s) have nostalgia for that show, what drew us in, the spark and the spirit is just missing.

    Charmed did a smart thing with their reboot they didn’t try to tepidly recapture the magic, they went for new magic. Now Sabrina isn’t a true reboot it’s adaptation of a comic book run and Kiernan Shipka doesn’t stand out as the main character the way Melissa Joan Hart did and as cool as everything looks the show isn’t fun empowering witchcraft. I’m watching it for aesthetics and Michelle Gomez chewing scenery.
    NuRoswell is abomination do not speak of it to me.

    But um yeah if the new “Buffy” doesn’t try to recapture the magic and goes for a new magic like Charmed I think it could maybe turn out okay. What I really want is a Slayer Academy tho.

    I never really want reboots of TV show that I loved as a kid because I don’t have any trust that it won’t be worse.
    But I’d love a lesbian led reboot of Perry Mason, fuck Dr.Bull and the bloated grubbing manchild it rode it on.

    I feel that Firefly was cancelled too soon but adult me sees faults in it that make me not want to resurrect it. Not in this political climate where a racist felt safe enough to publish that the Klan needs to ride again.

    Y’all I’m going to make a king cake and I’m hoping my math and other adjustments are correct. If you don’t know what king cake is or atleast not the New Orleans kinda the best description I can give is if you made a slightly stiffer less sweet cinnamon roll, twisted it and then closed it into a circle.

    It’s not that I haven’t worked with yeasted dough before, did braids, or twists with em cuz I have but with bread the tap test works but my experience with enriched sweet dough is minimal(made cinnamon rolls once) and I dunno if the tap test will work and I’ve never adjusted a yeasted dough recipe this much. I’ve rescued a bread before when it became apparent I forgot an ingredient or something, but that’s different.

    Send me good vibes? Ask Hestia for her intercession or St. Honore maybe?

  2. Ok, unrelated to reboots, but yesterday a girl in my class mentioned that she named her car Carmilla, and I was like “OH like the webseries??!” and she was like ………what’s a webseries?

  3. I looked at a list of reboots recently and I think I’m watching four? ODAAT, Boomerang, Charmed and S.W.A.T..

    The only one that’s tied to the original is Boomerang and, frankly, I think it’s a weaker show because of it (Jacqueline would not have allowed her son to be friends with Marcus and Angela’s daughter…she just wouldn’t).

    But the good thing about them is that they’re all more diverse than their predecessors…and they feel like reimagined versions of the originals.

  4. I’d be into a queer lady reboot of Remington Steele. I think the basic premise could still sadly work too, a woman entrepreneur who makes up a “dude” to get more respect from/access to (sexist) clients/colleagues/etc.

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