The Comment Awards Are at a Cabin in the Woods

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This week, Kayla told us all about the time she let her friend’s mom crash her date, for the new series Well, That’s Mortifying!

Ashleigh-Rae wrote about coming to terms with their asexuality as a Black, non-binary lesbian.

The Morning Show got kinda gay!

Drew reviewed the body horror of Titane.

Abeni helped out a teen who is in love with their best friend! Who among us!

Nicole explained why fundraising is part of Autostraddle’s business model.

Foolish Child addressed the elephant in the room.

And then there were your comments!

On Quiz: What Horror Movie Stock Character Are You?

The Choose Your Own…Ending Award to Chandra, Linnea, and Duder NME:

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of this Choose Your Own Adventure novel and personality quiz rolled into one? I got the Creepy Child, and yes I will be sitting quietly in the corner at all your cabin parties saying cryptic things to myself, what of it

And the Pumping Iron Award to Gator:

I came home from practice, took this quiz, and got… The Jock. I am still in my workout clothes! Am I in a movie about a sentient, malevolent internet quiz? Oh well, at least I’ll get to make out with my hot girlfriend before checking out the noise in the basement and getting electrocuted by the router.

On For Non-Binary Climber Lor Sabourin, Being Outdoors Is Finding Your Body in a Uniquely Liberating Way:

The Climb On Award to Emma:

Queer&Trans climbing stories are just what I am here for! Lor’s words are so insightful – I will definitely be carrying them with me into my next trip to the gym!

On Wait, “The Morning Show” Got Gay?

The Good Top Award to Kayla and Christina Tucker:

bottom (Bradley)

On “To L and Back” Generation Q Podcast Episode 209: Last Dance:

The Comfort Food Award to H:

Just here to say I would totally subscribe to either one of those Sophie/Finley podcasts. That sounds very comforting after what the writers are doing to them 😭

On Calling All Believers: Autostraddle Is Fundraising for the Queer and Not-Too-Distant Future!

The Connect the Dots Award to :):

Love the Pray the Gay to Stay mug! And I don’t know about writing on dots, but I’m embracing the chaos. Also, my bank sent me a fraud alert. It’s like they don’t even know me.

On No Filter: Weird, My Last Name Translates to “Wife of Chef Melissa King!”:

The Fortitude Award to msanon:

i did not press play on either of Mrs. Betts videos because there is not situation in which i am strong enough. but whatever i have i send to her wife just in case she needs it.

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