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The Autostraddle Insider Issue 91: April 2022

Letter From Your Editors

It is April (hell, tomorrow is May) and that means spring have sprung and things are growing from the ground. Some of those things are flowers, and here we are holding them or otherwise standing near them with our faces! What a time!

Can you guess April's theme?You are correct. The theme was 'things that smell good!Top: Anya / Carmen / Nicole / Dani / DrewMiddle: Heather / Kayla / Laneia / Casey / RoBottom: Shelli / Tracy and Mia / Vanessa

So, the first time it happened this month, the first time it was only 6 p.m. EST on a workday that usually goes for at least another two hours for me, but there was no point in working anymore because everyone’s mind had short-circuited — it was April 12th, the day that Bitch Media announced that after 25 years, they were closing.

Working in media, you get used to publications closing — often abruptly and leaving their staff in precarious positions of being l...

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