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Lady Gaga Will Protect Little Monsters From Homophobic ‘Hate Addicts’

Are you ready for Sunday Funday? Probs not, because the top story this week uses “Kylie Minogue” and “fisting” in the same paragraph. Also, Lady Gaga saves the world by tweeting for peace, Samantha Ronson keeps visiting Lindsay Lohan, Ilene Chaiken makes generalizations about lesbians, you find out if you really need to throw that cheese out or if it’s good for another three days, and Caster Semenya motherf*cks everyone else in the 800m race. Oh, did we mention the POETRY? And KITTENS?

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Lesbian Prom Update: Constance Suing for Damages & Westboro’s Coming to Graduation

Constance McMillen is now seeking unspecified monetary damages in her case against Itawamba High School, citing public humiliation. Even worse, Westboro Baptist Church has announced they’ll be picketing her graduation to remind everyone that dykes are ‘filthy.’ Also; more on Scott Baio’s evolving lesbian rage, Gay tourism, forced gay marriage, bisexuals aren’t gay enough, Sikhism and feminism, tv bans plus size ads, and headache fun!