“You stupid fags think Obama gives a darn about you? No, he hates you.”

THE DINNER PARTY: There are so many people we’ll get to maybe see or be close to this weekend at the National Equality March — President Obama, Lady Gaga, each other — that the Westboro Baptist Church is really the icing on the cake. Albeit icing culled from the blood of unborn pterodactyl babies:

You stupid fags think Obama gives a darn about you? No, he hates you. He is going to use your money and your resources and then when he shows himself for what he is, he will merely destroy you along with the rest of this nation of self-loathing hypocrites.

As Gawker points out, although the tone and intent is totally different, the message is quite similar to what Andrew Sullivan (our token gay republican pundit) is saying over at The Atlantic:

“There is nothing Obama can say at this self-satisfied, well-heeled Rotary Club dinner that he hasn’t said before. And the idea that simply showing up is something we should all be ecstatic over and grateful for is another sign of the low self-esteem and lack of self-respect [among HRC leaders].”


Anyhow! Politico wonders if it’s “more than just a show.” Yeah, so do we. I mean, Lady Gaga is gonna be there. She puts on quite a show though, so.

Oh have you seen this yet?… I know Slicey is going to yell at me, but wtf Log Cabin Republicans with this “PSA.” This is very preemptively manipulative. You can’t act like that unless it’s a reaction to the event you are criticizing, not a conjecture of a human being’s future actions:

GAY IN IRAQ: Meanwhile in Iraq, since February “a wave of gay hysteria” has hit the country, and Sunni and Shia forces have wound down their aggression towards each other and towards Americans and redirected it upon homosexuals as “agents of moral enforcement.” New York Magazine’s story opens with a story of “sexual deviants” who had their rectums glued shut and were force-fed laxatives and water until their insides exploded: THE HUNTED: From Baghdad — frightening reports of gay pogroms, where homosexual men are targeted, tortured, slayed. From new York — a scurry to find those same men before they are killed, and shepherd them to safety.

DADT: Anderson Cooper tries really, really, really hard to get Elaine Donnelly to make a good point against the repeal of DADT. MEANWHILE MY EARS ARE BLEEDING. Dan Choi is my favorite star of YouTube, BTW. I’m gonna stop this daily fix here so you can watch this video.

“You can go to senior citizens centers and collect all the signatures you want!”
-Dan Choi

JK: Okay one more thing, Mary Cheney’s having another baby.

JK ONE MORE THING! Haviland’s new column at California NOW!The Saints Go Marching In: National Equality March in DC, This Weekend.

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  1. I don’t know any Republicans ya’ll (except my Dad and he voted for Obama), let alone GAY ones. So fascinating. Like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.

  2. I know some Log Cabin Republicans…in fact, they have officially endorsed the march:

    Top 10 Reasons why Conservatives Support the March: http://equalityacrossamerica.org/blog/?p=4997

    I think the point they’re making is that Obama hasn’t done what he promised for our community, regarding DADT and DOMA. So, he’s kind of walking into the lion’s den at this dinner. I’m very interested to hear what he has to say.

    • Thats what I want to know. They were cutting her off, but she deserved. I would have given her points half a chance had she been a person of the army, even a damn secretary. Who is she, in her pink sweater metallic pearls and 90’s hair cut, to comment on people being denied their rights?

      Anyway Dan Choi is too cute he kept smiling. And you gotta love Anderson Cooper. He is so cool and so pretty!

    • Seriously. It was so frustrating listening to her talk during that video. Dan Choi is great! I love how he smiles so much!

  3. Andrew Sullivan – “So spare us the schmoozing and the sweet-talking and do it. Until then, Mr president, why don’t you have a nice steaming cup of shut-the-fuck-up”??????????????????????
    Are you kidding me? I know Obama hasn’t made all the changes that were promised YET, but the president giving a speech that will encourage the nation to support equality is a good thing. period.
    Also, Elaine Donnelly is an idiot. These damn news+politics posts are full of idiots. Let’s all go watch the Elen Page video again or something.

  4. Is anyone going to comment on how “fags” is an okay word to use but actually saying “damn” isn’t? I mean, I realize calling people fags is kind of their thing, but oh my God so crazy

    • Also this line: “when he shows himself for what he is, he will merely destroy you along with the rest of this nation” implies that they think Obama is a Transformer, or maybe The Hulk. Which is kind of great.

      • omg if Obama turned out to be Optimus Prime I would die of happiness, or probs my head would explode from too many feelings. Either way it would be ace.

        I really don’t get the log cabin republicans, but oh well. Are they going on the march?

  5. We are going to own Westboro Baptist Church so hard at the march! I can’t wait to take pictures of their freakishness.

  6. gosh darn! this fix has such an eye catching headline! Maybe that guy should think about the fact that he is so happy about carrying around a big sign with big anal sex on it.

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