Another Day in May

My grandparents and mother were crowded around my grandfather’s laptop; they had lit candles on a cake and sang happy birthday. I was about to make excuses to go back to studying when my grandmother mentioned the referendum. “You know, we’ll see your sister in a few weeks. She’s coming back for the vote.”

Love That Looks Like Me: Finding My Queer, Non-Binary Place in the Wedding Industry

“And there was Susan and Rachel at the heart of it all, dancing to the band Susan had sworn would play her wedding if she ever got married. As they laughed and moved to the music and worked up such a sweat that their jackets had to come off, I saw a glimpse of the future wedding I hope for, marrying someone I love, the two of us not fitting so strictly into the feminine.”

Sunday Funday is Getting Hitched in Australia

Sister Rosetta Tharpe inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Billie Jean King paved the way for openly gay tennis players, lesbian couples getting married in Australia, Alexandra Chandler would be first trans woman in Congress, Rosa Diaz: Bisexual Avenger, and a cute otter!

In Their Own Words: LGBTQ Asia Responds to Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Taiwan’s ruling made me curious about how the news was being received by LGBTQ people across Asia. Did they too face cultural and institutional oppression against their gender and sexuality, or were their countries more accepting? Would the ruling have any impact on their livelihoods? Is Taiwan an inspiration for their leaders to consider marriage equality or LGBTQ rights overall, or will it not matter as much? I set out to find out by reaching out to LGBTQ activists in 42 Asian countries.