The QTPOC Speakeasy Speaks Out On Walter Scott and Eric Harris

“The Speakeasy has been restless this past week, working through our feelings, and trying to understand what justice looks like to us. Some of us believe in the abolishment of prisons, others just want to see criminals treated equally regardless of skin color. We are trying to reconcile our short-term needs with our long-term goals.”

Surviving or Thriving: How Economic (In)Justice Matters for LGBT People

Sometimes, it can be hard to parse out exactly why queer and trans people have such a hard time getting by while the headlines would suggest we are advancing by leaps and bounds. On January 23rd and 24th, queer and trans people converged in New York City for the Invisible Lives, Targeted Bodies Conference to explore how the struggle for queer and trans justice and liberation is inextricably linked to struggles for economic, racial, immigrant, disability and reproductive justice.