1. definitely gonna try and watch this tonight. thanks for the write up, Maddie. I can’t even imagine what they went through. jeezus christo.

  2. If you’re in NYC, Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel New York in Manhattan is hosting a free Out in the Night screening and premier party at 7pm TONIGHT, Monday June 22nd. Free and open to the public. Please spread the word and support the cast and filmmakers.

  3. Sorry for being a neurotic lawyer but you can’t be convicted of self defense…

    Looks brilliant though!

    • The whole point is that they were, in fact, de facto convicted for acting in self defense. The play on words in this title hinges on that exact, tragic paradox.

  4. I saw this at the ImageOut Film Fest and it was brilliant. Also got to meet Reneta, Patreese, and Terrain at the talk-back and spent some time the next day with Patreese. They are fucking resilient and incredible people and have been going all over the country talking about prison reform. I’m so excited this is getting a PBS and Logo premiere.

    Everyone should watch this film. Bring tissues.

  5. Hey! So glad to see this on Autostraddle, just wanted to make a small correction/clarification. The film will be broadcasted at 10 PM on PBS, but streaming starts on POV starting at 12 AM tomorrow!

  6. wow! i’m really glad these stories are able to be told! looking forward to if not watching, at least dvr-ing this tonight! thanks for letting us know abt this maddie!

  7. So Gloria really wanted to watch this last night (because of this article) and so we had to find the right channel and figure out how to use broadcast TV so 1. wow, I didn’t realize broadcast TV could be so cool. 2. This documentary was fantastic and so heartbreaking to see the injustices these women faced.

    Thanks for covering this Maddie!

  8. Just a heads up in case anyone is still monitoring this thread. PBS is airing the film again this month. I just got a chance to see it for the first time as a result. And, it’s available online again (free) to stream through: http://www.pbs.org/pov/outinthenight/

    It’s really worth seeing.

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