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Katy Perry Wins Yet Another Gay Allyship Award, Admits She More-Than-Kissed A Girl, Only Kinda Liked It

This weekend, Katy Perry received the HRC’s “highest honor,” the National Equality Award, and everybody’s talking about her inspirational speech — but does Katy Perry really deserve an award for LGBT advocacy in the first place? And does it even matter, really, when you consider the impending heat death of the universe, etc.


Vanessa Carlton is Bisexual and Katy Perry Don’t Mind It When Rihanna Kisses Girls

This is a Celeb Bisexual-themed Sunday Funday special just for you! Katy Perry shares her feelings on Rihanna’s feelings about other women’s feelings for each other, Vanessa Carlton has feelings for ladies and dudes, and Lindsay Lohan feels like she really likes kombucha tea. Also, Obama gives a shoutout to gay dads for Father’s Day and premiere photos from The Kids Are Alright!