Daily Fix: The End of Print, The End of The Gay Law in India, and The End of Dan Choi’s Military Career (for now.)


Autofocus! Robin Roemer & Sin Garcia present  snapshots from our NYC Pride Party Rodeo Disco! Also the deadline for buying raffle tickets is over, so look forward to news of your winnings within the next 24 hours, homsicles.

THE DEATH OF PRINT: The New York Blade, one of the two major gay & lesbian newspapers in the city, suspends publication. If the name “New York Blade” is still up for consideration, I’d like it. kthx. (@nytimes, which is still publishing itself)

THRILLER: Lisa Marie says Jackson was a passionate lover, so what was the truth about Jackson’s sexuality? (@the daily mail)

GENDERFUCK THURSDAY: Open a dictionary to “tomboy,” and you’ll find this. (@dorothy surrenders)

OH MY!: This is a really stupid (and offensive and homophobic) article in an online British publication about girls kissing girls: “So while there is a generation of young female celebrities trying to shock us (or garner media attention) by sending a message that girls can like girls, and then boys, and then girls again, what’s really disturbing is that this trend is being emulated by many of today’s teenagers.” Seriously, was someone paid to write this? And are they 16 years old?

LILO: I can’t imagine having a girlfriend who wouldn’t want a cut of the $70,000 I got paid for hosting my own birthday party. Or even an ex-girlfriend, or a maybe girlfriend, or a girl-I’m-webstalking: Lindsay Lohan Paid to Attend Birthday Bash. (@daily dish)

BRITNEY: Just a little circe for ya’ – Britney Spears – The Complete Video Guide (@rolling stone)

ACTUALLY BUT NO: Obama is ‘Goddamned Wrong’ on DADT. Writer and activist Dan Savage appeared on Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC show Tuesday night to talk about President Obama’s well-received speech at Monday’s LGBT pride event, taking the president to task for his handling of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” (@theadvocate)

SOCKS NOT THE CAT THE OTHER KIND OF SOCKS NUMBSKULL: Nothing Like a Lesbian Sock at Bedtime: Also though for real if I was like five years old and went to bed at 8 P.M. what’s the difference though obvs I’d prefer a lesbian Choose Your Own Adventure.

WATCH: Our favorite blogger fourfour presents Clips from the 1994 documentary Wildwood, New Jersey: … it’s full of females so similar to the ones that surrounded me while growing up just 25 minutes away from the profiled town: girls and women who know they’re funny but don’t quite realize that they’re hilarious.

A DYKE IS A DYKE: When I first came out as a young fierce dyke, I did fierce dyke things. I wore fierce dyke clothing and wrote fierce dyke poems and said fierce dyke things like, “If men were smarter beings, they would let women rule the world.” (@velvetpark)

+“Getting Teeth Pulled to Katy Perry Is Redundant. I’m waiting for her next single, ‘My Roommate in College Kissed Girls, and I Guess I Was Fairly Tolerant About It.'” — Intern Hurricane Katrina (@justjared)

+Tegan & Sara Finish Recording New Album. Though that doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing it any time soon. With at least a month’s worth of technical work still to be done, we won’t see TnS’s new release for quite some time now. On the bright side, though, anticipation for the upcoming release means that it’s photoshoot/AUTOSTRADDLE/magazine cover time for the girls! (@teganandsara)

New York Governor Is With Us: Governor Paterson of New York made history this Sunday as the first sitting governor to accept an invitation and to walk a Pride March as a Grand Marshal. (Coincidentally, he is blind and cannot see the thongs). (@bilericoproject)

Trans-Inclusive ENDA Introduced in Congress. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) announced the introduction of a bill yesterday that would make discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace illegal. (@biggaynews)

Dan Choi says Obama’s words were a “slap in the face.”

↑  The High Court of Delhi struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which had criminalized homosexuality. After more than a decade of activism by the LGBTQ movement in India, the petition to repeal this section reached the high court, where the hearings have been underway for more than a year. Today, the Chief Justices issued their verdict – that the section was discriminatory and unconstitutional, and worked against the Indian Constitution’s guarantee of equality and non-discrimination.


Auto-Straddler of the Day


katrinafrom Intern Hurricane Katrina:
If I could trade places with anyone in the world, it would be Karen O. Girl is so fierce and talented and never, ever seems to be anything but exactly herself. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s new album It’s Blitz! dropped in April, and I just recently stumbled upon the video for their first single, Heads Will Roll. The band is touring mostly festivals for now, so for those of us who can’t make it out to see them, this video should suffice for now. It has a Michael Jackson-esque werewolf. And glitter! And of course, Karen O bein’ so damn cool.

carly-icon2from Carly:
Totally amazing Lego desktop wallpapers!!

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
Recently I’ve spent many hours reading Something Changed, a blog written by an Australian girl who posts frequently on huge range of interesting topics (new media, advertising, the internets, words, etc). I highly recommend it.

green-iconfrom Laneia:
I was trying for hours yesterday afternoon to understand why everyone loves Google Reader so much. I’m still mostly unimpressed by the whole thing, but I did manage to steal this awesome link from a friend’s shared list—The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads of All Time! Thanks, Google Reader/Meaghan!

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  1. Ugh. That article about “Lipstick Lesbians” was probably the most immature thing that I’ve read all week. I’ve never witnessed anyone at my high school pretending to be gay to be cool. The only place I hear about that is in the media.

    Also: When are people going to stop using the term “lipstick” lesbian? It doesn’t make sense that only gay people are expected to define their gender so specifically when a straight girl can wear a skirt one day and gym shorts the next day without any questioning.

  2. i agree w/ everything Dawn said re: the lipstick lesbian article. i didn’t read the article, but i know that’s how i feel.
    the Wildwood clip on fourfour was VERY inspirational for me yesterday. in that i ordered one of Ruth’s other documentaries, Alma. check out the preview here: http://www.ruthlessfilms.com/
    doesn’t it look like a southern version of Grey Gardens?! zomg can’t wait.

  3. Agreed, the lipstick lesbian article pissed me off. I feel like the person just pulled that shit out of their ass. Also, I am so excited for new T&S stuff. SO EXCITED

  4. So…I got as far as the reporter’s name (Penny Marshall) in the lipstick lesbian story and immediately thought of Laverne and Shirley. This makes me think I’m probably too gay to read the rest of that story.

  5. re Daily Mail, in England, it’s known as the Daily Hate. I didn’t read the article as I have banned myself from reading it… it brings me out in a fit of rage within about 10 seconds. this is pretty funny if anyone’s interested, a DM headline generator:


    They are obsessed with immigration, ‘liberal media’, the monarchy, political correctness etc etc and every story touches on these issues. the sad thing is that it is the most widely read newspaper in England, including some actually very sensible people – lots of my friends’ parents read it, who are actually pretty open minded people. I have never been able to work out why they read this trash, it’s depressing and frustrating.

    That is all!

  6. ohhhhhh lipstick lesbians…i cannot tell you how over THAT i have been for like 10 years…i think a lot of people who continue to use that absolutely obnoxious phrase think that by telling you that you are one, 1. it’s a compliment, and 2. they are down with the lingo…too bad it’s the lingo of like 1987…

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