Riese’s Team Pick: Bright Pink Tears

I am in love with a gay boy and his name is JC Gonzalez. JC commented here, I liked his comment, clicked his name, and arrived at Bright Pink Tears, the home of JC’s ethereal photography (“primarily women and feminine boys”) and ‘zine (titled “My Daughter Says She’s Genderfuck Now What The Fuck Does That […]

Society + Culture

If The 00’s Are The Worst Decade Ever, Maybe The 10’s Will Be Totally Radical or Something

Was this the worst decade ever? Does facebook turn us into 6th graders? Does the word “emo” police male sensitivity? Also; one in 8 Americans are on food stamps, nerd-tivity scenes, Sasha Grey is more than just a porn star, veteran trans sportswriter dies in suspected suicide, Episcopal churches in MA can marry the gays now and Bart Simpson’s best chalkboard gags.