14 Lesbian & Genderqueer Tumblrs To Watch

kissFor many years lesbians have roamed the open plains of the internet, right-clicking and saving every little bit of lesbian imagery we could get our hands on — which generally meant Bette & Tina on the porch, that “Kiss” poster you hung over your first dorm-room bed, and maybe some random shots of Amanda Moore in a wifebeater.

Then Tumblr came into our lives and the whole world changed. Now you can feast your eyes on all manner of lesbian imagery! Cyber-dykes are accumulating sapphic photos, syndicating lesbian news & quotes, re-gifting their Suicide Girls memberships & forming mini-cults around models you don’t often see celebrated in mainstream fashion. If you can spell “fuck yeah” you can look at something fuckable quickly … on Tumblr!

We love about 50 lesbian-themed tumblrs right now, so we sort of picked these at random from our top 30 or so. (Also if you don’t know already, girlfriendisahomo is the motehr of all tumblrs) So if you’re like Hey, autostraddle is always re-blogging my shit, where’s my shout out?” then you know, we’re sorry, we’ll get you next time. Tell us your favorites in the comments, or shamelessly promote yourself. However, please hyperlink, as URLs-as-written (http://autostraddle.tumblr.com) might land your ass in the spam folder.


Fuck Yeah Dykes

Lots and lots of smokin’ hot androgyny here. While its got plenty of undressed girls, fuck yeah dykes is a good place to check out for style ideas, mohawky haircuts, fallenandrogyne, sloppy kisses & proud punky lesbians & the models who look like them.

Girls Who Like Girls

Girls who like girls features a bounty of  photos of queer girls [both real and fictional], You’ll find lots of photos of Leisha Hailey, Amanda Moore, real lesbian couples, Freja Beha, and Ruby Rose here.

W[omen] O[f] C[olor] Survival Kit

A bell hooks or Zora Neale Hurson quote here, vintage Angela Davis photos there, a lot of fuckyeahblackbeauties & guerrillamamamedicine re-blogs, political news updates, and sexy photos of hot women of color like Rosario Dawson & M.I.A with wisdom/links/text-a-plenty.


Bohemianism is about adventure and creativity and really, bohemea is too. The adventure comes in clicking through the pages to find photos of nice girls while the creativity is about what you might like to do with those ladies. Expect Ellen Von Unwerth’s sexy-edgy photography, retro-vintage advertising, Zooey Deschanel, fashion spreads, film stills & more.


Suicide Blonde

Ohh, pretty people and anguish. If you’re a Natalie-Portman-loving-treehouse-building-Edward-Scissorhands-watching-Lovely-Bones-reading type of girl, go no further. You can also expect television stills from Six Feet Under, True Blood & Mad Men, screenshots from movies you can’t ever find screenshots of like The Craft, Clueless & American Psycho and other 90’s nostalgia, with plenty of brand-spankin’ new stuff tracking Kristen Stewart and their ilk.


[Bohemea and Suicide Blonde are girlfriends and are also basically the prototype for all ensuing tumblr blogs. If you’re on tumblr and don’t follow these girls, what’s wrong with you. A few weeks ago they suffered a death in the family so for the time being you won’t find the first few pages reflecting the descriptions below, but there’s thousands of pages of archives to keep you busy all afternoon and, we must say, some very compelling & emotional work at the front. Give them love!]


Liquor in the Front

Here for all your sexy/edgy lesbionic needs, liquor in the front has lots of comics, boyish girls, straight girls lesbians like and a couple adorable photos of Ellen Page. The girl who runs it occasionally puts up pictures of herself and her girlfriend; they’re all kinds of cute.



Visiting Autostraddle’s tumblr is like buying your favorite cereal and realizing there’s a toy inside. But instead of cereal you get all our posts and instead of a spoon that changes color when you dip it in your milk, you get pictures of things like Sesame Street and boyshorts.


Sweet looking milky soft-haired girls in sheets full of lip-gloss and shy nods — a lot less “alternative lifestyle haircut” than some of the others, and heavy on lusty looking couples. There are also a lot of breasts!



A little queer sexuality, a little queer art, this one is definitely about all things queer. There’s plenty of vintage drawings, death, and surrealism here.

Fuck Yeah The L Word

Looking for a screenshot, cast photo, or magazine scan from The L Word? Chances are you’ll find it here. They’ve got everything from first season ads with the original Tim to recent interviews with Kate Moennig.

Pink Taco Lovers

This is our latest fling. It feels, somehow, like actual life — photobooth-snapped submitted photos from Real Dykes & Real Couples from all around the tumblr-verse, L Word nostalgia, genderqueer models & makeouts, links to important articles and butch punky girls at various levels of undress.

Defining Myself

The girl who does defining myself does it in all black and white. Most days she’s got pictures, but every once in a while, she’ll throw in a to-do list, a question, or a song.

Les Femmes

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes are one of les femmes favorite things. Other favorite things include long hair, dangly necklaces, and fancy dutch bicycles.


Self-described as being “for the love of androgyny, genderqueer, genderfuck, etc. living beyond the binary.” Justin Bond, Agyness Deyn, Lucas Silveira, Peaches, Jenny Shimizu, Park Yong Hee, Also, bonus; a lot more Asian representation here and like two full pages of Amelia Earhart.
So what are your favorite queer (or otherwise inclined) tumblrs?

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    • It’s a blog that’s usually more a collection of links / pictures / videos etc. than a lot of text / opinions / feelings.

      Also, fun.

    • Whew! I’m sitting here going “WTF is a tumblr?!” – and afraid I’m stuck under a rock somewhere. I have to stop working so I can keep up with all the cyber-shenanigans from all the cyber-hooligans!

    • i like it and i still think that jonathon rhys myers is a beautiful man even after being subjected to ads for “the tudors” for two seasons of the l word.

        • i don’t like the tudors.
          i like jonathan rhys meyers b/c he gave an interview about how the first thing he does when he walks out of the gym is “light up a fag” (i’m referring to cigarettes, GLSEN, no worries)

          • I like Johnathan Rhys Myers for dressing up like David Bowie and making out with Ewan McGregor a lot in Velvet Goldmine. Youtube it, kids, if you like glam rock and boys making out you will be in heaven…

          • Oh god, this like whoa. VG was what forced my little homo-loving fourteen year old self out and is therefore one of my favourite things ever forever and ever. Also, pretty boys! Citizen Kane and Merry Poppins imagery! Lots of lovely music! Exploration of the fan mindset! How could you go wrong?

  1. “Natalie-Portman-loving-treehouse-building-Edward-Scissorhands-watching-Lovely-Bones-reading type of girl”

    Best description EVER! And pretty much spot on definition of myself.

      • I just started a tumblr so I could follow everyone and their mother. Just what I need, another internet time-suck… ;)

  2. Before this post I thought that I had already scavenged for every cute Ellen Page pic… BUT I WAS WRONG.


  4. I now follow all of these. I’m ondirecting.tumblr.com, shameful evidence of tegan and sara obsession

  5. dammit now i really want a tumblr and yet another reason to alienate myself from the real world…curse you, Autostraddle!

  6. Autostraddle there are no words.
    I feel like I have been transported to the inner sanctum of a rainbow and there are no exit signs. Just more and more windows into eden.
    Please keep doing EVERYTHING you’ve all been doing.

    • omg, Laura wrote: ‘The girl who runs [liquor in the front] occasionally puts up pictures of herself and her girlfriend; they’re all kinds of cute.”

      AND NOW THE GIRLFRIEND HAS COMMENTED so this has been verified.

  7. Hollie Simmons – young, gay British artist/Blogger/film geek. She posts hilarious, wise, charming and queer things. Plus her art is seriously incredible deviantART it.


  8. Whee tumblr! I think I had about 80% of that followed already, but thanks for the WOC one – it’s good to see a little colour amongst all the twee!

    fuckyeahbisexuals and fuckyeahlgbt’s pretty good; lots of cross-posting. transpride is very insightful (and my cisgendered self gets a lot out of it).

    I tend to follow performers and creative types more, and have a reblog-fest happening with bridgettelizabeth (an Australian bellydancer) every once in a while. I also like rachelhills and sexisminthecity for things that make you think, and my friend definatalie cracks me up.

    i’m themerchgirlnet (or blog.themerchgirl.net) on there, and i’d also like to plug fuckyeahburlesque with some gorgeous ladies on there ;)

  9. Check out modellesbians.tumblr.com for a lot of nude fashion, naked models, and drop dead gorgeous gay ladies, peppered with insightful commentary.

  10. haha, yes riese… I guess it’s verified.

    if any of you are interested I also have a tumblr, I don’t post as often as my gf but it’s things I’m into or hair that I’ve done and whatnot. :)

    p.s. autostraddle, thank you for giving me things to look at while I’m bored at work!

  11. great list… i didn’t even know about tumblr… most posting is photos which i love…. photos will have me on a site for hours – especially photos of interest to queer women. so inspirational…

    This is my first commment on autostraddle – i can’t believe how good this blog is !! <3!!

  12. “a Natalie-Portman-loving-treehouse-building-Edward-Scissorhands-watching-Lovely-Bones-reading type of girl”

    guilty as charged <3

    and i love girlfriend is a homo
    so much

    i dont follow any lesbian tumblrs you havn't listed…
    oh, wait! http://lgbtlaughs.tumblr.com/ this is pretty good for a laugh c:

    my personal tumblr is http://effsie.tumblr.com/
    it's mostly a cartoony sketchblog and occasional photo blog, but i swear all i draw is ladies. :B

  13. I follow most you listed. My tumblr is a mash up of all things lesbian, dyke, femme, queer, gender, identity. I love my site the most because it is a piece of me.

  14. i love this listing, & have become a follower of many of the suggested tumblr’s..

    I thought I’d leave mine here for anyone to check out if interested. It’s relatively new, but there’s going to be a whole slew of amazing stuff going up soon..

    Some original lesbian erotica, stories, and photography, some articles, some lesbian book, movie, & music reviews, favourite lists, and other womyn inspiring posts.


  15. some of your most loyal autostraddle fans are over light skinned and/or white lesbian representation!
    where’s the beautiful dark, brown, yellow, or curly hair queer womyn?

  16. Some of my favorite lesbian tumblrs would be:
    lesbians-ftw.tumblr.com (pretty pornographic though)
    lesfemmefatale.tumblr.com (very vintage)
    pansexualpride.tumblr.com (not actual les, as you can tell from the name. But its still pretty badass)
    mockhare.tumblr.com (not sure if this ones actually gay, but posts a lot of somewhat high-fashion pictures of really intense girls)
    ilovemynikki.tumblr.com (yea….she’s my girlfriend C: She’s kinda lame on tumblr though. She just posts stuff about us. If you want to check out my lesbosexy tumblr it’s nikkithelesbian.tumblr.com I swear we didn’t plan out the whole name thing!)

  17. Yay, andro tumblr links! So many of the ladyloving tumblrs I follow post almost exclusively pics of femme women, and while that’s cool and all, I definitely need some genderqueering up in my gaze.

  18. So I’m pretty new to tumblr, but I love it so far.
    I don’t have that many posts, but it’d be awesome to get some followers, or learn abt new sites to follow.
    I head to Afghanistan in a couple of months, so it’d be pretty sweet to talk to some new people before then so we can keep in touch and yall can keep me sane. :) hahah, I’ll catch yall later.

  19. WHY is lesbian and genderqueer coming off as synonymous here???? They are not the same identities. Not all genderqueer people are female bodied or stem from the lesbian community. Many genderqueer people identify as trans*. This is absolutely an annoying generalization about genderqueer people. WTF.

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