SZA Hints At Being On Team Sapphic!!

Feature Image of SZA, who recently hinted at being a lesbian, by Matt Winkelmeyer/MG18/Getty Images

At two in the morning, I launched a spiraling investi-gay-tion into this tweet:

As you can see in the evidence above, the R&B star, one Miss SZA responded to a now deleted IG post from user SHIVAMYNIVANA, in which she DOES NOT DENY THAT SHE IS IN FACT A LEZBEEAND!

Now here’s the thing, this is not entirely new. People have been REACHING at the thought of SZA leaning into her name with another sapphic cutie for a while now. They made the wholesome ass “Good Days” song into a TikTok sound. They have made Reddit threads about “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” being an unintentional gay anthem. And it all hit the fan when she was seen holding hands with Kehlani last year at an after party to last year’s Met Gala.

Should we have been listening closer in Love Galore when she says  “Done with these niggas, I don’t love these niggas, I dust off these niggas…”? 

Now unlike the straights — I shan’t just assume she is a Léseabeein just because she holds hands with Kehlani and dances in tiny dresses in their backseat. Who amongst has not put on a slip dress and linked fingers with a pal!?!

Plus — isn’t Kehlani basically whole ass married to 070 Shake? But maybe they are open, or maybe they broke up, or maybe they are all best friends and reading this post while laughing and smoking lavender-filled blunts — WHO CAN SAY?!!

I don’t know these peoples lives, I am just a silly little dyke with a terrible sleeping pattern and an inclination to fall into dyke drama after drinking too much soju on Thursday nights. What EYE DO KNOW FOR SURE is that Kehlani is a Taurus (ahem.. best sign ever) so we will never — and I mean ever — completely know whats going on in her life, including (but not limited to) if she is helping guide SZA into the queer babe forest of love.

I don’t think this is her “coming out” — but also… I don’t think it’s not not her coming out. This post is hard to read, is she trolling the shit out of us à la Lil Nas X, or is she actually out here dykin’ and her next album will be full of hits about studs who aren’t shit & femmes who broke her heart? I DON’T KNOW!!!

And she lowkey.. doesn’t want us to know. SZA is a Scorpio, and we like to read them as sexy, mysterious creatures which… yeah they are. But in my experience, they are also quite emotional folks and when they feel, they feel hard. In her most recent tweets, she goes off and tells everyone that if it weren’t for her falling in love with music we basically wouldn’t know shit about her life. She also confirms that in her recent hit “I Hate U”  she was not talking about men, she was talking to everybody. Then she deleted her TikTok for Mental Awareness Month and over on her IG she let us know that she’s going to be changing even more of her social media habits, too — perhaps as an extra boost to have flyer mental health in the future because she is right, the internet is wild if you let it get to you.

Anyway, SZA is talented and gorgeous, and we love when a babe is doing the hard work to put herself first and find out who she is, and if that means she’s one of us then hey — welcome to the team.

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  1. Sza has made some references to not being straight. In her song “Love Galore” she sings “I love on my ladies, love to my ladies, I dated a few.” She even confirms this in a Genius video on YouTube :)

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