Sunday Funday Is Speculating About Cynthia Nixon’s Run for Governor

Hey Skittles, you made it to Sunday! I spent this past week moving into a new place, and it was rough, but I felt so powerful because I did it all by myself! I’ve still got one room left in my old apartment that I need to vacuum and shampoo the carpets, but after that I’m done. I’m buying a bottle of wine, cleansing my new place with sage, and listening to old holiday episodes of Prairie Home Companion.

Also, a tip: if your cat needs Xanax for travel, give it to her. The best method is cracking open a pill in a nice bowl of warmed meat juice from a can. Yes, it sounds disgusting, but you will have a much happier home.

The Animal Kingdom is Gay

+ There are more gay dolphins hanging out on the Australian coast. I didn’t know there were any to begin with, so finding out there are even more than before feels like I’m double #blessed.

+ The bees are back in town, and they’re ready to pollinate some bisexual flowers (apparently, bisexual means something very different when you’re a flower).

Apparently, every flower on earth evolved from this bisexual flower, which means all flowers are LGBTQ+

Mom(mi) Dearest


+ Holland Taylor, HBIC and girlfriend to Sarah Paulson, is breaking her own rules and acting in a horror project. In an Entertainment Tonight exclusive, she talks about being frightened to read the entire script for a new series based off of a Stephen King novel, “At first, I did not want to read the other parts of the script that did not involve me. Some people like to scare themselves to death; I do not want to scare myself to death.” Amen sister.

The Flexible Facts of Life is a new book project teaching kids about all different kinds of families. The books has three unique focuses: gender neutral discussions around biology, visual representations, and a focus on storytelling. The book is written by Serena Torrey and Meguey Baker, sisters and friends who are working to bring books about diverse families to more children.

+ Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi will voice lesbian moms on Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffinsI didn’t know I could love Doc McStuffins more!

Sounds Gay, I’m In

Longy ‘Mother Nature’ and Mama Alto serving looks.

The Cocoa Butter Club is everything London-based trans and queer folks of color have been wanting and needing.

Produced by Krishna Istha and Dani Weber, the ongoing popularity of the CBC is evidence in itself that the QPOC community (and its allies) is thirsty for events where they can cheer on and support incredible talent in an accessible-to-all safe space.

I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna!

Picture it: 1997. Midriffs are showing, Sketchers are the sneaker to own, Posh Spice is not yet a Beckham, and one girl group carves out their place in history by creating the most amazing movie ever: Spice World. If you’re in the UK, you can relive this magic all over again in a movie theatre on September 29th, 2017. According to Paper Magazine the Spice Girls are trying their hardest to make sure fans worldwide can see the movie in theatres again, but there are no official dates outside of the UK yet (and those are selling out quickly!).

Rojo Caliente Might Be New York’s Next First Lady!

While I am typically not into celebrities running for political office, our very own Cynthia Nixon might be running for governor of the state of New York. According to the Daily News she is one of several prominent Democrats set out to run against incumbent Andrew Cuomo. She’s an outspoken activist, especially on issues surrounding public education, and she’s already got Billy Easton from the Alliance for Quality Education on her side. Plus, we already know voters love lesbians! But most importantly, do you know what this means? It means that we might get Cynthia Nixon’s perfect red-headed butch wife as the First Lady of New York. Y’all, this healed my depression.

The couple we want in office. The couple we need in office.

Happy Sunday! Go pick a gay flower for someone cute!

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  1. Spice World is like my favourite morning after film to watch in your pyjamas. And I love the amount of famous guest stars they managed to squeeze into one incredible, also terrible film. We’re talking Stephen Fry, Elton John, Meatloaf, Jennifer Saunders and so many more! But I dont wanna spoil it. Watching it as an adult is such a fun experience.

      • I will give her this, she is located in NYC. If she was located in Syracuse or Buffalo or Rochester I would say she doesn’t have a chance. Listen the base of NY power is NYC. That’s where she is from. That is where she can get the money up to take him on. In fact if you want to win governors race you have to live either NYC or downstate. History proves that.
        Also history has proven that voters don’t care about vice presidents and lieutenant governors. They vote for the big guy. Its only afterwards when the big guy gets sick or dies or has to step down do people realize who they elected. Its a throwaway position that people are required to vote for even though they don’t even care who that person really is. In fact I could easily see any married lGBT candidate getting elected as a lieutenant governor even in almost any state of the union. Even in the south. I predict within the next seven to ten years you will see a lieutenant governor in the south being a well established married member of the LGBT community.

    • I’m failing to understand what is “out of whack” about selecting for elected office a person with a visual impairment.

      Putting the discussion about celebrities running for office aside, I’m really not here for the idea that someone who is legally blind is unqualified for office based solely on that fact.

    • Shame! Though I don’t think being blind means you can’t do a good job in public office? I can only think of one blind politician off the top of my head (David Blunkett, former British Home Secretary) but I’m sure there are loads more.

    • “In fact it is so out of whack we elected a legally blind guy as lieutenant governor.”

      Holy ableism, Batman!

    • Oh em gee – not someone with a disability in a position of political power?! What a calamitous accident! It’s a wonder the people of New York ever recovered!

      • sorry y’all, i shouldn’t have engaged with that first comment, i didn’t read it thoroughly and didn’t see the ableism on first read. i’ve gotten rid of it.

  2. Genuinely don’t get the obsession with Spice Girls, to me they’re like the epitome of shit 90s post-feminism.

  3. Alaina I love Cynthia Nixon’s perfect butch wife also, and I adore your dedication to her. Bless.

  4. Why would Cynthia Nixon (a democrat) want to oust Andrew Cuomo (another democrat)? Not to mention why would she with little to no political experience want to work against him rather than with him and his political experience.

    • maybe she wants to gift us her perfect wife as first lady???? it could be perfect cyclone, imagine it.

  5. “I’m buying a bottle of wine, cleansing my new place with sage, and listening to old holiday episodes of Prairie Home Companion.”

    That is not where I thought that sentence was going, but I find it thoroughly endearing. <3

  6. More evidence that Cynthia Nixon and her wife are perfect: Their rosy cheeked red-headed child that looks EXACTLY like Christine. Y’all, do we even deserve them. *gets starry eyed*

  7. Came for Cynthia Nixon, stayed for Holland Taylor. I’m so excited about Mr. Mercedes (the books were truly sick) and the idea of having Holland play some comic relief should be a really great addition to the cast. Also, Mary Louise Parker.

  8. Alaina I am so happy you & I stan Cynthia and her wife it has truly changed my life for the better

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