Also.Also.Also: Throw All Your Homophobic Bulleit Bourbon in a River I Guess and Other Stories You Can’t Miss

Goooooood day to you! Look at that sunshine out that window! Get a load of that sweet sweet sky and all those birds. Damn, what a day! I’ve lived in a very small apartment with three other adult/young adult-sized people and two dogs for several years now, and just yesterday — just yesterday! — I found a place to put the fucking dog bed that doesn’t make me want to run screaming out my front door. Please tuck this into your heart and pull it out whenever you need a little extra motivation: if I, through sheer determination and the will to survive, can find a place to put that fucking dog bed, you can absolutely do the thing you need or want to do. Truly. I believe in you and I believe in us.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ I’m In Love With Another Stud.

+ Pakistan Issues Landmark Transgender Passport.

+ Judge Orders FBI to Probe Records of a 1950s Program That Purged Federal LGBT Workers.

+ The Turmeric Project: Queer South Asian Art & Healing.

+ Bulleit Bourbon Founder’s Lesbian Daughter Claims Family Is Homophobic.

+ Voters Love Lesbians.

+ Meet Celine Cuevas, the Queer Latina Helping Diversify Tech.

+ Immigrant Identity, Lesbian Sexuality Intersect in The Stories of Achy Obejas.

+ My Lesbian Mums: What It Was Like for Me, My Mums, and My Siblings When Our Mums Came Out. I have never typed ‘mums’ so many times in one minute before.

+ Uncovering My Family’s Secret Queer History.

+ The Emotional Toll of Covering Trump’s Trans Military Ban.

+ Couple Settle Landmark Lawsuit Against Hospital For Performing Surgery On Their Intersex Son.

+ Ok hear me out, this artist is a queer woman of color, that’s A. B, if you support her crowdfunding campaign, you could say you had a hand in building a 14-foot gummy bear pyramid. Not many people can say that. Think about it.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Republicans More Likely to Say White Americans—Rather Than Black Americans—Face Discrimination. ?

+ Homeland Security Waives Environmental Impact Studies for Border Wall.

+ Are We Returning to Jim Crow?

Doll Parts

+ This Girl Has Been Missing For 19 Years, But You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Her.

+ Facebook’s Complicity in the Silencing of Black Women.

+ Was Agatha Christie’s Mysterious Amnesia Real or Revenge on Her Cheating Spouse?

+ Wisconsin Lawmakers Want to Stop Medical Students from Learning How to Perform Abortions.

+ Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?

+ What to Do About the Vagina.

Keep Up

+ NAACP Warns That Women, People of Color, and LGBT People May Not Be Safe Traveling to Missouri.

+ PSA: Black People Do Not Go To College For Free.

+ How to Stop the Deadliest Drug Overdose Crisis in American History.

+ Farm-to-Table May Feel Virtuous, But It’s Food Labor That’s Ripe For Change.

+ Sen. Cory Booker Will Face An Uphill Battle Fixing America’s “Badly Broken” Drug Laws.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Need you to know that this is happening tomorrow.

+ Amy Sedaris is Back with a Wacky New Home Ec Show.

+ What To Do With Your Pet If You Need to Evacuate.

+ Researchers Crack the Brain’s Facial-Recognition Code.

+ We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs.

+ How the Podcast Boom Is Finally Forcing Radio to Become More Diverse.

+ Watch Solange Perform Live With Incubus in New Orleans. I don’t need to explain myself to you.

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  1. Frickin’ touch screens

    A lot of time on the clock and off helping my community navigate the Medicaid system. There’s this really weird… I don’t know what to call it but I’m trying to help my community access something critical to our survival while feeling helpless to keep it from disintegrating at the same time.

    The state legislature is trying to pass a work requirement for Medicaid here, and my community has such a hard time finding employment and such a need for health care that I’m honestly kind of freaking out.

  2. You had me at “14-foot gummy bear pyramid.”

    I’ve been seeing Ashley C. Ford’s thread all over Twitter but didn’t know she wrote for Refinery29! Brb reading all her stuff.

    Re: the Agatha Christie “disappearance,” the podcast Thinking Sideways had an interesting episode on it. Fair warning: Two of the podcasters are middle-aged white dudes, but their female millennial co-host generally does a decent job wrangling them when they say something particularly problematic.

    Unsurprising but so profoundly sad that missing people of color don’t get the same attention as their white counterparts. The Black & Missing Foundation is working to raise awareness – I follow them on Twitter and their work is depressing and inspiring all at once:

    • Not your point but I actually can’t listen to thinking sideways for too long because I want one of the guys to just. Stop. Talking. I’ve actually said so it loud to the podcast. Which is a shame because the topics and other hosts are good.

  3. Re: DOJ’s affirmative action story, the lawsuits being pursued are in fact related to quotas for Asians which limit the number of Asian students accepted. It doesn’t really have anything to do with white prospective students.

  4. Also, there is sooo much to say about that queen bee article – I feel like I need to process it for a week. I did think this was really interesting as pertaining to minority/marginalized groups: “The black-sheep effect, in which people are harder on rule-breaking members of their own group than they are on the deviants of other tribes.”

  5. So much information to process.

    Thank you for informing me about the existence of this gummy bear pyramid.

    I’m so glad voters love lesbians, because so do I.

    The article about digital Blackface in reaction gifs is so important. As someone who spends a lot of time online and on sites like tumblr that dominate the reaction-gif landscape, I’ve definitely noticed that most reaction gifs feature black people expressing some sort of emotion. I used to assume it was part of the pervasive appropriation of black pop culture, but now I’m starting to understand the additional significance of when these gifs are being used. When people online want to express a big, exaggerated, and usually negative emotions, they use reaction gifs of black people. What sort of message is that sending about how white and nonblack people view black people and their emotional states? All the representation in the world doesn’t matter if we keep just using the same hyperbolic reaction images to associate black people with emotional outbursts. First of all, it’s incredibly othering. And secondly, it sends a message that black emotions aren’t as meaningful as white emotions because they’re used over and over again for comedic effect online. If we keep seeing images of black people being angry and upset, white people are going to look at black activists be able to dismiss their outrage and grief as “normal”. White people will associate black people with overreactions, belittling and dismissing real and justifiable emotions and arguments. Even if it’s not conscious, these visuals sink into our minds and affect our perceptions. Considering my exposure to these sorts of images, I’m sure I’ve already been influenced. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about this before. I’m going to be a lot more thoughtful about the posts I circulate in the future. Really great article.

    Everything under “Welcome to
    Hellmouth” is soul-crushing and unsurprising and I’m so tired.

    Really good article about the opioid epidemic. As a chronic pain sufferer, I’ve recently kind of dipped my toes into that world after getting opioid prescriptions for my pain and feeling weird about it. Addiction does run in my family, so I’ve been doing lots of research and cannot believe how quickly opioid addiction has become such a widespread and deadly issue. The treatment of people with drug addictions in this country is so disheartening. It’s a social issue. Community is so, so important in drug treatment and prevention. I’m so frustrated.

    And thanks for including Amy Sedaris in this. I need something positive to look forward to.

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