Some Answers to Some Things You’ve Been Asking Us #17

Questions from the A+ Inbox were taking up such an enormous portion of the A+ Insider that we've decided to dedicate an entire post to answering them every month instead! We think this will be a lot of fun for everybody in the whole family. We have included as many as we can. We love you, your hair looks fantastic today!


I just bought a menstrual cup and I wanted to use an AS affiliate link but I didn't see one on the nicely redesigned affiliates page! So now Erika Moen gets my .30 cents or however these programs work. Maybe contact gladrags?
Sarah: Thanks for the hot tip! We just added Glad Rags to our Affiliate Marketplace! And as a recent adopter of menstrual cups, I would highly recommend their XO Flo menstrual cup!

So I know that ads are a part of your revenue and I try to support you all in a variety of ways! I realized about a month ago that I had my adblocker on for this site on accident. so I disabled it cause again I want t...

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