Showtime Greenlights L Word Reality Show “The Real L Word: Los Angeles”

THE REAL L WORD LOS ANGELES: Ilene Chaiken is always scheming new methods for milking the L Word franchise, from the now-defunct website OurChart to the now-derailed spinoff The Farm to the allegedly-in-progress The L Word Movie. This time she’s given up on writing and let the fans take over — by letting them star in the show!  Showtime has greenlit nine episodes of The Real L Word: Los Angeles, from L Word creator Ilene Chaiken and reality producers Magical Elves (“Top Chef“).  Autostraddle has heard exclusively that Magical Elves was in talks with Bravo until Ilene Chaiken swooped in and brought that baby over to Showtime, where the series is said to have franchise potential, a la “The Real Housewives.” behind the scenes l word The Real L Word: Los Angeles will follow six lesbians in Los Angeles as they go about their lives and if all goes well, “The Real L Word” will debut sometime next year.

Ilene Chaiken told the press, “Even though we concluded our sixth season of ‘The L Word‘ on Showtime this past March, I believe we are not nearly finished telling our ‘L Word‘ stories. Showtime has yet again come forward to continue with us this mission to entertain and enlighten and bring more ‘L’ to the world.”

Now we can see once and for all if these stories ever involve world-class tennis players degenerating and dying of cancer in three days (Dana Fairbanks), friends conspiring to murder the irritating self-centered writer girl (Jenny Schecter), pregnant transmen on testosterone,  or if anyone in the real world actually talks/acts like Papi. Thoughts? Anyone wanna Gimme, Gimme Sugar?

Autostraddle’s Real L Word Comment Contest

Real L word comment contest1We couldn’t help ourselves. This is a perfect reason to obsess over our feelings related to L Word. SO! Here’s the deal: comment on this post by finishing the sentence “On The Real L Word, there better be some goddamn….” or “On The Real L Word, there will be no ….” etc.

E.g.,”On The Real L Word, Jenny will step away from the railing,” or, “On The Real L Word, Angelica better get a goddamn babysitter,” or “On The Real L Word, there better be some big ol’ butch dykes hauling lumber and building sweatlodges.”

real L Word comment contest 2

The best comment will win a new t-shirt from 410 BC’s Fall 2009 collection. As you may or may not know, 410 BC is Autostraddle’s favorite t-shirt company. Other 410 BC fans include Tegan & Sara, Uh Huh Her, and your Mom.

At The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, lesbians sing and dance! Take off your shirt, hold on to your pants! Hey look at your fridge, you should put things on it! Like some DIY Magnets, or a bonnet! Where should we go to see lots of gays? Provincetown, hey hey hey!

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WOMYNIZER: Do Women Self Sabotage at Work? NM, Let’s Fix Some Stuff“I will share some resources and techniques that may help you in the work place.” (@jezebel)

TEEVEE: The British are Coming – The BBC is producing a new six-part teevee series centering around a group of lesbian and bisexual women. It’s called, wait for it, Lip Service.(@lesbilicious)

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DEATH OF PRINT, SEXISM: Women’s Magazines Selling Poorly – Consumers can now get a wealth of style news and advice from any number of Web sites, blogs and TV programs. A further erosion of the fashion magazine editor’s dominance has come from lifestyle and celebrity magazines, which over the years have been busy rolling out their own fashion content. You know what this means: read more Autostraddle. (@jezebel)

#ALTERNATIVELIFESTYLEHAIRCUTS: Home Barbering Grows in RecessionThe Wall Street Journal tells us what Interns KC Danger, X and Vashti already know: giving sometimes its just easier to cut your own hair. And as Riese & A;ex will tell you, it’s also easier to have A;ex’s Mom color & straighten your hair. (@wall street journal)

WOW JUST WOW: Chris Brown Being Articulate –Chris Brown goes on Larry King and reflects upon his February assault on Rihanna: “When I look at it now, it’s just like, wow, like, I can’t. When I look at the police reports, when I hear about the police reports, I just don’t know what to think. It’s like wow…It’s crazy…Wow.” (@huffington post)

LADY GAGA: Michael Bolton to be Gaga’s First Lady – Bolton and Gaga join forces for ‘Murder My Heart.’ So. Terrible/AWESOMEness in the making.(@mtv)


HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW? NOT MUCH: Somehow this shit keeps getting published, and on top of that we are expressly forbidden to re-print any piece of this piece by the piece itself, which I’ve honestly never seen before on any written newspaper/magazine article online. I guess they want to be sure to milk all the attention they will get for claiming that people are really against Prop 8 after all, like Valentino. With lots of quotes from Carrie Prejan and Maggie Gallagher: Carrie in Valentino Red (@the national review)

Petition Demands Official Apology: A group of writers and scientists are demanding a posthumous apology from the British government to Alan Turing, a 1950s computer scientist who was prosecuted for his homosexuality and subsequently committed suicide. (@lez get real)SPL115817_005

Mary Cheney Donates to Anti-LGBT Candidate-Cheney’s politics don’t seem to match up with her lifestyle, as she just donated $1000 to Rep. Rob Portman, who voted against marriage equality.(@pam’s house blend)

↑  Houston controller Annise Parker, who is a lesbian, enjoys a marginal lead among likely decided voters in the November mayoral election.” (@advocate)

↓  Westboro Is Touring with Adam Lambert and We Aren’t, Which is Sad: Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, known for hoisting homophobic signs at major events, seem to be following the [American Idol] tour. We believe they are waiting to see Simon Cowell in his tight black shirt. (@advocate)

Tucker Carlson Defends Bowties, Not Gays (@queerty)

Will Obama Follow Ted Kennedy’s Lead on Gay Rights? – Kennedy saw clearly the moral, social, legal and historical connections between the struggles to accord “equal protection of the laws” to African-Americans, women and gays. President Obama is well positioned to fulfill Kennedy’s dream of equal rights regardless of sexual orientation.”(@huffington post)

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These women rock harder than you/me — Elle’s 12 Greatest Female Electric Guitarists. I believe you and I have reached the point in our friendship where I confess my supernatural lust for Kelley Deal. Hold me?

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  2. My first reaction to The Real L Word thing was WTF. Seriously, let it go! My second thought was “I hate reality shows!” My third was “I don’t want to watch that – I already live that reality!” Eventually, I felt resigned to being steamrolled by the Chaiken Juggernaut. All those stages of grief took about 15 minutes.

    Home barbering can be dangerous. I once convinced my girlfriend that I could give her a flat top without using the guard on the clippers. Turns out my hands shake. A lot. She had to wear a hat for weeks.

    Grace the Spot looks fabulous! Run over there and check it out. Yeah, I write for the site but still…

    I’m wordy today. It’s the sleep-deprivation.

  3. I am both utterly terrified & unabashedly titillated by this “realness” of the L worded persuasion. I am starting to think that Ilene Chaiken and George Bush are related. Like George Bush, Ilene thinks we should be delighted to be “mired in her masturbatory opus” in the words of the great Bette Porter. This is a TERRIBLE idea and by terrible I mean deliciously painful… like a mullet. You know telling your friend to get a mullet is cruel and unusual punishment, but you do it anyway because it provides you with hour after hour of comedic relief from your god-forsaken existence (not to mention photographic evidence were you to ever… I don’t know… need to blackmail the shit out of them). In other words… I’m going to go celebrate, and then cry, and then throw up. P.S. If you’re reading this, Ilene, I put on the lotion so please don’t spray me again.

  4. On the Real L Word, latina women will be played by themselves and middle eastern/indian women will be themselves… I hope.

    My mom has cut my hair my whole life, and I’ve never had a dye job done in a salon. Right now I’m probably one of the few people that wants to head towards a salon because my mom can’t cut my hair anymore and I’m afraid of what my friends and I will do with the clippers…

  5. On the REAL L word…Kit adds words to her vocabulary behind Ilene Chaiken’s back; Shane gets carpal tunnel (screwing duh); Carmen returns (without permission); Dana appears (it turns out being a PSA for breast cancer didn’t pay very well) with Mr. Piddles in hand who then elopes with Sounder; Alice plays a nasty trick on Ilene involving a whoopee cushion, a light beer & a bilingual ventriloquist and Mama Chaiken is pissssssssed

  6. I don’t think they should call this The Real L Word. I’m guessing it will be nothing like the series unless they happen to cast 6 schizophrenic lesbians with a slight case of multiple personality disorder.

  7. On the Real L Word, underground poker-ring absentee mother socialite lesbians will have better lawyers.

    But most importantly to me:

    On the Real L Word, no one will be called “Baby Girl.” No one.

  8. on the real L word, i hope there is a mormon who is seduced into a life of decadent west hollywood whoreishness and gets kicked out of BYU for it. also, i hope there is a bangin’ house and a hot tub.

  9. On the real L word..A Giant rainbow colour unicorn will fall from the sky and devour Betty and their motherfuckin’ theme tune (oh dear god please don’t let them write/sing the new theme) and Jenny will realise the manatees were actually LOLruses and sail far far away on one..

    Let’s face it, the above scenario is actually more likely than 98.8% of the L word content.

  10. on the real L world, showtime will put a secret clause in IFC’s contract saying that her involvement is purely symbolic and all creative control and veto power will go to angela robinson.

  11. Bah I feel I am so late on this! Lectures on where to go to talk about feelings at Barnard have infringed upon my Autostraddle viewing time!

    I’m sure this has been said…On the Real L world, there will be no images of recently deceased tennis players in waterfalls.

  12. On the real L word, Ilene Chaiken will be taken to a small and very clean “hotel” to live with white walls that are surprisingly cushy for declaring that she is the writer, creator, prodoucher, incubator, fairy-godmother, baby mama, legal guardian, & commander in chief of Showtime’s new life- changing, earth shattering, revolutionary, pioneering, landmark new super-hit reality series The Real Luny World: LA style

  13. Good post! A lot of people I’ve spoken with have still never heard of this church and it’s activities.
    Besides the obvious negativity that this group spreads, the saddest thing is the kids that are involved in this church. They may never get to actually choose their own spiritual path. They’ve been totally brainwashed by this twisted 2 dimensional version of Christianity.

    I wrote something up about the church as well and threw up a couple videos of them and a picture of a toddler holding a sign that says “you will eat you babies”

  14. on the real l word there better be actual real ethnic diversity, not just stereotypical and wrongly cast shit (HEY I’M A CRAZY ASIAN GIRLFRIEND WITH A BAD ACCENT AND POOR ACTING SKILLS, I LIKE TO SCREAM A LOT CAN YOU TELL??)

  15. (i’m on a roll, can’t stop)

    on the real l word a cute bespectacled lesbian will rage about the unfairness of the world, only to have a fellow lesbian rather passively agree. then a bald man in charge of her reality show future will make write supportive comments on his blog.. oh wait.

    • Oh Ashley! how I love her for her glasses and her hair and how I love her even more for being pissed off about the discriminatory institution of marriage (but not the discriminatory practices of the U.S. military, wtf?) …sigh.

  16. On the Real L Word, there will be talking-laughing-loving-breathing-fighting-fucking-crying-drinking-writing-winning-losing-cheating-kissing-thinking-dreaming.

    Also, people really need to stop giving Ilene Chaiken money. I mean, c’mon, people, it’s the 90’s.

  17. The Real L word

    episode one, scene one.

    The camera pans in on a crazy looking lady the captions says, Ilene Chaiken, creator of the L word.

    She speaks in a crazy voice: ” I am ready for my close up Mr. Showtime” Hahahahahahahah with an evil laugh

    the camera pans to a dead body floating in the pool.

    The end!

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  19. Seriously, I love L Word. I was amazed at the bashing here. It is a pioneering show. Ilene Chaiken is a genius. If I lived in LA, I would love to be part of the Real L Word. It seriously gives our hetero brothers and sisters an insight into the lesbian lifestyle and for the lipstick lesbians some hope and support that there are others like us. Gals, admit it, you got hot and bothered when you saw Papi flirting and inviting a gorgeous gal into her limo. What is up with the Middle Eastern Mexican comment? Gee, I thought she was gorgeous and acted well. That goes for the other actresses that played Bette, Tina, Helena, etc. I thought the show rocked and was really sad to see it finished. For those who are upset about the lack of butches, trannies, etc. on the show, come on.. there were at least two: Max and that he-she that Bette’s sister fell for. There was a deaf gal on the show as well, and the actress who did Bette was multi racial. So, girls, gimme a break and holla for the Real L Word – kudos to Ilene Chaiken!

  20. on trlw there’d better be some really sweet girl dealing with an eating disorder/weight issue. because that is totally representative of our lesbian culture.

    on trlw there should be a girl dealing with reconciling her faith/christian upbringing with the fact that she is a lesbian.

    on trl there has to be a girl with a drinking problem. pleaaaase.

  21. On the REAL L Word, there better be some goddamn …
    REAL lesbians! How about lesbians that are Butch for a change, huh!? None of this “Shane-sorta-butch-type-of-butch-butches” or my screen full of Andros!
    Not MY REAL Lesbian world. And if they gotta have someone ‘transition’, could we please have someone withot a Minnie Mouse voice and REALLY transition full blown? None of this testosterone-taking, slight hair-on-the-face, boob lopping going on with all the bottom plumbing being kept. P-U-LEEZE. That’s so not anything but a fashion statement. Show me some REAL balls by having a REAL transsexual, then maybe we could put a damper on this misogynist phase in our culture. Females would actually see the difficulty THAT process entails – nothing glamourous there.

    Also, there are more lesbians who are bigger than size 8! SH-EEEE-IT! And SO many white girls! NO! Geez….The L Word was always a shade from the daily soaps but WHITER!!! yeech!

    And why is it that so many L Word characters didn’t seem to deal with money issues? Especially in L.A. of all cities (w/the exception of NY). Most lesbians I know talk about money being an issue in their lives a lot if not daily, but the old L Word barely made mention of it. It was just a lesbo FRIENDS as if money came from the sky or something.

    Get REAL with this one, Chaiken. You can get more honest and STIL make the caSh.

    joey brite
    oakland, ca.

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