39 Pictures of Starbuck

Thank you to the Katee Sackhoff fansite from which a majority of these photos were pilfered.


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    • as far as i know she is straight as an arrow. we’re breaking the “queer-girl-only” single-subject gallery rule due to everyone yelling about starbuck here.

        • Seconded. As far as I’m concerned, Riese and co. can have my first-born child and redeem it for awesome points at the awesome factory, assuming those exist if/when I decide to have children but it’s the thought that counts, right.
          God, I love Autostraddle.

  1. Whoops, let’s try that again, looking less like a spambot.

    (Will this work, do Autostraddle comments like HTML, probs not …)

  2. autostraddle, how do you do it? how did you know I would be so depressed after reading that politics article that the only thing to cheer me up would be 39 pictures of my TV girlfriend?

    you guys are awesome (get out of my head)

  3. Frakking AWESOME. Riese, I’m sorry everyone yelled at you but I’m also conflictingly overjoyed that you went ahead and made this post in just a few hours, just for us. This is one of many reasons why I love Autostraddle.

    (And it’s 39 reasons why I love Starbuck!)

  4. PS. I’m definitely going to go as Starbuck for Halloween this year, so also thank you for doing all the costume research for me ahead of time!

    • Close, I thought it would be cute chicks drinking Starbucks (coffee, you perverts). I have no idea what the fuck a Starbuck is. But Riese made a lot of people happy so it is all good, and I have a free gift card for Starbucks right next to me and it all works out.

    • I know, right? I saw everybody screaming about the lack of Starbuck on the other post and thought “Wow, people get really cranky when caffeine deprived”

  5. Gods, Reese you are just so frakking awesome. Kara Thrace epic win FTW.

    I very nearly marathoned the shit out of BSG today. Seeing this pics makes me think it needs to happen.

  6. Never heard of her. But when she smiles, i think of what’s her name in True Blood… right, Sookie. I just love that she’s going poly btw ^^

  7. AHHHHHH!!!! I THOUGHT YOU READ MY MIND, RIESE?! Cuz did I forget to tell you, Kara Thrace and I are engaged? Our marriage is going to be epic and my life is going to get made into a reality TV show called either “Pyramid Wives” or “Battlestar Wives.” I am also going to have alllll her babies. As part of our pre-nup she is NEVER ALLOWED TO WEAR WEDGE HEELS or else it is OVER.

    But I like even better that this post is crowdsourced.

  8. This made my WEEK! She is the reason I started watching BSG in the first place…. I am stealing all of these pics… specially the motorcycle one.

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