Labor Day Girl Gallery Special: Everybody Loves a Woman in Uniform

Last year for Labor Day we provided you with The Top Ten Most Gayest Jobs. Unable to top that achievement this year, we instead chose to make you a gallery of women in uniform, doing jobs, because it’s labor day, and Tasha looks cute as a solider and as a police officer.

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      Janice Ian of Mean Girls = Casey of Party Down.

      And I have a big ol’ lesbian crush on her. BRB, jumping into the pile of women in uniform.

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        I’ve loved her since “Cauliflower” or whatever the name of that monster movie was.
        In this photo she is doing the smirk. That means I have a chance

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      Not to be rude, but Lizzie Caplan and I are in love and BACK THE HECK UP, PLZ. I mean, not really, but in my heart. Also, Party Down is badass, I highly recommend it.

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      I’m sorry :s …. but think ‘hot chick in uniform and it is where my sordid brain goes… there or Tasha Yar… who made me far more hot for girls than Dana Scully did in the early ’90s!

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    Oh my god, this is SO relevant to my interests. The galleries have been amazing lately – lacy lingerie, film make-outs and now uniforms?! Oh AS, you do spoil me.

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    When I was growing up my crush on Stacy Haiduk on Seaquest was second only to my crush on Shane Vansen in Space: Above and Beyond. My love of women in uniform started early.

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    Seriously, I love nothing more than a woman in a uniform. And I so love Tasha.

    Maybe a gallery of women in sports gear/ team uniforms could be next? Just throwing ideas out there. And you would have to include Keira Knightley in Bend it Like Beckham, please.

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    you’re missing larisa oleynik as the cadet that hits on malcolm’s mom from malcolm in the middle!

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    Dear Riese/Autostraddle,

    Thank you for this lovely gallery – which is perfect as it is – on this day celebrating something I do not understand, full of pictures which anyone could have googled up themselves, but you decided to put all in one place for our convenience. Probably just because you are insane and/or have some complex about constantly pandering to weirdos on the internet.




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    Riese I promise this isn’t about Starbuck but hey girl this is good to come home to. I especially appreciate Kat Dennings.

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    I do not care about this ‘starbuck’ person. Actually, I don’t care about any of these people, at least not on a personal level.

    I do, however, care about cute women in uniforms because they’re sexy/nice.

    In other words, thanks.

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    Why did you not include Jennifer Garner from episode 4 of season two of Alias where she is disguised as a Major in the Russian army? WHY.


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