Rosie O’Donnell on Howard Stern (FULL AUDIO): ‘Hitachi Magic Wand Could Numb Vital Organs.’

ROSIE O’DONNELL & HOWARD STERN: Rosie O’Donnell and new BFF Howard Stern did a surprise simulcast on Sirius XM and it did NOT disappoint! The two gab about being mega-rich, the ethics of the Haiti telethon, how Rosie felt when The Rosie O’Donnell show was up against her hero Oprah, the Brangelina breakup rumors, Rosie’s new HBO special and the Jay Leno thang.

Also; Howard grills Rosie about the insanity of moving new girlfriend Tracy and her 6 kids from Texas to NY (Howard is apparently the last man on earth to not hear the U-Haul joke). They go on to speak fairly generously about Ro’s sex life and the Sybian Howard mailed to Rosie which Rosie refuses to use as anything but a footrest. She worries it will make her insides explode. Similarly, she’s not a fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand, because it is a giant beast. Hey, you know thank g-d someone besides Courtenay Semel is talking about lesbian sex, because we have a dream that one day actual conversations about actual lesbian sex will triumph on Google rather than straight-male-oriented porn. (Because that makes it so hard to do the NSFW Sunday!)

Listen to Rosie & Howard’s full interview:

ANYONE BUT ME: Anyone But Me will air all new episodes beginning Feb. 23rd with special surprise guest star. But watch for news to whet your appetite and keep you from withdrawal pains.

TEGAN & SARA: Tegan And Sara‘s Sara Quin is one of the producers of former Northern State member Hesta Prynn‘s upcoming debut solo album. (Check out our interview with Hesta!) (@chartattack)

KRISTEN: Kristen Stewart is this year’s new Sundance Indie “It” Girl! Also she shakes her leg a lot. So do I. (@daily beast)

THE VIEW: Joy Behar may have set the gay movement back 10 years by declaring her perception of gay (male) relationships as not valuing monogamy as high of a priority as heteros. Dan Savage defended his original comments on her HLN talk show the night before that inspired the discussion to begin with.  Meanwhile, Jeremy Hooper, a gay man in a monogamous relationship, is pissed:

“It’s astounding that anyone, especially a progressive from New York City’s media world, would still have such an uninformed opinion about gay relationships as a whole. Regardless of one’s personal views on monogamy, it’s downright weird to hear gay couples put in this “other” category that is monolithically one thing.”

Watch Joy’s original comments on The View:

MO’NIQUE: In between the press rounds in hopes for an Oscar for Precious, Mo’Nique is still doing her nightly BET show. While interviewing  gospel singer, Miki Howard, the discussion turned to God, the church, and the gays:

“One good thing that I really wanted to talk about in the book is the gay aspect of church that we don’t talk about in our community,” Howard said. “I grew up in the James Cleveland church, and it was really gay. We didn’t know that people thought that was bad. We didn’t know that outsiders thought that was bad. So that’s one thing we really explore in the book and how I came to be me.”

Mo’Nique, who has been a longtime supporter of gay rights, agreed:

“I applaud you for addressing that, because most times we run from it. … I applaud you for not judging it, because like you said, we didn’t know anything was wrong with it. For all our gay brothers and sisters watching, please know that you are always welcomed, baby. We love you — the no judgment zone! If you in church and you gay, God ain’t judging, baby, so be who you wanna be.” (@advocate)

INDIE FILM: With Nicole Holofcener’s new film, Please Give, screening at Sundance, Jezebel examines the female characters in her work compared to those of Nancy Meyers’: Almost alone among American women filmmakers, Holofcener has a startling candor about femininity — her women are bitchy, obsessed with their bodies, often unsuccessful to the point of being real losers, and utterly sympathetic in their efforts to rise above their own pettiness. (@jezebel)

LANCE BASS DOES GLAMBERT: Lance Bass looks like he raided Adam Lambert’s makeup closet, embracing the guyliner & goth look for a new photoshoot. (@ontd)

TEAM COCO: Tilda Swinton says she’s down to play Conan in the inevitable Late Shift 2: Electric Boogaloo. (@people)

BABYSITTER’S CLUB: The Babysitter’s Club reprints have brand new covers to go along with them! (@nylonmag)

MAD MEN: One of my favorite Mad Men characters, Sal Romano, played by out actor Bryan Batt, apparently will not be back next season after his character was outed and fired from Sterling Cooper last season.  Says creator Matthew Weiner: “…I felt it was an expression of the times that he couldn’t work there anymore. It’s the ultimate case of sexual harassment.” OK, first the cute gay male nurse off Nurse Jackie and now this, WTF is going on?? (@tvguide)

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  1. Have you guys seen the kstew ‘dyke watch’ blogs? I will have to get the link later! Also, those pictures of Lance kinda scare me.

  2. Don’t heterosexuals kill you with their delusional sense moral superiority? All anyone had to ask Behar is how much does Tiger Woods value his marriage?

    I used to admire Joy Behar b/c I thought her self annoited “progressive” sensibilities were in line w/ my own. I mean I am being as serious as a tumor. Where do these child killing, wife abusing, philandering turds get the notion that merely because one allows another’s ding-a-ling access into athe vag-jay-jay that makes them morally superior and the only ones worthy of legal marriage?

    Scott and Drew nPeterson (No Relation) MURDERED their respectives wives to cover affairs or get out of a marriage. Drew did it multiple times. Oh yeah there’s a heterosexual role model you.

    John Edwards has a baby out of wedlock and denied it for over a year, and this is what represents a superior heterosexual marriage?

    Not too mention Bill Clinton, Denzel Washington and other high profile luminaries too numerous to mention or the thousands of non-celebrity heterosexuals cheating on their spouses

    I am tired of the LGBT community always reacting when we are affronted. We need to indict heterosexuals on thier patholgically skewed perspective on marriage as often and as virulently as they attack us.

  3. They sound like pompous asshats. But that’s what happens to anyone when you start talking about people as “them” “they” “gays” & “straights” or anyone else in a huge, gaping generalization.

    I loathe the right side of that damn table.

  4. I heard the Rosie/Howard interaction live that day and I have to say, it made for great radio! I hope they do it again soon.

  5. Seriously Joy? Even reading about the horrible show that is ‘The View’ makes me want to vomit.

  6. rosie is just so great, every time.
    joy behar has a lot to learn.
    the mo’nique quote made me happy. she seems like a very genuine person.
    and the babysitter’s club covers are just not as attractive as the old ones. half the fun was laughing at their outfits!

  7. I know plenty of straight couples who have cheated on each other and stayed together. Straight couples are just not as honest about how much men and women cheat!

  8. I am so pissed about Sal being gone. I’m actually having to talk myself down by reminding myself that it’s just a tv show.

    Still, F$&@ THAT SO MUCH!

    I loved Sal and his storyline. When he finally got some action last fall I cheered.

    Maybe I’m expecting too much of this show, expecting it to actually reflect reality and the interesting parts of the 1960s.

    It would be so cool if someone could just make a tv show about gays and lesbians and trans people in the 1960s. I find stories from this era really fascinating. But the only in-depth positive treatment I’ve seen about it is in Aerlyn Weissman’s movie Forbidden Love: Stories of Lesbian Lives, which I totally recommend because it’s all these old ladies talking about their badass youths hanging out in dodgy bars, wearing pants, and getting arrested for violating morality codes and stuff.

  9. Mo’Nique. That’s beautiful. It’s hard to find support in the black community, and she’s influential. Also, although I wasn’t as riled up about Precious as most people I think she played the HELL out of her role and deserves recognition.

  10. Rosie makes me cringe. Stern was just awful to her for YEARS, yet Ro so clearly craves his approval. UGH.

      • Truth always hurts. Maybe Howard will let you suck his cock after Ro is done. Sloppy seconds for you princess.

        Oh, the humanity. I guess that was “negativity” too!??. Princess E, may never recover.

        Oh, dear god, won’t someone think of the children.

  11. The Rosie & Howard show was very entertaining (which is strange for me, given I’m not a fan of either). But to my horror, Rosie later gave her sex toy (the buck-a-roo thing) to a listener! Albeit “unused” by the great Rosie herself, but second-hand sex toys… that’s very, very wrong!

  12. I have always loved Rosie. Loved her show. I also am a HUGE Howard fan. I think they are amazing together. Hearing Rosie talk about the celeb factor and the issues of raising money for Haiti was great. I had always felt that way about celebs. Just because Justin Timberlake or another celeb face is telling me to send money doesn’t mean I am going to do it. It makes me sick. There are some shows I live to watch, (like MadMen) but those people are fictional! The Brad and Angie thing is great news, because it goes to show that celebs should NOT be looked at as role models. Adopting is a great thing. My opinion is that in their case it was abused. I have no doubt that they love their childred, but what happens to all 6 of them now? Already being pulled from movie set to movie set, country to country… now home to home? Poor kids.

  13. Lance with a beard and dark hair is weird enough.. plus the glam. What! I will always see him as the bleached blonde boy band.. man. I can’t stop scrolling up to see them, hahah.

    A friend sent me a link to the the Sal Romano article yesterday before I saw it here. I am definitely upset about this as well.

  14. Tilda Swinton is amazing. Although I had to question my love for her when she signed that Free Polanski petition thing.

  15. So nice to see some queer female Stern fans. I thought most women were repulsed by him. Personally, nothing in the media (no show, comedian, writer, movie) makes me laugh more than the Howard Stern Show. If you’ve listened to Howard Stern for a long time you can see a clear change in him over the last 10 or so years. And the same could be said for Rosie. It’s nice that through that through their personal changes they were able to find common ground. I’m a fan of both and always hated listening to Stern rail on Rosie. He took issue with her when she trash talked him on a talk show. That’s when the abuse started. But he’s mellowed out in his older age and he gained respect for her when she came out and was able to walk away from her talk show. And Rosie was one of those people who judged Howard before she’d ever even heard his show. They met in person and clicked. And now we reap the benefits with a few extremely entertaining encounters on the air. She’s been on his show twice now. Also amazing interviews.

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