Crystal’s Team Pick: Kelis’ New Single “Acapella”

When Kelis first brought all the boys to the yard with “Milkshake” in 2003, I happened to be a junior writer at a music magazine in Sydney. While I don’t recall the exact words I used in the single review, the gist was that “Milkshake” wasn’t destined to be a chart-topper.

Of course, “Milkshake” peaked at #2 on the charts and became one of the highest selling singles of the year, in multiple markets. Its commercial success and my consequent demotion taught me a valuable lesson: when it comes to music, Kelis knows her shit.

Now, seven years later, I can more easily recognise when a killer track is pumping through my headphones. Kelis’ latest single, the David Guetta-produced retro-disco “Acapella”, is one of them.

If a remake of Studio 54 was in the works right now then this track would be a shoo-in for the soundtrack. Gone are the more obvious hip hop beats we’ve become accustomed to and in their place is a breezy 80s disco sound with a great hook that should see this single chart well and cross over into the dance market. For the sake of managing your expectations, I should probably note that “Acapella” is not actually sung acapella. I think it’s a metaphor for heartbreak or feelings or something.

But check it out for yourself – “Acapella” can be heard here and purchased here. The track comes from her 2010 yet-to-be-named studio album, which is tipped to feature collaborations with La Roux,, Free School, David Guetta and more.

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