Real L Word 308 Recap: Premonitions Sure Are Dreamy And Disturbing

Back in New York City, Kiyomi’s taken Lauren out on what they both determine is their first date, although Lauren smartly points out, “we’ve eaten meals together before.” That’s not all they’ve eaten together HEY-O!

no you’re the prettiest princess!

What will they eat? When will they kiss? I’m on the edge of my stack of boxes! (We’re in the middle of moving right now)

kiyomi and lauren sitting in a booth, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-fluth

Kiyomi interviews that they’re still getting to know each other but there’s “something different” in Lauren that could make her change her ways. Kiyomi tells Lauren about the convo with Somer which segues neatly into a conversation about how busy Kiyomi’s gonna be with LA Fashion Week I MEAN on tour. They tour a lot. Tour Tour Tour.


Laneia: Tour?
Riese: tour
tour tour tour tour

Kiyomi and Lauren talk with their faces close together about how far they’ve come since Dinah Shore when they were drunk and young and unattached! Now they’re these mature creatures eating with real silverware and talking about TOUR!


We then travel cross-country to somewhere over the rainbow, where a kitten is listening to Cori flush the toilet as Cori interviews that she takes pregnancy tests every morning, just for funsies and to practice her ability to control the direction of her urine stream.

But today’s test isn’t like all the other days’ tests:

It’s positive!

maybe the cutest screenshot ever

The happy couple does an impromptu interview outside in Adorableland, ’cause they are so giddy and cheerful all over!

Laneia: Babies! They are so cute
Riese: i need a doctor confirmation on this
aw look at kacy’s baby dinosaur hair
Laneia: PLEASE I just want this show
Koraci show
It’s too fucking cute


I’m too nervous, I can’t be excited ’til a gyno confirms it and/or Cori posts a pregnancy photo on instagram, I don’t wanna get my hopes up. Seriously.


Back to the Enchanting Tale of Whitney and Sarahara’s relationship, happening right this minute in Whitney and Sarahara’s bed, of all places.

wake up, we’ve only got 20 more minutes ’til mcdonalds stops serving breakfast

What happened last night? Whitney interviews:

Whitney: “Amanda inserting herself was kind of the tipping point but it wasn’t the real root cause, I think right now we’re going through a lot of anxiety and stress and all of the planning it’s just a lot.”

They shift this thrilling conversation from bed to couch, cry a little, and talk about how they need to be a team and how the cameraman just fell asleep and died from boredom.

these are two people who need coffee

Sara: “I just want it to be good I want us to be happy I want it to be a fairy tale, you know? I do.”
Whitney: “I know, so do I. But we’re both fucking not perfect at all but nobody is and lets deal with our fucking issues together.”

Mature responsible loving adults have a problem and reconcile it rationally. hm. NEXT!

Oh reader! Our next journey will be perilous, for it will be a journey into The Long Night, when the sun hides for years and children are born and live and die all in darkness. It is the time for fear, my little Lord. Fear the giants and ghouls and the white walkers. Fear it all, little Lords, because today we are visiting the set of Dusty and Romi’s first music video.

this is the opposite of the album cover for “The Freewhelin’ Bob Dylan”

The concept of the video is “Dusty and Romi look in the mirror, like what they see.”

best enjoyed with a serious pair of noise-canceling headphones

There’s so many reasons to be excited about this!

is that what they call it these days

Romi: “It’s probably the happiest I’ve been in a really long time with anything that I’ve done.”

They’re so happy, they can’t stop hugging!

jolene, jolene, jolene joleneeeeeee

So Romi’s having a great time in her makeup and hair and outfit singing on the stage with Dusty Ray the Amazing Songwriter! Then Rose shows up, and then Kelsey shows up to “support Romi and be there for her.”

arial view of the emotional crime before it happened

Unfortunately Romi is unable to resist the Power of the Douche and even during giant chunks of downtime, she stays glued to Dusty while ignoring her girlfriend.

you’re just too gross to be true, i can’t keep my hands off of you

Kelsey: “Here I am to see Romi, I go out there and I’m like HEY… it was almost like I’m walking in on a conversation that I wasn’t supposed to or just that I wasn’t welcome to that conversation and I was like, whoa, this is weird, like I’m not gonna come up to my girlfriend and feel like I can’t talk to my girlfriend, like I’m in a weird situation.”

somebody’s having a party in their pants

In fact, Dusty seems literally unable to grasp a life-form besides his own and Romi’s even exists, let alone acknowledge it, so Kelsey’s like, this shit is bananas.

taking back what i said about him being a cuter version of jay

Kelsey interviews that Romi should consider laying off the flirting in her presence and “have some fucking respect,” and Romi interviews that she’s got no room in her heart for anybody else’s feelings besides her own:

Romi: “[Kelsey’s] not happy with the energy that’s going on with me and Dusty, she’s pissed off and I don’t have time for it. I don’t have time for it right now. I have things that I have to do, I have — I can’t do this right now.”

kelsey drowns her sorrows in the Springs of Poland

Kelsey standing around looking unimpressed is more than Romi Flinger, World Famous Pop Star Celesbian, can handle.

Romi: “If you’re gonna do this to me, I’m gonna ask you to leave.”
Kelsey: “Okay, I’m going.” [starts walking away]
Romi: “No, I don’t want you to, Kels.”
Kelsey: “No, I want to.”
Romi: “No, I don’t want you to! Can you stop? Come here!”

ding ding ding

The best part is how Kelsey storms out just as Dusty’s darting in, and he sort of mock-winces and dramatically hops out of her path-way (unnecessarily, really) like “oops, there goes the collateral damage!” and it’s really gross.

in and out

Romi sighs dramatically and goes outside to make Kelsey feel worse:

Kelsey: “I see the way you guys interact, I don’t like it, and I don’t want to be around it.”
Romi: “Don’t go there! Talk to me. You have to talk to me instead of making little comments like you do and it isn’t fun when I’m trying to like have fun and make a video —”
Kelsey: “Okay well, make your video, but I don’t want to sit around on set. I don’t like the way you guys interact with each other.”

and honestly i have a hard time taking you seriously with that situation on your head

Romi interviews regarding how frustrating it is to be the center of the universe with all these deviant planets out there:

Romi: “This is my day. And I know Kelsey is like Romi Romi Romi I need I need I need she’s selfish bla bla bla but yeah today is my day, I am shooting a video that’s about me. So just step back and let me have it today. Step out of yourself, step out of your issues, step out of your insecurity, and just see that the girl that you say you love is doing something that she’s dreamed of doing her entire life.”

and don’t even try to ask me for tips on how to do that because i have no idea

Romi wants to know why Kelsey didn’t ask her about the shoot or express excitement about what’s happening on set, and Kelsey points out that she did, actually, ask her about the shoot and did act excited but Romi didn’t answer or notice because her head was up Dusty Ray’s ass. So Kelsey busts the hell out of that popstand.

But of course this fight wouldn’t be complete without Dusty Ray’s compassionate hug:

Laneia: She is so obnoxious
Riese: ugh, i don’t like her
Laneia: She’s a cunt
Oh and a blowpop?

On the upside, a TRLW cast member who shall remain nameless sent me a DM on twitter containing a link to a photograph of a dude with a crazy hairdo from a movie with the instructions: “this is a gift for you…you will know what to do when the time comes.”

Indeed, after watching this scene, I knew what to do with that mystery photograph:



We then catapult and cartwheel cross-country to the scenic Williamsburg Bridge, where Kiyomi has taken her houseguest to push her into the river JUST KIDDING to ask her to GO STEADY.


Kiyomi: “I wanted to ask you if you think it’s like an okay idea if you want to like, just be with each other?”
Lauren: “Yeah.” [SMILES]

Kiyomi interviews that there are a lot of obstacles but she’s not gonna put boundaries around her feelings. They even do a cute interview together!


They’re really cute and happy! It’s cute.


Back to sad evil Los Angeles, where Romi’s at home thinking about how many puppies she’s gonna kill tomorrow when Kelsey arrives back at the ranch, wondering why Romi hasn’t responded to her texts. Romi interviews that she’s still mad at Kelsey because Kelsey fucked with her “energy” and “turned the day into something that it didn’t need to be.” That’s right, Romi’s mad at Kelsey.

Romi says Kelsey’s texts expressed the following ideas: Kelsey is moving out, Romi is choosing money over her relationship.  Romi would like to know “what money?” and also would like to start saying all of her words so loudly that they probably woke Kiyomi and Lauren up three weeks later and three billion miles away.

ooh la la la , oooh la la la

Romi pumps up the volume on her voice to scream “ARE YOU READING YOUR BBMS?” and then shit hits the fan and Romi dresses herself in it and continues screaming.

more importantly, are you having your regular BMs??!

Kelsey: “OH MY GOD!”
Kelsey: “Do you not see it at all, the way you act with him?”
Romi: “I do!”
Kelsey: “And you’re okay with that?”

i mean, the guy takes his shirt off like he’s Aiden or Jacob and homeboy is not a wearwolf or a vampire. You’re okay with that?

Laneia: Are you even reading your BBMs??!
Riese: that was amazing
i wrote down for grace to cap the hell out of that
Laneia: Kelsey is vying for the spinoff tonight
Love it
Riese: romi is being a snake
Laneia: “she’s a really good actress, or a total asshole.” -megs

Romi: “This is a friend that I have known for almost six and a half years now —”
Kelsey: “He’s not just a friend, he’s an ex-boyfriend.”
Romi: “He IS my ex-boyfriend.”
Kelsey: “And you keep referring to him as an ex, not as a friend —”
Romi: “Yes. He’s my ex-boyfriend. He’s my ex-boyfriend. He is.”
Kelsey: “And the way that you act with him isn’t okay.”
Romi: “We know each other. He’s not a stranger in my life.”
Kelsey: “Out of ALL the people in LA to make music with you choose your ex-boyfriend?”
Romi: “It happened to end up that way.”

no more wire hangers!

Kelsey interviews:

Kelsey: “Romi choosing to make pop music with her ex boyfriend is so completely fucking insane. And maybe the Kelsey a year ago would’ve been fine with it, would’ve sat back and would’ve just let Romi do whatever she had to do. But I grew up a lot in a year, in two years, and to the point where I have too much respect for myself to sit back and watch someone mistreat me like that.”

(Sidenote: the time frame here is tighter than usual — Romi and Dusty started working together literally like two days after they got back from Dinah. Just keep that in mind.)

the only thing those two should do together is crystal meth

Here’s the moment for Romi to step up and say, “you’re right. I love you, you’ve done nothing but love me, and despite this I’ve fallen for someone else.” If she’s totally unable to be kind, she could at least try the dickish but not 100% evil “the only way your heart will mend is when you learn to love again.”

But no, instead Romi turns it around on Kelsey!

Romi: “Can you not be even happy that this is working for me?”
Kelsey: “I was happy, I was happy you got to make music —”
Romi: “When? When?”
Kelsey: “The first time I met Dusty, I was totally fine with him.”
Romi: “The first night.”
Kelsey: “— and then spent all this time with him, and you’ve been with him, and you’ve been alone with him, and I come into it and I see the way that you are with him —”
Romi: “You haven’t liked that I’ve been working with Dusty once this week, why can’t you just admit it? Are you gonna blame me?”
Kelsey: “I do admit it. I admit it wholeheartedly because I don’t like the way you act with him, maybe if you treated him like a friend and not like —”
Romi: “How do I not treat him like a friend? I treat him the way I treat Drew and Rose and everybody else, I’m affectionate with my friends. It’s because it’s him. We’re close.”
Kelsey: “—and that’s the whole thing that you don’t obviously see.”

just some of the many facial expressions romi employed in this scene

Romi: “You don’t obviously see that I am trying to do something amazing right now that I am so excited about that is absolutely one of the most amazing things I’ve ever gotten to do with somebody I’m so excited to do it with and you don’t see anything from where I’m coming from!”

I think she’s coming from Whatthefuckville but regardless, if Kelsey didn’t see all that, she would’ve been weary of Romi’s time spent with Dusty like a billion lightyears ago. Obviously Kelsey sees all that.

Kelsey: “Yes I do —”
Romi: “No you don’t, you haven’t said congratulations, you have said nothing, all fucking week!”
Kelsey: “And why do you think that is?”
Romi: “Because you don’t like it.”
Kelsey: “I don’t.”
Romi: “Guess what, your girlfriend is really excited about something. I wanna make music with him. I want to.”
Kelsey: “Okay, then make music with him.”

Romi’s constantly attempting to protect herself from guilt by referencing blanket ideas about how people should act — girlfriends should be excited for their girlfriend’s dreams coming true, even if that means working with an ex. Girlfriends should trust their girlfriends to keep work and pleasure separate. But the fact is that Romi does like Dusty, there is sexual energy there, and they are together now — nothing exists in a vacuum, this is the context, and Kelsey wouldn’t feel so put off by the situation if that context wasn’t exactly what it is.

this is the “what have you become” look

Romi: “What is it that you want me to say? I don’t get it.”
Kelsey: “You know what? If I was making music with my ex-lover or my ex-girlfriend, and I was flirting with them and I had this “ENERGY” with them and it was SO GREAT and WE NEED TO BE ON STAGE, you would have a problem with it.”
Romi: “So what?”
Kelsey: “Would you be okay with me doing that?”
Romi: “No.”
Kelsey: “There’s your answer. Did you ever think maybe you fell back in love with him? Did you ever think about that? When you open that door, that’s what happens.  [Kelsey starts crying] And when you’re in a relationship you don’t do things like that. You just don’t. I would never do that to you.”

Kelsey interviews:

Kelsey: “I’ve always been a sucker for Romi because I’ve been in love with Romi. And you do crazy fucking shit when you are in love. Love gets you somewhere where you’re hurt and you’re abandoned and you think someone’s your best friend but really you were just a fucking filler.”


Kelsey says she’s gonna move out and take her stuff and find a new place to live, at which point my girlfriend asked “how is she gonna move when she hates the wind?”

Kelsey: “You’re gonna lose me, how does that make you feel? Honestly have you even thought about it?”
Romi: “I can’t comprehend it yet.”

Romi suggests they take a few days to think it over, and laments, “Why do you have to be so dramatic? I’m tired.”

from all that yelling and being dramatic i just engaged in

Kelsey: “We’re not together anymore. This is it. I want you to know that.”
Romi: “Okay.”

Kelsey gets the fuck out of there and Romi picks up her phone. Romi interviews:

Romi: “You know, I’m gonna start working with Dusty, I’m gonna start traveling with Dusty and spending every day in a studio with Dusty, it’s about to happen. Dusty and I have something really strong happening that I can’t control anymore. And I don’t want to. “

reserving the dustyandromi dot tumblr dot com URL

The actual feeling of having a perfect loving girlfriend or boyfriend while falling for somebody else is actually terrible, and heartbreaking and sad. Because you’re hurting somebody you love, somebody who loves you. We’re all fickle humans and sometimes people fall for the wrong people at the wrong time and can’t stop it, sometimes that happens and it feels inescapable. And then if your perfect partner asks you about it, you have to tell them the truth, because if you really love them, and really want them to be happy, you’ll want them to cut their losses as quickly as possible, even if that means they’re gonna hate you for a while or maybe forever. It doesn’t feel like this at all, it feels like this. But not only did Romi fail to come clean or care, she actually tried to turn it around on Kelsey!

Life is not people following their hearts off a cliff, life is people building things and climbing mountains together! You know what this is, Romi?

Next week on The Real L Word‘s Season Finale, Romi pulls a Meredith Grey as Sara and Whitney get married!

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  1. cori is always wearing a sweatshirt that’s too big for her and i always love it.

    you guys sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night in a panic thinking I SHOULDN’T HAVE CALLED ROMI A CUNT I DON’T EVEN KNOW ROMI THAT WAS A RUDE THING TO SAY and then i remember that i’m not actually saying that romi herself is a cunt, i’m saying that the character she plays in trlw is a cunt and then i don’t feel so bad about it. but like, if romi is anything like her character in real life, that’s her fault, not mine.

  2. Wow. I didn’t watch the episode, but I did read the recap, and the stuff you wrote about Romi and Kelsey was fucking /real/. I have so been in Kelsey’s shoes before, and ugh. Kelsey handled it way better than I did. Also, I like this a lot: “Life is not people following their hearts off a cliff, life is people building things and climbing mountains together!” Even the one in Kelsey’s shoes can take a life lesson from that – don’t follow your heart off a cliff when it breaks. Accept both your feelings and the reality of the situation and then take responsibility for building yourself back up.

  3. 1) I was actually proud of Kelsey for once.
    2) Romi is making bisexuals look bat-shit insane, which is not cool.
    3) “wake up, we’ve only got 20 more minutes ’til mcdonalds stops serving breakfast” caption is SO legit.
    4) Your blackberry is clashing with your winter hat, girrrl.

  4. I’ve been rooting for Whitney and Sara because they are my favorite couple on the show. They are maturing in front of our eyes. I was very happy that Kelsey finally told Romi that they were over. Kelsey finally had the balls to say enough to the dysfunctional relationship with Romi.

    I was a little sad that Somer got kicked out of Hunter Valentine. Vero gets very little time on the show.

    • Vero gets little time on the show but is fairly prominent in the credits leading me to think Chaiken perhaps belatedly realized what a gem she had and she’ll be featured more prominently next season. That’s what’s on my vision board anyways.

      Did I just wish for another season of this? W.T.F.

    • yeah……. watching that scene (as a person who’s worked a lot with ppl with mental health issues) i felt romi should be diagnosed and stabilized, not making a music video. not being mean, just straight-up. she was just being so blind and emotionally violent and really truly abusive. kelsey really needed a sane person to accompany her into that apartment and help her pack her stuff and be back-up.

      but it was beautiful to watch her draw that line on her own. just, support would have been legitimate. completely legitimate.

      but….it’s a fine line between legitimate asshole and clinically narcissistic!! and that line is SO GREAT for reality tv.

      • Well, therapy doesn’t do much good for people in that Cluster B region. It’s hopeless. They’ll end up manipulating the therapist, unless it’s a genius therapist who can see through it.

        The person experiencing the most hell in all this is Romi herself. And that is sad. very sad.

  5. I have such A.D.D. today…I had to re-watch Call Your Girlfriend 3 times and practice the moves in my living room (not as good as Alex), I googled “Wheelers” and then had to see if that was Fairuza in Return to OZ (yes, it was), then I had to fight my urge to look at Dusty & Romi tumblr again, then I had to go to the Pinoe tumblr to see her since that blonde girl resembled her (in her dreams). But why does that dog have pink underpants on again? Oh, great recap as always!

  6. The saddest part is that Romi tries to cover her craziness with the bisexuality stuff.

    I find it a little bit offensive that she says that lesbians don’t accept them…
    I mean like, yeah we embrace “them”, but with crazy people we take a second guess…

  7. You know I used to actually like and even feel sorry for Romi at the beginning of this season. You know what, I don’t feel that way anymore. Her actions in the past few episodes have been ridiculous and I really would wish that they would stop giving her so much air time.
    Also we should make an amendment to that drinking game where you take a drink every time someone does that hug.
    Also yay Kelsey for growing up and getting away from Romi, hopefully FOREVER.
    Kiyomi is that person that I didn’t really like in the beginning but now I totally adore her. Just saying.

  8. wow, for the first time i actually have some respect for kelsey. she totally seemed like the rational and mature one in this situation. romi was being a huge self-centered asshole and couldn’t even admit that her behavior with dusty was inappropriate and hurtful. i’m glad kelsey’s grown up and refuses to tolerate anyone’s b.s., particularly romi’s.

    i’m on the fence about whether whitney and sadada’s relationship will last. on the one hand, they both seem commitment phobic, overdramatic, and immature, and on the other hand they are so similar they probably understand each other’s cheating natures and wandering eyes better then anyone else. and even though i usually think sadada is a big eyebrowed bitch, who is way too full of herself for what she actually has going on, she was actually pretty funny when she checked amanda’s clueless ass for trying to insert herself in the wedding of two people she barely knows.

    i love kacy and cori. the end. they wanted that child so much, that i know they will be great parents to any future children that come into their lives. i really can’t stand anyone from hunter valentine, but i thought kiyomi and lauren u-hauling it into a realtionship already was really hilarious. lauren’s kool aide hair color still looks atrocious. i don’t get the attraction to vero, she looks greasy to me.

  9. I lived with (and was friends with for 6 years) someone who I suspect had NPD. He has just moved out.
    It is a hard thing to realise that someone that you thought you knew only sees you as an object, an object that they only maneuver around themselves to reach their end-goal.

  10. So Kelsey was doing that thing where you pretend like you had a “bad dream” about what you subconsciously / consciously already know your partner is doing, and then you casually run it by them to see how they’ll react? Yeah I’ve pulled that one before :)

    Romi was super fun as an AS Calendar Girl and now she just makes me feel icky. Watching her try to manipulate Kelsey into ending the relationship herself so Romi didn’t have to admit anything/do anything and could walk away playing the blameless, wounded party was just so gross.

    • Now that’s funny. I had totally blocked that memory out but I’ve done that too. And my ex WAS cheating. So I think we can conclude that if you have to pull the dream card, that shiz is happening.

  11. Since the start of this season I’ve been entertaining the idea that the producers edit Romi to be a raging awful person just because of what she does to her hair. I mean, she changes her hair every other day, so every fucking interview features her with a different hairstyle from the segment she is interviewing about, or any other segment ever for that matter. She makes any semblance of continuity TOTALLY futile and I think that maybe the producers hate her for that.

    Or maybe that’s just me, projecting. This show takes up too much space in my head.

  12. Like I said in the last episode recap Romi has a personality disorder (Im gonna go with NPD) and needs help now. Shes so full of herself.

    Especially that part when she was like “I can’t write a song to save my life, but guess what I have a really great following and a lot of publicity. So, you give me a song to sing, and I’ll give you people who will listen to it.”

    Wow. She needs to step out of herself.

    Good thing Kelsey isnt playin that shit anymore and has stepped up to the plate. I hope she finds someone that actually loves her.

    That Britney GIF made me LOL.

  13. ok, so sara and whitney are big animal advocates, right? why don’t they get their pets spayed?? Raja there is wearing what looks like pink doggie “period pants.” And one of Whitney’s dogs almost died from a uterine infection a while ago. What the hell? Get your dogs fixed ladies!!

      • a friend of mine had denim jean ones for her pit pull. she’d tell her dog it was “time to put her jeans on” when the dog would go into heat. meanwhile all i could think of was “Get your freakin’ pit bull fixed! what is wrong with you??” There was blood everywhere anyway, cuz, you know, dogs with highly developed chewing tendencies and the jaws to back it up with are famously excellent at wearing pants. It was gross.

        she too was inexplicably clueless. not a stupid woman, mind you, but hella irresponsible, as they say.

  14. Kelsey is such an unbelievable babe its not even fair.

    Well done to her for getting rid of romi. I’ve been in that situation, thinking this person is your best friend and in reality, when it comes down to it, you really don’t matter to them at all.

  15. Would love to get Ali’s reaction on Kiyomi committing so quickly to Lauren. Stings a lot when a person didn’t want to commit to you but quickly commits to someone else.

    I am glad at the end because Ali was really annoying.

  16. Hahahaa your recaps are the best!! so spot on the whole romi situation… she’s getting more ridiculous every day.. I can’t stand her face on my screen anymore.. and next episode she’ll go even more cray cray…. seriously what’s wrong with that chick??
    in any case thanks for the recap!!

  17. Not sure if you want to engage with this:
    since Autostraddle supported Romi the first few seasons, along with her wild decisions. Now that we are all poking fun of her terrible choices (the same way we poke fun here of everyone! because it’s a recap!) and how she treats people that love her, she is talking shit. So funny. The girl can never just own up to her choices. Shit talker with terrible sentence structure and grammar? I also stood up for this girl in an essay that has taken a few years to get published, and wish I could take some of that back.

    • nononononoonno that shit’s not real!!

      Riese has explained many times that they feature the show for traffic which = money.
      “I guess they must be infatuated with us”?

      ok before i thought Romi was a joke but she was in LA and I was over here but now she dun gon and insulted the autostraddle team! this shit’s personal now.

      • weird how she’s singled out autostraddle, cuz everyone who recaps this show does so with a healthy dose of snark. guess she’s just deep into victim mode and is looking for ways to feel betrayed.

        also, autostraddle was snark festing this show from day one, it’s not like it’s suddenly a new thing because Romi says she’s bisexual, or “different” as she says.

        she’s really, really, deeply screwed up and milking her self-induced drama.

    • What a sad, sad girl. It’s too bad all the writers here are busy trying to be just like Romi instead of providing us with an endless stream of creative, educational, and hilarious articles/recaps/galleries for our own enjoyment. Way to be infatuated, Team!

      Also, am I the only one who thinks she’s going to be disappointed when no one here will engage her pointless diatribe?

      • I just went and looked at her site. So far no comments to her vent about Autostraddle. I wonder if she is deleting comments? I would think considering it was posted yesterday there would be some comments even defending her but nothing.

          • she is so cunning. she’s trying to drive traffic to her site by throwing stones at Autostraddle. i love that the silence over there is deafening.

            And, um talking shit for a living?? Irony? She is literally a pile of shit, talking to itself.

          • lol, surprise, surprise, the only comment Romi put up on her blog is one that sticks up for her crazy ass, telling autostraddle peeps to get a job. um, romi should get a fucking job. hello? can’t sing, can’t make jewelry, peddles t-shirts with her friend’s ass on them, is a fraudulent “celesbian” MILKING THE LESBIAN SCENE THAT PUT HER ON THE Z LIST IN THE FIRST PLACE while simultaneously bitching about lesbians. that’s a real career compared to starting and running a professional, successful website…so successful it’s bust the seams right off its old servers and all that technical shit and needs to grow?? bitch, please.

          • *putting the stealth suit on*
            I am going to try to comment right now!
            I’ll get back to you asap! I guess she is so busy with her life that it might take a while before she replies. Hahahahhaahha! Just kidding! We’ll know in few minutes!

    • my personal favourite part is the ending, it’s like she looked at it and thought ‘what thought provoking and poignant message can I end on to show these fuckers im not self obsessed…here’s some photos of me in a bikini!’

    • you know what i think about romi? if you can’t handle the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen. if she can’t tolerate criticism for her atrocious, self-centered, and delusional (ex: believing that she should be a singer with ZERO talent for actual singing, because she has a “fan base” and “publicity”) actions and (and let’s be real) ridiculous amount of clown make up and blush, get off t.v. no one held a gun to her head and told her to make a mockery of herself and show off her duplicitous and hurtful behavior on camera. the way she treated kelsey was completely out of line, and she STILL can’t see through her egotistical haze long enough be apologetic or remorseful for her behavior. that’s why people are “talking shit”. get the fuck over yourself romi.

    • This is what I posted, let’s see if it passes Miss Tender Romi’s review:
      I honestly love Autostraddle. They are the single most entertaining group of women on the internet. If you can’t handle their critique of the batshit–I mean bisexual–character you play on TRLW, then maybe you should stop cheating, lying and acting full on psycho when cameras are rolling. Just a thought…

  18. I cannot deal with how obnoxious Romi’s character has become. I didn’t think she was this bad at all in season 1 or 2 but right now she is simply unbearable. What I dislike the most are her interview bits because she says the craziest obnoxious shit in full sentences and you can’t even blame it on editing manipulation, it’s clearly what she thinks. She seems so manipulative and insincere all the time, like she holds no real feelings so she can switch people and relationships on and off with outstanding ease. She tried to guilt trip Kelsey so bad in that last scene and when she saw it didn’t work, when Kelsey told her she was leaving for good this time, you could see Romi had stopped giving a fuck already.

    It seriously fascinates me.

  19. So if Romi pulls Meredith Grey does it mean she gets married too? Hopefully it will be reason enough (apart from 3456 other reasons) to not invite her to season 4.
    PS. I really love Your recaps Riese, almost as much as I loved scribegrrrl recapping The L Word on afterellen.

  20. I’ve never, ever liked Romi’s character. There was something about her that seemed “off” to me. From Season 1 to now, I feel like we’ve watched Romi become obsessed with the “15 minutes” that reality television often brings.

    Romi’s ego has expanded more than her career has. I live in LA, and there are too many people like Romi out there. People in their twenties, wearing ridiculous outfits and carrying themselves as someone who’s “famous”–when in reality they drive a Kia and live in a shitty apartment complex in Long Beach.

    Over the course of this season we’ve watched her cheat on Jay (which is still totally NOT acceptable), then emotionally “cheat” on Kelsey. Kelsey was smart enough to know something was wrong, even if Romi hadn’t technically done anything yet (e.g. sex hugs).

    ALSO, can we please address that Romi was introduced into TRLW show through strap-on sex with Whitney? She’s a leech. Her storyline is going nowhere, and no one really enjoys watching her fuck with all of her romantic partners. It’s all drama and it’s annoying as fuck to watch. Anytime Romi’s scenes come on I just groan and browse the web ad wait for it to end.

    Here’s hoping that she isn’t on Season 4. She takes up too much space in this season.

  21. re: Agent Orange. My Dad got diagnosed with Diabetes about 12 years ago and after some wrangling with the VA, got them to admit it too was caused by his Agent Orange exposure. The upside is they paid for all of his medical expenses after that and my sister’s college tuition and books (alas, I was too old to cash in on that action.)

    More good news–my sister has no known birth defects (she was born well after he went to Vietnam, I was born while he was there.)

    Damn, now you guys will do the math and know that I’m far too old to even be watching this fakakta show.

    Anyways, as anger making as her music is (and the notion that she should have a singing career just because she likes singing-I mean, I would love to sing like Joni Mitchell but I know I sound like Cindy Brady and them’s the breaks), I felt a powerful yet begrudging wave of empathy wash over me at that family dinner sequence.

  22. Kelsey gets some flack on the internets for not always being the most articulate soul but she was kind of totally brilliant in this episode. Very reasonable and quick on her feet and took no crap. It makes me want to time travel with her so she can break up with a few of my exes for me.

    God, the Romi screencaps and transcript make that whole scene somehow even more loathsome.

  23. Iit seems to me that Kelsey didn’t break with Romi at all, Romi made her break up with her to go fuck Dusty. As much as I would love to think Keylsey breaking up with Romi, all I saw was another masterpiece of manipulation from Romi.
    Next episode when Keylsey will call to check if they are really done, Romi will be confessing she just fucked Dusty and you know, you broke up with me Keylsey! What did you want me to do?! You forced me into it!

      • Now, I am excited for next episode! *and I didn’t thunk I would ever say that*
        First shot of Romi will show her having sex with Dusty I am so sure and when Kelsey will confront her Romi will totally play the ‘You broke up with me’ card, that’s on you! Leaving Kelsey feeling guilty for a minute and then at light speed, all of a sudden she will get that Romi broke up with her not the other way around. I hope she will be fine. She is one of the only character that doesn’t look scripted.

        • Maybe this is nitpicking words, but Kelsey broke up with Romi, period. It doesn’t matter if that’s what Romi wanted, if Romi was being manipulative, etc. – Kelsey was the one with the balls and maturity to do it. I think she should be able to claim as much. Romi didn’t break up with Kelsey, she cheated/acted like a child/etc. Two different things, I’d say.

          • Well, I think Romi is tired to be the bad guy, she believes there is a lesbian conspiration against her and that she is bring hated for no reason or maybe just because she is so awesome that everyone is jalous or scared she will blind them with her pure gorgeousness and steal their girlfriend, boyfriend, mum, dad, dog, cat, anything cause no one and nothing can resist her magnetism.
            So the last thing she wanted to do was acting like a bad guy but the first thing she wanted to do was fucking Dusty so she just acted like the selfish A-hole she is, sex hugging Dusty, ignoring her girlfriend, spending all her time with Dusty to the point Keylsey HAD to leave!
            It didn’t take guts to do it, it took some self-respect.

  24. Last time I checked, trying to make it into the pop scene wasn’t the best, fastest way to help your family. Romi’s little brother and all her family scene was adorable but come on. Romi you almost fooled there but that’s just a way to maniuplate the audience into liking her. Be a loving daughter and sister is the NORMAL thing to do so yeah, you don’t get a cookie for that.

    Also, happy for Kelsey breaking up with her but then again, I agree with Jennifer (4 posts above me) and it looks like an strategy from Romi forcing her to break up so she can go fuck Dusty with no sense of guilt if she ever had any.

    Also also also… dunno if you remember but in season2 when she decided to go sober there’s this scene where she’s having lunch with Kels and her mom and they say something about Romi being bipolar so yeah, she’d probably should be in therapy and not on TRLW at all cause I don’t think this is doing any good for her.

    Is it me or Vero looked sad for the decision of kicking out Somer??

    I’m so happy for Kor-Cacey, wish them all the bes!

    • I don’t think anyone has a real problem with Romi being on the show while being with a man.

      I do have a problem with her (AND YOU) being a bitch though.

      I really disliked when romi said all that stuff about strapons ‘not working’ as if all her female relationships were somehow less valid or fake. That was uncalled for and completely flies in thee face of her bullshit giving out to everyone for saying she wasn’t a lesbian

      • “I don’t think anyone has a real problem with Romi being on the show while being with a man.”

        Personally, I don’t think there should be any hetero crap on a LESBIAN show. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

        “I really disliked when romi said all that stuff about strapons ‘not working’ as if all her female relationships were somehow less valid or fake.”

        Shrug, everyone knows that’s how bisexuals approach relationships with women. Men are for “real” relationships, women are for playtime.

  25. I will say this. Romi needs to get out of the spotlight for her own safety and health. She needs a serious realization that she’s not a diva or a celesbian. Romi is nothing more but a manipulator and a user.

    I don’t know how long she will work with Dusty on her “singing” career. I will guarantee everyone this. I will give her six months for her singing career to be over.

    If her singing career doesn’t work she can always pose nude for Playboy. Just saying.

  26. “More importantly, the camera repeatedly shifts over to this girl, who’s got no lower third and doesn’t speak or get spoken to. Maybe she killed Jenny.”

    Best line of the whole recap.

    Also, good for Kelsey for ending it with Romi the Self-Absorbed “Musician” Nutjob.

    Also -because I can’t stress this enough- even if Romi is actually bisexual (and isn’t in this for the attention) she doesn’t speak for me. (I’m bisexual.) I had to stop watching this show because of Romi’s continuing to give bisexuals a bad reputation. She needs to grow up.

  27. romi is gonna be on dr.drew tonight, telling all the nice straight people in their homes about how lesbians who say they want equality for all are actually just biphobic bigots who hate all the bisexual women in their own community, which i’m really excited about. hope it sells a lot of albums! xoxo

  28. This Romi hoe is just too much for me, actually shes too much for everyone. She needs a reality check.

    Watch her dump Dusty once she gets tired of him or once she moves on to the next big shiny object.

    And wtf is up with her dating all these closeted gay men? (Jay, Dusty etc, they need to snap out of it and come out already)

    Shes such a fkn joke.

    • Romi’s mother ain’t no better. I just feel at this point that Romi and her mother are opportunists. Plain and simple. Don’t mean no harm. I don’t care if Romi’s mother was in a lesbian relationship a long time ago. I honestly feel that the lesbian community has been shitting on by opportunists. It is not right.

      I’m feeling that the real life lesbians who are for equality and so forth are a bit sick and tired of their community being trashed.

  29. I began to feel some compassion for Romi after hearing that she has two developmentally disabled siblings. It made me feel like we the viewers, are sometimes too harsh with our comments and criticism towards Romi.

    However, after watching the entire episode, I could not remain feeling sympathetic for Romi. She is SO self absorbed & doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings but her own. I cannot understand how someone who comes from a family of people who are mentally challenged can be so self centered. You would think someone like that would be more empathetic and caring…BUT NO! Everything’s about what Romi wants, what Romi needs, and how Romi feels.

    • The first thing I thought watching that diner scene was ‘nice try IFC! Using the mentally challenged siblin card to make us like a horrible character’, like they did with Jane Lynch in Glee (in the only half season I ever stand to watch), but that’s Jane Lynch, we want to love her anyway! Not Romi, nothing can save her at that point so leave her poor brothers alone.

    • This whole scene actually makes her look even worse. If she was the only child from a rich family, spoiled and unaware of what’s the real world is all about, I would forgive her and even enjoy watching her acting like a spoiled brat. When you know Romi is the only child out of 3 that could have done something with her life that would have been meaningful and when you see what she has actually done with it.. It’s shocking.
      Superficial shit like going out as celesbian, going on teenager fights, treating nice girlfriends like crap, doing crap pop song, or dating obnoxious assholes shouldn’t be the center of the life of a person growing up in such a challenged family. It’s a damn shame.

  30. Romi is a f*cking bitch. and her boyfriend is a douchebag i still have to say that kelsey is too amateur for lose (even this trash named romi) for this guy. people have to be very stupid to have any trace of interest in romi.

  31. 1. kelsey is pretty much the only character we enjoy on this show. kacy and cori are nice and all, but boring boring sperm babies pregnancy being like straight people yawn. ok, we enjoy kelsey because we both find her awe-inspiringly hot. we also find her vulnerability charming, and were psyched when she finally stood up to fake-bisexual romi (who is ALL about the penis and merely uses women for attention when she can’t find a slab of man) we liked somer until her wife began pressuring her down the road towards boredom. please, somer, don’t give in. we would love to have a threesome with kelsey…which brings me to number two:
    2. this show reminds me of why so many lesbians hate bisexual women. but one of us (taryn) has a best friend who’s a bi girl, and she had a great point to make on the difference between bi women who are really bi, and whom lesbians should not be biased against, and bi women (like romi) who are more “give-me-attention-sexual” rather than bisexual. bisexual women are desiring subjects, who desire both men and women, and do not hold male attention/relationships/sex as better than a relationship with a female. These bi women are great. “give me attention-sexuals” are the kind of girls who make out with women for male attention, date women when they can’t find an adequate dude who will “commit” to them, lack desire for the female body while will do anything to get a c*ck in their mouth, and speak disparagingly (as romi did) about how strap-ons can’t measure up to the “real thing”. they’re not bi, they’re just opportunists, attention-seekers, and desperately obsessed with men. the dykes and real bi girls they prey upon usually have no idea what’s going on, since so many of them lie (as romi has in terms of how long its been since she’d been with a man). interestingly enough, there is no counterpart in the gay male community. i have not heard of many gay men who are used by the male version of romi in order to get attention when they don’t have a girlfriend. Lindsey’s best friend is a bi boy, and he is amazed at the way “bi” girls, like romi, seem to privilege men over women. meanwhile, he encounters (from men and women of all sexualities) the accusation that his bisexuality too is a myth–but that he’s really gay! The whole thing reminds me of a stupid line from Sex in the City (we don’t like that show) that pissed off Taryn’s bi best friend. The line was, “all of the men and women in college i knew who identified as ‘bi’ ended up with men.” Misogyny, anyone? This just contributes (as does Romi) to the notion that, for bisexuals, we girls are just poor excuses for a true Slab of Man (Riese, I love that phrase). in other words, it’s All About The Penis. GAG. (literally). Oh, and unrelated, Kelsey, you are beautiful and we hope you find an amazing girlfriend. Dusty is a repellent douchebag, and Romi is most definitely a borderline personality who will no doubt enjoy her own “dirty knees”. While watching them hug, I could almost read Romi’s thoughts: “man man penis man real penis better than kelsey true man he wants me! erection! penis! will be sex goddess for real man! will yell from fake orgasm! am desired by man! i am therefore validated! man man man schlong johnson yummy!”
    3. Kiyomi is a meanie. Watch out, Lauren. Lindsey calls Kiyomi’s type “the lesbian mean girl” while Taryn calls her an “alpha dyke”.
    4. i’m sure our opinions on this one will not be shared by most autostraddle readers, but then again we mostly hang out with gay guys and, with the exception of the sex scenes involving shane, helena, marina, carmen, alice, lara the soup chef, and dana, found queer as folk (at least the guys–the lesbian characters were utter bores and walking cliches) to be more interesting than the l word. bette and tina bored the living crap out of us. so: here it goes: we are tired of lesbian weddings, lesbian parenting, the assumption of lesbian monogamy to the extent where you don’t even see a THREESOME (where is a portrayal of lesbian non-monogamy where both partners are honest about their desires, and it doesn’t ruin their relationship?)and the constant portrayal on screen of a “lesbian” (romi) who, to me, is not even bisexual? Where is the debauchery? Where is the sexiness (except for Kelsey,whom we’ve never gotten to see get busy with anyone but the obviously orgasm-faking romi, which ruined it for us, and somer, whose pregnancy-obsessed wife made me roll my eyes. whitney and saadaa are such a yawn, we mute the tv when they come on the air. literally, we miss claire. at this point, the only way the show would get worse is if they start talking again about la “fashunn” week–or if we had to sit through jillki talking more about dresses!
    5. kelsey…droool…i just want to see her with a hot girlfriend who has no interest in penises and treats her well.

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