Pretty Little Liars Episode 418: Not Hot, Just Bothered With Teacher


That anonymous sex toy review isn’t going to write itself, Spencer.

Back in the After-School-Special part of this show, Spencer is still looking bananas, staring at her computer.


Sorry, I can’t even focus on the plot because I’m way more interested in how nice Ezra’s old studio is.

Seems she has found where Ezra lived in Ravenswood, in a super nice studio for rent, only “$795/mo w/One full bath.” Check out those hardwood floors. Can’t imagine why he’d want to leave.

Maybe if we all wish hard enough, Jessica Biels will jump out in that see-through white tank top again.

Maybe if we all wish hard enough, Jessica Biel will jump out in that see-through white tank top again.

Over on the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Aria is looking like she’s going to leave Ezra.


Welp, there’s no not-awkward way of going about this, so.

Her bags are packed, she’s ready to go. She’s sick of lying to her friends. He, surprise surprise!, manipulates her into staying.


Oh the sweet, desperate feeling of settling.

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  1. Pretty funny Hansen. However, you seem pretty disinterested and you gloss over scenes quite a lot. The scene with Emily and Shana in Emily’s room deserved more analysis for instance.

    • Okay, go for it. What’d you think of that scene?

      I’m not claiming to be an expert in all things PLL — if you think something is worth talking about, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

      • It just was a scene about Shana getting with Paige and testing Emily. Fairly important information to understanding the show.

  2. nice recap! i think the note about adhd meds was from the call spencer made to the school pretending to be her mom? that happened, right? i didn’t make that up? and i think ezra is gonna get her in trouble about the lie or something…
    it would be weird if she had that extreme of a response to adderall and needed to go to such sketch lengths to get it if she really used it everyday/was prescribed, no?

    • Oh you’re right! I had assumed she was calling a doctor’s office, but this makes perfect sense!

  3. Great recap.

    I have to say, I like the guidance counselor guy, but I think he’s up to something. Not unlike everyone else. Maybe’s he actually Jason and he’s just had extensive plastic surgery after falling down that elevator shaft and escaping his hospital room?

    I’m enjoying this half of the season much more than the first, despite the ridiculous lack of Paige McCullers.

  4. When is Lizz coming back!? Not that I don’t love your recaps, Hansen (I’m laughing over “spencer in grad school” right now) but I keep wondering about Lizz’s take on all of this.

    Damn. Who knew I could get this invested in recaps of a show I don’t even watch? ;)

  5. That was the most dramatic/creepy scene involving chickpeas that i have ever seen…

    also, who would drive an hour away for a can of chickpeas?

  6. So the boxes of evidence in your trunk seems totally normal to me. A couple weeks ago I totally put a cardboard box marked “Evidence” in the back of my boss’s car. But then again, I work at a State’s Attorney’s Office and my boss is a prosecutor so…

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