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Movie Article! It is a truth universally acknowledged that most lesbian movies are not so good. But we thought of Ten Really Good Lesbian Movies. Really Papi, Really!

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+Top Stories

OBAMA FLIP FLOPS ON GAY MARRIAGE: We heart the gay agenda & media, but stories in magazines like TIME, even when penned by gay authors, generally offer a more solid sense of where we truly stand with the “mainstream.” So this week TIME’s John Cloud has a top e-mailed story outlining Obama’s flip-flopping behavior on gay marriage. On Obama’s most recent move to say he opposes DOMA but is forced by law to uphold it, Cloud writes: “Legalistically speaking, the tradition argument is true, but it’s yet another Obama dodge. The Administration could easily decline to defend the anti-gay law on discrimination grounds.”

At this point, we’ve given up on forming an opinion about Obama’s opinion on us, like when you realize a complicated girl you’ve tried desperately to “figure out” is actually just crazy, point blank. It’s confusing for sure, but it’s not like everything is hopeless without Obama’s explicit support and immediate actions. Our work is local, like it used to be before we started thinking that politicians are just as likely to be on our side as against it.

So in lieu of any clues for unlocking the Obama Gay Code, we’re gonna try to push locally towards increased visibility via avenues we do have control over; our families & friends, our workplaces, our voices and our pride. Also, we’ve been told the haters will die soon. (@time)

I LIVE HERE: In Mia Kirshner’s interview at AferEllen.com, Mia Kirshner (Jenny Schecter from The L Word) talks about her friendships with Leisha Hailey, Jennifer Beals and Kate Moennig, how gratitude for having a job outweighed too much bitterness about the series’s morbid turn, and, as we also observed, that “at the end of the day, [Jenny] seemed bipolar … an artist in search of herself. I never wanted Jenny to be a hero. I admired Ilene for making her a complicated, often unlikeable character, but perhaps a truthful character that pushed people’s buttons. But [especially] during Prop 8, what does this say about a show that was supposed to be about friendship? I guess I was just sad that there was no redemption on that end.

We love how matter-of-fact Mia is about her job – she’s always made it clear that acting was just the means to an end, the “end” being her charity and international relief work with groups like Amnesty International: “I think it’s important to look at the world as a body. And if one part of the body is sick, and not treated, than disease will spread to the rest of the body. It’s preventative. That’s what I Live Here is trying to do, in its small, humble way.”

So speaking of! In this video, Mia Kirshner personally invites you to attend the I Live Here benefit on August 22 in Los Angeles. [Sidenote: read the book. It’s gorgeous, for one thing, and will open your eyes right up]:

+Arts & Culture

KATY PERRY KNOWS LADY GAGA IS UP TO SOMETHING: Oh, please. It’s all very calculated,” she told the newspaper. “She knows what she’s doing. She put something in her knickers, a mini strap-on. Bless her if she does have a dick, but I am certain she doesn’t.”

FILM: An interview with Arab Lesbian L Word writer Cherin Dabis about her new film, Amreeka.

LIZ FELDMAN: Liz Feldman has been tapped as a correspondent for the new Jay Leno Show, Every time a young lesbian comedian gets a Paid! Job! we dance joyously on the inside and wait for world domination.(@latimes)

WOMYN H8 THEIR BODIES: A new study reveals what a bajillion other studies already have: young women’s satisfaction with their own body image suffers after viewing ultra-thin TV characters. Yet still none of these studies lead to anyone doing a damn thing about it! (@physorg)

WOMYN H8 HOT SALESGIRLS: A new study shows that women between the ages of 18-26 are less likely to buy from a sales associate who is more attractive than them. Except Shane, she sleeps with all of them. (@stylest)

QUEER ART DOCUMENTARY: A new documentary, Gaze, explores the homosexy work of various contemporary painters and photographers, including Adam Bouska, co-creator of the NOH8 photoseries.


+News & Politics

PROP 8: A trial date has been set for Jan 11, 2010 for the U.S. court to challenge Prop 8. The trial will bring the most exhaustive legal review of a state’s ban on gay marriage in any court in the U.S.

SAVE BRYCE: Remember Bryce Foster, the kid who got shipped off to ex-gay camp by his parents while his boyfriend and peer group launched a full-on internet campaign to get him freed? Well the facebook pages they’ve been making to save him just keep on disappearing.

CONVERTS HAPPEN: Theodore B. Olson’s Road to Championing Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy: “The same antipathy toward government discrimination, he said, inspired him to take up another cause that many on the right applauded — a lengthy campaign to dismantle affirmative action programs.”

WOMYN: The New York Times Magazine for August 23rd approaches the topic “Why Women’s Rights Causes are the Cause of Our Time.” In A New Gender Agenda, Hilary Clinton discusses the Obama administration’s plans for women’s issues and Lisa Belkin discusses women’s philanthropy in “The Power of the Purse.

PERSONAL BEST: Female runner Caster Semenya’s biological sex is being questioned and “tested,” because apparently she does not run like a girl. (@gawker)

FORT WORTH: After beating up a bunch of gay people, the Ft. Worth Police Department is changing its “failed policy” on bar checks.  (@star-telegram)


Auto-Straddler of the Day

In the spirit of our recent Ten Really Good Lesbian Movies, we present Lesbian Film Favorites c/o TheSmokingCocktail.com. The best part is when “Too Darn Hot” starts and bam bam bam makeout! Clips include Aimee & Jaguar, The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, Gia, Bound, Heavenly Creatures, Desert Hearts, High Art, The Children’s Hour, The Color Purple, Personal Best and so ! much! more!


jess-rothschild-iconfrom Intern Jess: An odd photo set of 21 impressive bathrooms. Also, check out this look at what your brain goes through while you sleep.


riese-icon3from Riese: “I hope there’s an option for “2.5 hours upstate in a cabin far from civiliazation with beer and Jungle Jam and hot dogs.” – Lifehacker’s The Definitive Guide to Finding Free Wi-Fi.

carly-icon2from Carly:
From the NSFW files: the annual Summer Sexy online exhibition is underway. It’s a virtual spate of sexy paintings, drawings, photos and whatnot from up and coming artists. You can buy the art online or in person at two NYC galleries (see their blog for more info), with the proceeds going to Third Wave, a “feminist, activist foundation that works nationally to support young women and transgender youth ages 15 to 30. Through strategic grant making, leadership development, and philanthropic advocacy, they support groups and individuals working towards gender, racial, economic, and social justice.” Right on! (via coolhunting)


alex-iconfrom Alex:
A cute list of clever product designs. I want the ice invaders ice cubes!

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  1. 1. “I haven’t done a lot of press for the show because I don’t want it to be misinterpreted that I’m trashing the show.”
    Because it’s hard to say good things about season 6.
    2. AE: You don’t sound like a complainer at all. But I get it. In Hollywood, it’s safer to be nice to everyone.
    MK: I’d rather tell the truth.

    And that is why Mia Kirshner is awesome.

  2. “A new study shows that women between the ages of 18-26 are less likely to buy from a sales associate who is more attractive than them”… the fact that for me is the TOTAL opposite could have been a nice entry for the “when did you know you were a lesbian” thing.


    • i was just thinking the same thing. actually, i’ve bought an embarrassing amount of things that i didn’t even need because the salesgirl was cute.

  3. god i would love to get wasted with the L word cast and hear what they all really think about IFC.

    i made eye contact with mia kirschner one time. i was eating on a patio at the corner of Robson and Hamilton in Vancouver, and she walked right past me with Kate Moennig. they looked like they were going to an event. and THAT’S when i knew i was gay!

  4. Mia came to Seattle 2 BLOCKS FROM MY APT. to do a signing of I Live Here. I had to work that night. I was soooo upset. I never heard that quote before about comparing the world’s probs to the body being sick. It is brillz. Just last night I viewed probably the most disturbing vid I have ever seen. It was a woman in a {middle eastern? still looking into it}country who was killed in the middle of the street by a mob of men because she DANCED WITH A MAN. I don’t recommend you watch it, but if you would like to see what is going on in the world, to women (second class citizens), and you also want to appreciate our country a little bit more, it is on my fb page. What Mia is doing is bringing awareness, and that was exactly my thought when I decided to post it (a friend from Turkey had found it and posted it first). Some friends told me I should take it down and I told them that defeats the whole purpose. We don’t live life in a bubble, so we should not try to. Awareness will bring change, and I love how you tied this into today’s fix with the lost faith in Obama. Just do what you can on a smaller, more attainable scale to help this world and the causes you believe in.
    (I warn you that the vid is bad. If anyone does want to see it, I am a friend of Autostraddle on fb)

    The other thing I wanted to say is that until I was in a relationship with a woman (I had only dated men for most of my life) I was very self conscious, even though that is the thinnest I ever was. I have never felt better about myself than when I got together with my gf. It’s just a different feeling. I would guess that gay women (or maybe a large percent?)are not judging you on your outward appearance and looks as much as a bf might. That is just me. Im not sure if others feel the same or if anyone can also make the comparison. I am still self conscious because of magazines and media, but as far as the person I love, I have never felt more beautiful to anyone.

    • re: body image being different while dating women — that’s actually a topic i want to do a story on — cuz i think that eating disorders (all kinds; anorexia, bulimia, overeating disorder et al) have different manifestations for lesbians and mean different things for lesbians than for straight girls. for some actually it’s worse than with a man b/c they compare themselves to their partner, but that’s a specific kind of mindset. anyhow i could go on forevs and ideally will soon!

  5. Constitutional lawyer Obama could also oppose DOMA on constitutional grounds. Maybe he’s having a hard time finding the full-faith and credit clause?

  6. …yeah Shane and I

    I would say i’m more likely to buy from attractive female cashiers/retailers/bartenders
    I impulsively tip higher too

  7. About Caster Semenya, I’m South African and tonight she was interviewed on T.V and she totes sounds like a man man. I was convinced before tonight that she was simply just masculine looking but now I’m really unsure! Could it be another Stella Walsh scenario? I just don’t understand why this wasn’t dealt with before the champs!

    I think I get why people are so curious (suspicious?) but also if she is intersexed – what does this mean for a rural girl from Limpopo who has probs never even heard the term. Scary stuff…

    • all i can say is that if she turns out to be a woman they are gonna be in trouble for starting all this shit with her! it’s just like that movie Ladybugs.

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