No Filter: We All Need This Picture Of Stephanie Beatriz Today

Welcome back to No Filter. You know the drill; every week, we round up some queer celesbian Instagram and dissect it for our viewing pleasure. It’s been a fucked up couple of weeks, but now more than ever we need vapid fluff to offset a whole lotta darkness. Let’s do this thing.

When you're getting ready to self tape but first you gotta milly rock

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As of this posting this video has 1084 views and I’m at least half of them. It’s fine.

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It was Jenny Owen Youngs’ birthday yesterday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY, and congratulations on your new career as an… ostrich farmer?

o yeah.

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I mean, OK, the media laughed at us for suggesting these two are dating but COME ON. These two are dating.

JIZ LEE RAN A HALF MARATHON and looks real cute. Can you win a marathon? I assume they won.

How bout this time Sara Ramirez shouted out our very own Gabby Rivera?

?? #Repost @eatstklasvegas ・・・ Steak'n out with @iamstephbeatz. ?

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Stephanie Beatriz and a knife, I’ll be in my bunk.

Laura Jane Grace and Kate Bornstein are a shining light in this burning world.

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This is actually a couple of weeks old but maybe you’ll find Ellen Page in a Peaches hoodie as healing as I do.

Always good company. Happy birthday @csiriano and so much love to @janetmock Best eye candy ? ever! ?

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This is a trifecta I can get behind.

Missing my brother @vindiesel ❤️

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I really miss these two together, honestly.

When you tell your friend about hitting on a straight girl at a party. ???

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Gaby Dunn is full of life lessons, this is but one of them.

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Honestly I am finding this video therapeutic today.

Join us next week, when Jenny Owen Youngs will train her army of ostriches to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

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  1. That picture of Stephanie Beatriz isn’t that great. It reminds me of alot of photos on facebook. Maybe if she was holding a chained tiger on a throne, I’d like it. Or if she looked happy. This is probably the first “sexual” picture that I honestly do not find appealing.

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