Supergirl Episode 207 Recap: The F Word

National City Gaylien Bar. The gang’s all here! They’re chatting about Guardian, James and Winn puffing out their chests and trying their hardest to not take credit for the adventures of the helmeted hero. Kara and Alex roll their eyes and scoff at this wannabe and are interrupted by a sharp, “Danvers!” Maggie Sawyer is there, confused as to why Alex is standing around chit-chatting instead of answering her many texts and calls.

But before she confronts her about it, Alex stammers a bit and introduces her to everyone, including Kara, the sister she’s heard so much about.

Maggie smiles when she meets Kara for the first time.

“Hey you remind me of this superhero I know.”

Kara smiles her most charming smile and says, with no bite to her tone at all, “And I’ve heard all about you.”

Kara smiles a knowing smile at Maggie.

This is the best “hurt my sister and die” smile.

There’s no need to make threats when you know your sneeze could knock the girl halfway to Mars.

Maggie pulls Alex aside and now is when she asks what’s up with the radio silence, and if they’re okay after their last interaction. Alex is playing it cool but is a little on the chilly side. Until Maggie tilts her head and smiles and asks if they’re still friends.

Maggie flashes her dimples at Alex.

Gal pals, even.

Alex musters up every bit of energy she can manage and smiles back. She can’t not. “Of course,” she promises. Friends.

Alex forced a smile for Maggie.

How does Chyler get her eyes and face to say different things?

Though I think if she had really meant it, she would have invited Maggie to join them. Instead, Maggie leaves, and Alex goes back to her sister. Kara asks if she’s okay in that totally casual way you do when you need to know but you don’t need anyone else at the table needs to know. But she’s good. Alex quickly changes the subject to Mon-El, who they assume is gallivanting around with some lady-friends, though he’s actually in a Cadmus cell.

J’onn is starting to hallucinate his family, so he’s doing tai chi to center himself. Kara comes and he blessedly confesses what’s wrong instead of hiding it like some kind of Caitlin Snow. She thinks he’s just freaking out because of Megan, and tells him that just because he has found family now doesn’t take away from his lost family. There’s room in your heart for both, her adoptive mama told her so.

Supergirl beams at J'onn.

Love makes a family.

Meanwhile, there’s trouble right here in National City, because someone is finding the Guardian’s take-downs and finishing the job for him, so everyone thinks Guardian is a murderer. Supergirl is on her way to check it out when she gets a transmission from Cadmus. She has to come see Mrs. Cadmus without telling anyone or Mon-El dies.

Supergirl flies into Cadmus HQ and is greeted with someone who looks like J’onn but who Kara knows is not on account of him punching her. She realizes quickly that it’s the real Hank Henshaw, but what she doesn’t surmise until she head-visions his face is that he’s part cyborg. (And calls himself Cyborg Superman.)

Back at the DEO, Winn is freaking out because Maggie was on the news calling for Guardian’s arrest. Winn begs Alex to get her friend to back off, please tell her friend Guardian is not a murder, so if she could get her friend to—

Finally Alex has heard enough of this fucking F word and pins Winn against the wall, threatening to torture him out of his mind of he doesn’t stop yammering and just tell her what he knows.

Alex skillfully and angrily pins Winn to the wall.


Alex is just at the beginning of her threat spree but Winn has heard enough and squeaks out that Guardian is James. Alex is PISSED and reluctantly agrees to both not tell Kara and talk to Maggie, and rewards him for cooperation with a smack to the head.

Alex gives Winn an exhasperated look.

“Don’t get lazy just because we’re starting to like you this season.”

Alex finds Maggie and tells her to back off Guardian but won’t tell her why. A little stung by Alex pulling the old classified line, Maggie uses the dreaded “friend” again and Alex has had enough from her, too. So she says, no. They’re not friends.

Alex looks a little fed up with Maggie.

Okay I’m done with this word let’s call a spade a heartbreak.

Then Alex lets it all out. Every thought that has been consuming her since that kiss. Every feeling that has been ricocheting around in her chest since Maggie pulled away. She realizes now that it wasn’t all in her head. (I think she read your comments on my last recap.) Maggie knew she was hitting on her, Maggie encouraged her to come out, Maggie told her that her feelings were real. It wasn’t out of nowhere that Alex thought Maggie liked her back, and what should be an exciting time in her life, coming out, realizing who she is, instead is rife with pain.

Alex looks at Maggie with pain in her eyes


Then something important happens. Alex says she’s in pain because she was wrong, because Maggie doesn’t like her. And then Maggie says, “That’s not why.” That’s not why! Which means she does like her. But Alex won’t let her finish her thought, she’s probably dizzy with truth telling. Maggie is so sad to have hurt Alex.

Maggie looks at Alex, so so sad

“Ah damn, I broke the baby gay.”

And Alex storms away.

Across town, Kara wakes up in a cell next to Mon-El. Lady Cadmus comes to see her and Kara realizes she’s Lillian Luthor. Then Lillian literally asks her what her intentions are with her daughter. I… don’t even know how to interpret her questions as not assuming Kara and Lena are romantically involved. I’m sorry, I tried.

Lillian is on the warpath; she hates Superman and blames him for what happened to Lex, so therefore she must destroy all alien life. In order to do so, she needs Kara to drain herself, and after she threatens Mon-El, Kara reluctantly agrees.

Kara's face is determined

She’s little, but she’s big.

She heat-visions into a special helmet until she’s weak, and they haul her away to take some of her blood. Kara agrees.

Back at the DEO, J’onn isn’t getting better despite Kara’s pep talk, and after Alex spots something shady in his blood, he confronts Megan about it. Megan confesses to being a White Martian, but says she’s the good one from her story. He’s pissed and wants to fight her, Martian to Martian. He eventually decides to lock her up instead of killing her, which is good because then she gets to tell him: he’s going to turn into a White Martian now that her blood is in him.

Supergirl is thrown back in her Cadmus cage, and she’s in the middle of giving Mon-El a message for Alex and admitting she’s scared…

Kara is in her cell next to Mon-El

“And I miss Lena.”

…when someone comes to save them. And that someone? Daddy Danvers!

Kara wants him to escape with them because Alex will be so happy but he has to stay for now. She tells him she loves him and escapes with an injured Mon-El on her arm.

In an abandoned factory, the Guardian fights the new vigilante and eventually Maggie and Alex bust it up. In a moment that goes by very quickly but is very meaningful, Alex looks to Maggie and says the sirens are getting closer. She has two choices. Maggie can bring Guardian in, or she can trust Alex and just let him go.

Alex and maggie with guns, Alex looking at Maggie

*Aladdin voice* “Do you trust me?”

Even after everything Alex said — or maybe because of it — Maggie says she’ll let him go.

Alex gets word that Kara and Mon-El are back from Cadmus and RUNS back to the DEO. She feels awful for not knowing Kara was kidnapped even though the first thing she did every time the camera cut to her was ask after Kara and every time someone reassured her that she was probably fine. And no one worried about Mon-El at all.

But Kara interrupts her— she’s fine, it’s fine, what’s important is her news: Jeremiah saved her.

Alex and Kara look at each other.

“And was not a bullfrog.”

They run to where Cadmus HQ just was but it has been totally cleared out.

The gang goes back to Kara’s apartment for pizza and potstickers, where Kara finally admits that maybe this mysterious Guardian fella isn’t so bad after all, and Alex says pointedly that maybe he’ll even reveal his identity.

In a moment that’s almost cute, Kara comments that Mon-El was brave, and he says he learned it from watching her. But then he ruins it by asking James and Winn if she has a mate yet.

I do have to admit, as a side note, now that James is full Guardian and loving life, he’s back to being a charming goofball and if he continues in this vein he can re-earn his place in my heart.

The party is interrupted by a knock at the door, and Alex is surprised to see Maggie on the other side.

Maggie says she’s here to talk. She understands where Alex was coming from the other day, truly. And after she says what she came here to say, if Alex wants to send her away for good, Maggie will leave.

The thing is, Maggie might be all smiles for Alex, but she doesn’t meet people she cares about as easily as some. There’s a reason she’s always playing pool alone. But she cares about Alex. A lot.

Maggie smiles at Alex.

“If these dimples don’t work this time I’m out of moves.”

And she understands Alex might need time, but Maggie does still want to be friends someday. She says, “I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it.”

Alex listens to Maggie

*look anywhere but the dimples*

And I mean damn. Tracking her down at her sister’s place was commitment enough. That line? Who could resist?? And what better way to show Alex that she never meant to hurt her. She wasn’t toying with Alex’s emotions on purpose. So before going back inside, Alex invites her to play pool tomorrow night. Relief washes over Maggie; she wouldn’t miss it.

Kara (who had obviously peeped to see who her sister was talking to, for safety reasons) asks Alex how that went, and Alex says the word she’s been fighting the whole episode without the anger or bitterness of before: They’re going to be friends.

Kara and Alex talk

There’s a lot going on for these sestras. Glad they take time for noms.

And maybe this is a controversial opinion, but I’m so glad Maggie didn’t storm up and kiss Alex. It would have felt forced, like she was just doing because she felt like Alex was giving her an all or nothing ultimatum. Instead she gets what she needs: time.

Kara accepts this answer, and assures her that they’re going to get her father back, too. And speaking of friends who probably want to be more, Kara wonders if Lena knows about Cadmus, and what Cadmus is doing with her blood.

And what they’re doing is accessing the Fortress of Solitude.

Dear friends, a lot of you are heading home this weekend to be with families who voted for someone who is making the world a really scary place for you right now. I want you to remember there are people banding together with you to make a stand. You are not alone. And there might be people who threaten us or hate us but one thing I know for sure: Some people love us. Including these two nerds.

Stay safe and I’ll see you back here next week!

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  1. Wonderful recap yet again!

    I’m glad to see that canon has not followed the fan fiction trend of having Maggie and Alex go months without speaking to each other. This show burns through plot so fast, so I’m not really surprised that only one episode later they’ve mostly put the awkwardness behind them and are moving towards being real friends. I give it 2-3 more episode of being “friends” and playing pool before one of them gets grievously injured and the other confesses that they never wanted to be just friends and they kiss again for real :P

      • What do you mean? I feel like the actresses who have portrayed queer characters (or characters that we read as queer) on television have always been the first and best advocates for those characters. I’m thinking Joanne Kelly and Jaime Murray here, or Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi. It’s the TV execs, the producers and writers, that were the ones screwing us over.

        • OK, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am if having the actresses be great advocates for on-screen relationships comforts you. I do agree with your point that we’ve had great support in the past, as proven by your examples. But both of your examples also left scars.

          Plus, there hasn’t been much lately (after last disastrous spring). Just dead lesbians. *SPOILER ALERT*

          Even Amy Acker died (don’t try to tell me she transcended). We deserve better has been a mantra, and it’s worrisome to have another positive pair of actresses playing queer characters, but others and I are *trying* to live in the moment with statements like this, you know?

          Fortunately, 1/2 of the pair is canon lesbian, and they’re not going to kill off Alex! (well, knock on wood…that wasn’t a challenge, Universe).

          • Yeah, both those examples left scars, that’s my point. The producers and writers on Warehouse 13 treated Bering and Wells like SHIT, but Jaime and Jo we’re always AMAZING. They were the biggest B&W shippers in the fandom. And yeah, Root died, but that was because the writers refused to divert from the path they’d set out for Root 4 years earlier, despite the the relationship with Shaw, but Amy and Sarah and their chemistry with each other was what made that relationship happen, and their love for those characters and respect for the fans came out in every interview they ever did. The W13 and PoI writers screwed over their queer fans, but Jaime and Jo and Amy and Sarah were all SO SO GOOD to their queer fans, and I love that Chyler and Floriana are following that path as well. We absolute DO deserve that.

    • and we do deserve this!! we deserve actors, showrunners, writers, producers – we deserve people who care about our representation & commit to it as strongly and sincerely as their commitment to their privileged demographics. we deserve behind the scenes photos of actors embracing our ships and vowing to take the responsibility of representing our identities seriously. we are lucky to have these people, for sure, but we also *deserve* that.

  2. Great episode and recap. Has anyone ever been as brave as Alex when she brandished the truth like shiny new classified weapon? It has been so long since I saw someone telling the absolute, honest-to-goodness truth on TV. It knocked me off my feet for moment. Fantastic!

  3. That Scrabble picture? I just melted with joy :)
    I can’t wait for them to be together, though I am glad they took their time! I know its necessary.
    One thing bothered me in this episode; why the hell no one was alerted that Kara was no where to be found?! Only Alex wondered but James and Winn were so deep in their problems they didn’t raise up their heads to see that Kara isn’t around!

    • Joy-inspiring indeed, but if I’m playing Scrabble and somebody tries to start the game with ‘Sanvers’… no.

  4. Real mad though that Lena didn’t rescue Kara. Like, COOL JEREMIAH, but not really bring me Lena please.

  5. Great recap! I’m with you. As much as I want those two to just make out already, I’m happy it didn’t happen just because Maggie may be feeling guilty. On the one hand I want them to get together and this ship to start sailing but having a genuine friend that knows what you’re going through and can be there for yo, no matter what is SO important! Maggie knows that’s what Alex needs right now more than ever. It’s obvious she has feelings for Alex so I think she’s being incredibly selfless and showing great restraint. It makes me love her even more. And it’ll be so much better when they finally do get together

  6. See, when I first heard Kara say “I’ve heard all about you” to Maggie, I thought it was that teasing thing friends and family do when their loved one has a crush. You know, the thing.

    But once everyone else started calling it a threat I went back and I guess I can see that.

  7. I too loved that Maggie didn’t storm up to Alex and kiss her, that’s not realistic (always love saying that when we’re talking about a show where people can fly). I’m hopeful for many episodes of Alex exploring her sexuality and dating girls in a hilarious manner.

    Would I be too greedy to also ask the gods for Kara/Lena? Probably..

  8. I love following this by recap, before I get around to actually watching this show. That pic was gorgeous.
    I’d just like to announce that Lana Winters, AHS survivor and one of my two favourite lesbian characters on TV of all time, was not killed when they gratuitously brought her back this week. So that’s something I was ready to grieve and am glad not to, and I hope they never bring her back again.

  9. Here is my rant this week again about James aka Guardian. I wanted to reach in and punch him in the face when he was basically telling Kara/Supergirl how it was lucky Guardian was there to help her. No dude she doesn’t need your help she’s fucking Supergirl. I fear that they’ll put Supergirl in these precarious positions (she does get knocked down a lot) to where Guardian will swoop in to save the day and be the hero and that just bugs me.

    And bring on the Kara/Mon-El courting because I do not want to see Kara get together with James.

    Speaking of courting, I’m gonna ride with this Sanvers slow burn and here’s why, because the writers are not treating it as a part time story arc like most other shows. Usually there is this revelation one episode and then 2 or 3 weeks go by before it is brought up again but not this show, they have been consistent with talking about it every episode in multiple scenes. And we may think this is Alex’s story of self discovery but we don’t know anything yet about Maggie either. I feel like Maggie has a lot of layers to peel back before anything can happen with Sanvers.

    • I agree about James! For once a show is all about smart, powerful ladies, here is a regular guy who can’t stand being a sidekick, and whereas it could be fun watching him get his average dude ass kicked in street fights, the show is taking him way too seriously. Show writers, I’m not interested in more male ego trying to steal the ladies’thunder! Let this be about Supergirl and all the great ladies in her life! For once it’s men’s turn to be just sidekicks in a story, let them find out that girls can get the job done and that yes, they will actually survive the humiliation of being (rightfully) bested by women.

      • Agreed. But I’m also not here about endless episodes of “man pain”, so if this gets James back to being a good friend and less whiny, then dial-down the man-saves and we’ll be good. ;)

        • I see no point of James being on the show at all. J’onn is the boss, Winn is the tech guy, Alex is her sister and a badass, then they added Maggie and Mon-El (who still needs to prove himself that he has a point on this show too).
          James took over for Cat at CatCo but they never do anything in CatCo anymore so again no point.

  10. Two things … not connected to the Ongoing Adventures of Sanvers, which I completely approve of … 1 – Mon-El is the Prince, not the bodyguard, and 2 – Papa Danvers is in cahoots, willingly or unwillingly, with Mama Luthor. A bloke with his moral fibre doesn’t just lurk for 15 years.

    • I also think mon-el is the prince and a part of the royal family that has been feuding with three kryptonians. When Kara tells him that the prince saved him for a reason, he’s about to tell her something about daxam. Im sure there’s a big reveal there sometime.

      • Yeah, that the prince was his lover and he was married into the royal family. ;) Just kidding. I didn’t catch that so much, so I’m going to have to go back and watch again. As far as we know, he’s the bodyguard, but I wouldn’t be too surprised at a reveal like this.

    • I think you’re right on both counts. Mon-El is the prince, and Jeremiah not leaving with Kara was way too suspicious…

  11. 1: Alex needs to threaten Winn more. I don’t know about you but when she went off on a tangent about how she could rain down horrific pain on Winn with her index finger alone, I was kinda really turned on. What does that say about me? *hides*

    2: The look on Alex’s face before she smacked Winn upside the head – that is the face every big sister knows. It’s the, “Oh for the love of everything holy and sacred WHY must my baby sibling be such a pain in the goddamn ass?!” face.

    3: I wished Kara was a little more hostile towards Maggie upon their first meeting but you’re right in that when Kara flashed that signature sunny smile, it must have been laced with a threat because Maggie kinda did a double take before turning back to Alex.

    4: James irks me. I do not like this Guardian nonsense.

    5: The scene where Alex dropped the truth bomb on Maggie had me watching it with a slack jaw. I mean WOW. Talk about a powerful moment. Poor Maggie. She did indeed break the baby gay. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Right… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Chyler Leigh is KILLING it this season. Those expressive eyes are going to be the death of me.

    6: I miss Danvers Sisters Couch Nights where it’s just the two of them unwinding after a long, harrowing day with pizza and potstickers. We had a lot of these moments in Season 1 but they’ve kind of dwindled in this new season. I hope they don’t let this very important relationship fall to the sidelines because it’s one of the best things about this show.

    7: I still like where they’re going with Sanvers. I agree that it was good that Maggie didn’t rush on up and kiss the living daylights out of Alex. A slow burn can be good if handled well and so far they’re doing a good job with this story line so continue!

    Next week it’s the crossover! I’m so excited I can hardly sit still. Bring. It. ON!

  12. Alex and Maggie- I love their slow burn thus far (a few fan-fiction have actually stories in similar progression) and it is a great story to tell.

    Supergirl and Lena- Where the heck is Lena in the last couple of episodes? She barges in to Kara’s flat unannounced demanding/requesting Supergirl’s presence at her party a few episodes ago, but absconding when Supergirl needed saving when she was threatened/tricked by Cadmus overnight? I can’t believe she hasn’t worked out something that signals to her when Supergirl/Kara is in distress. Come on, there was exploding chemistry between the two.

    James (and the actor who plays him)- Irks the heck out of me. He thinks and acts as if he is a bigger, more important hero than Supergirl in her own show! Wish that the writers stop writing his story arc this way, because if the continue, I think it is leading to putting Supergirl into ‘rescue me’ positions where this idiot can swoop-in and save her and the day. Urgh! Shudder to think of him as Supergirl’s romantic interest. Eeks! Be a good lad and go back to being the wingman of Superman.

  13. I’m really happy about the care that they are taking to approach this Sanvers storyline! Chyler is doing an amazing job! I really love her expressions and delicacy when portrating those difficult scenes with big and important feelings! She is so killing it!!!!

    And the thing is: Alex is adult and mature enough to know what’s the best way to face her life and the things that comes along with it. Sure, this new feelings are challenging but although she might have felt like a teenager at first she does not forget about where she stands. That’s why we see them reasoning and deciding that being frends is the best for now.

    I think that, for the next episodes, we’ll see Alex flirting with other girls and maybe going on dates and Maggie being all jealousy about it but waiting for the right moment to come clean about her feelings for Alex.

  14. ? I sign up for being pinned to the wall by Alex Danvers.

    Great recap as always. The picture legends are always fantastic, but the Jeremiah one was A++

  15. Am I the only one who hopes/wishes that Kara would take Alex with her on the crossover episodes?!?!?! Can you imagine the sparks if Alex met Sara Lance?!?!!??!
    Sara wouldn’t want to just be “friends”!!!!

  16. i was irritated with james the first part of this season, too, but damn y’all. maybe lay off a little? how can anyone hate james but like mon-el? y’know, the generic “charming white guy” who gets to still be the romantic lead even though his idea of a fun job is beating the shit out of people with gambling addictions for a bookie? that guy?

    i would much rather have had kara with james, personally. they’re both driven, with the same morals. i really like the idea of watching them have to reconcile her power in the relationship. james clearly has a hero complex himself, and it would’ve been a much better emotional journey for him to figure out how to accept having a superhero girlfriend, and that he can’t always protect her or save the day than to have him become a vigilante. and i think that would’ve been an interesting arc for kara, too. not to mention james is way more attractive than mon-el, i’ve had a crush on that man since he was eggs on true blood.

    also, can’t wait for maggie sawyer’s jealous face. i just would really like it if the writers would give that to me. seeing someone hitting on alex and alex being oblivious about it but also flirting back just a little, and maggie pretending she does. not. care. cause they’re just friends, definitely no feelings here, no ma’am.

    also also, we got our big, romantic, passionate, “grab her by the arm and pull her close” kiss, and i am here for the show taking its time, even if that means waiting. because i want a hesitant, “i’m not sure if this is a good idea, but you’re really close and it’s kind of making me dizzy and are you getting closer? i think i might be moving closer” soft, intimate kind of kiss. because it is so like both alex and maggie to rush right in and take control, because that’s how they are. but to let it be slow, to be soft, to be romantic? that would mean showing their hearts and that’s so much more satisfying with characters that are so tough.

    • I don’t think people like Monel as a romantic interest for Kara; at least, I don’t.

      With James; the thing is… why do you have to crime-fight to be an actual hero? What Winn said, before he caved in, is right! You can do other things and be a hero.

      It’d have been a nice arc that way. That there are many ways to be a superhero; as it is in real life. After all, that is the point of surrounding Supergirl with all these human friends; especially, Alex.

    • I liked the James-Kara relationship last season; besides being ridiculously pretty, James had an interesting arc about finding a way to relate to Kara that was distinctly different from his sidekick role to Superman (when he wasn’t bogged down with the ridiculous love triangle). They set him up well as an interesting antidote to toxic masculinity and had some really sweet scenes that made them feel like romantic partners without ever forgetting her strength and centrality (like the one where he beats up his punching bag while she beats up a car).

      And I really like the actor, who to his credit has handled every ridiculous plot turn they give him well. It bothers me so much that they demoted him from love interest, and while I’m glad they’re giving him something to do, the Guardian storyline is riddled with problems and just isn’t very good.

      I like Mon-El fine as a contrast to Kara; he shows how much it’s not just her powers but her moral ground that makes her a hero, and you can see how they are both helping each other grow. But I hate the idea of him as a love interest for her, and abruptly and ridiculously kicking James out of the love interest role only to replace him with a white guy is racist and appalling.

  17. Awesome recap!! Seriously, had I been in Alex’s shoes and Maggie had broken my heart, all she’d have to do was flash that shy grin, cock her head to the side, and smile those dimples in my direction and I’d be a goner.

    Also – Chyler and Floriana are the most captain-y captains of the Sanvers ship and I love it so much.

  18. You guys, I’ve always treated ‘Supergirl’ as some kind of a “lame” show but now that I actually tuned in, it’s so great! And my, Sweet Marley Rose finally grew up to be the ass-kicking Supergirl she always deserved to be. (She will remain Sweet Marley Rose in my heart, tho. She’s still too perfect and innocent for this world. So, in a way, this a perfect casting for this kind of Supergirl, but anyway, I digress.)

    • I like Melissa. :)
      And on election day, she had such a flurry of tweets on Clinton; it was nice. That is not why I like her; but, still it was nice.

  19. On your last note!

    And Melissa tweeted much more so than usual on Nov 8th (or 9th) about Clinton and the left and how a majority of youth voted Blue. :)

    No offense to anyone not considering themselves “youth”. A lot of others voted blue too.


  20. The sister relationship is GOLDEN and I am so happy they have that support for each other.

    I also love the way they’re going about the Sanvers situation and not jumping into a relationship. GIVE ME THAT SLOW BURN! I actually hope that Lena Luthor really is lesbihonst, hits on Kara, then introduces Lena to Alex. Enter drama and Maggie pining for the unavailable Alex Danvers. LOL

  21. I am so angry, because immediately after Supergirl moved to the CW, the number of straight white guys increased by three (Superman, Mon-El, Snapper), and they immediately stopped Kara and James getting together, and I think it is 100 percent about racism (not having a black man date a white woman). Please can we talk about this. For Mon-El to say that gross thing about wanting to be with Kara, all I can say is that better not happen. It just feels like they brought on a white guy so Kara would have someone who was “appropriate” for her to date (i.e. not a black man). I also love the Lena/Kara chemistry. Basically, here’s how the CW can not fuck this up: Kara doesn’t date anyone because she wants to focus on her self; Kara dates James because they had established chemistry; Kara dates Lena because they have chemistry.

    Things I like about Mon-El: it was nice to have the Krypton/Daxam thing because I think it added to the narrative about judging people based on where they’re from, which is great, and I guess they brought him on to be a foil for Kara. But I hate that they’re even hinting at Mon-El as a love interest.

    • I really agree about the racism of abruptly giving Kara a white love interest, and I would go further to say that a lot of the anti-Kara/James things I saw on the internet last year seemed to come from a very racist place, and that the show may be to some degree following racist public opinion. (Seriously, if I had a dollar for every comment I saw complaining that it was so terrible that James wasn’t a white redhead, I wouldn’t need to work for a living.)

      And I like Mon-El fine as a foil for Kara, though the “Kryptonites are racist against Daxamites” plot makes me side-eye, because it’s just gross that they demoted their one black character and then decided to play out a fake sci-fi racism plot with all white characters.

    • It has nothing to do with race. There was absolutely no chemistry between Jimmy and Kara…none. Barry and Iris are black and white on Flash as well as Wally and Jesse…no problems there. Micheal Holt is black and his husband is white on Arrow…no one has a problem with that either.Stop playing the silly race card. It is the same creator for all the arrowverse…The majority of the fans hated the Jimmy /Kara story line were very vocal about it and the writers listened….very simple.. As far as Mon-el and Kara(Karamel)…bring it on, they are extremely cute together with much better chemistry then Jimmy. I find the majority of hatred to Mon-el comes from the LGBT community is because they see it as an obstacle for their imaginary Supercorp ship that will not happen. Sorry, but that is reality. Even if Lena is gay/bi…Kara will not be and they will end up being just friends. Remember this is first and foremost a Superhero show with a gay character, not a show about gays with one of them a superhero. You can’t get angry at a straight relationship because you want the cute girl to be in a gay one, this isn’t the “L Word”

      • I happen to agree. James is the most hated character on the show and it has absolutely nothing to do with race – he brings everything down and he has chemistry with no one. Of course a pairing with Kara would be highly disliked as well.

        I like Mon-El just fin, although I think he is a massive screen hogger so far. Would prefer Kara to be single for a while, specially when Mon-El isn’t even her endgame pairing in the comics, but they did have a thing so I can absolutely see the writers pursuing it. The writing has been on the wall since he was first announced, just like Maggie with Alex.

        Can’t argue with you on the Lena thing. It’s all fine and dandy until your fanon shipping actually becomes delusion. Kara/Lena will never happen, and so won’t Lena/any woman on the show for that matter. They are both straight in the comics and they would never touch that on the show. There is a reason why they brought in Maggie (who is gay in the comics) and the one other lesbian character (Alex) is an original one. We already have TWO lesbian characters among THREE regular female leads. That in itself is something to be celebrated. There won’t be any other bi/gay character in the mix, unless it’s a plot device (much like Maggie’s ex).

      • I… Don’t even know how to begin addressing all the problems in this comment. 1)you know this is a space for queer and trans women right? So, why would you come in here and bash our community?

        2) nobody thinks this is a “gay show,” don’t worry. We’re used to the media ignoring our existence. For a long time there were 0 queer characters on tv so we had to read in between the lines for our representation. It still happens. No one’s going to be upset if karas straight. But also, why does a show have to be a “gay show” to have two queer main characters? Plenty of shows have two straight main characters. Some of them even have three. Or four! That doesn’t make it a “straight show” though. Gasp!

        Also, 3) plenty of people thought james and kara had chemistry. And the CW shows have a history of killing off characters of color so people don’t have much faith in them. Also, the complete reversal in character and near-removal of him from the script is pretty telling when the main superhero is a pretty blonde girl and the other two black characters are portrayed as being disingenuous (both lie about their true identities for a time).

        4) this show is not for boys to be empowered. For once. So why do we have to deal with another boring man child antihero? Which is exactly what mon el is. I don’t dislike him because he’s a straight white guy, i don’t like him because he’s boring and predictable and not caring or empathetic and just like a mary sue for straight white boys but we’re supposed to find those things charming about him which i find pretty gross for a show that’s supposed to be about how those traits are what makes you a hero. Not to mention that the daxam-krypton rivalry thing felt contrived and shoved in to make them have an unnecessary obstacle for them.

        I never in my life want to watch a woman slowly “come around” to a man she really doesn’t particularly like and who doesn’t do anything for her but demand her emotional labor ever ever again.

      • Although, I have to say, I do see an issue with pairing Kara with the token white boy a few episodes after breaking her up with a man of color (who she pined for for an entire season).

  22. I love everything they are doing with the Maggie/Alex relationship, especially its slow and natural progression.

    And even while the Guardian plot in this episode was pretty terrible, I do love that both Alex and Maggie were involved in it in ways that made sense. I was worried for a bit that they wouldn’t have any plot relevance outside their relationship.

    But now Alex is in on the (annoying) Guardian secret, actively working with J’onn to try to figure out what’s wrong with him, and trying to track down and find her dad–all alongside coming out and trying to build a friendship/soon to be more with Maggie, and her central relationship with Kara. It makes her feel even more 3D and integral to the plot. (And also less likely to be killed…I’m still worried about Maggie, though, especially since we know so little about her beyond her relationship with Alex.)

    I’m also thinking that the show is obviously going to push Kara and Mon-El as their A couple (about which I am unhappy) and make Alex and Maggie their B couple. And the laws of TV dictate that those 2 relationships with have to contrast. So I’m hoping that the Mon-El/Kara relationship goes down in flames, so that Alex and Maggie can have happiness by contrast.

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