No Filter: Trick-Or-Treating With Ellen Page And The Autostraddle Staff

Welcome back to No Filter, a column about candy corn and the human beings of various genders who love it. Halloween has come and gone and purple string lights are like 90% off at Duane Reade. How did you spend your Halloween? I had big plans all year to go as either a skeletorus spider or problematic sea monster Old Gregg, but in the end I drew some super-lazy zombie makeup on my face and called it a day. Today, we will peer into the lives of many queer humans, some famous stars of stage and screen and some weirdos who write for this website, and we will marvel at their Halloween costumes. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Laverne Cox said she went as herself, but celebrated at the WeHo Carnival/40th Anniversary of Rocky Horror. Anyway, I’ll be singing this song all afternoon.
This Halloween, Samira Wiley went as two people in formalwear.

Jamie Clayton aspired to go as silent film star Ethel Clayton.

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Unrelated to Halloween, Annie Clark came to Instagram this week with an important PSA. Last week I saw a couple of girls extend their selfie stick into the lion’s lair at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which made them likely contenders for this list. Guys, don’t do that.

Additionally, Megan Rapinoe has some curious advice for you.

Back to Halloween – Ellen Page doesn’t match her socks. That’s about all I’ve got.

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Photoshoot On Halloween!! 🎃#Nodaysoff

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Hi Danielle Brooks, you’re like, really pretty. What were you for Halloween? I want to know. Text me.

Michelle Rodriguez is slowly winning me over with her Instagram game. Here she is as.. this.

I could not ignore Hannah, Ingrid and this delightful pun.
I will tell you guys a shameful secret: I am actually not very good at telling the sisters Quin apart a pretty solid amount of the time. One of these children is Big Bird and the other one is Oscar the Grouch and now I kind of need to know which is which so I can figure out which one I identify with deeply (it’s Oscar). Help me.

Julia Nunes and Dannielle Owens-Reid went as Tai and Travis, the couple I root for in my heart.

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Amor prohibido 🌹 Selena y Chris ❤️ #happyhalloween

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Autostraddle’s own Yvonne and her girlfriend Gloria went as Selena and Chris Perez, and will you believe Gloria did not even make herself a Cholula holster?!?!?!? NEXT YEAR.

Our fearless leader and CEO Riese and her gal pal Abby went as Calvin and Hobbes, like they do pretty much every day.

Design Director Alex and her girlfriend Mary went as.. this.
Robin, Kip and their friend Loren went as Hypodermic Sally, baby vampire Holden and the Countess from American Horror Story and I can’t deal with any of it.

meyTrans editor Mey Rude didn’t even wear a costume.

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Jenny Owen Youngs went as breakfast.

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Crystal's first Halloween!!! 🎃

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HR Director Crystal and her BRAND NEW WIFE(!!!!!!!!!) Katie went as me, but…

Crystal and I went as the twins from The Shining.

Join us next week, when the staff of Autostraddle dress up as turkeys and re-stage the quintessentially troubling play from Addams Family Values.

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Stef Schwartz is a founding member and the self-appointed Vapid Fluff Editor at She currently resides in New York City, where she spends her days writing songs nobody will ever hear and her nights telling much more successful musicians what to do. Follow her on twitter and/or instagram.

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  1. Yep Nope the “Crystal and Stef are twins/an epic reoccurring photoshop joke of a single mystery person GUESS WHICH ONE IS REAL” will never stop being perfect to me.

    That Calvin and Hobbes gal pal does come in a solid second, though.

      • “That’s Stef. No wait, it says Crystal. Oh it’s Crystal dressed as Stef!”

        I’ve never met you ppl and yet you still pwned my brain. Well done.

    • The hilarious part is at the Wedding of the Century, everyone was mistaking my wife for Crystal (and vice versa). Triplets?

  2. Oh Pinoe. You could wear a t-shirt that says “Be an asshole” and people at the airport would still be happy to see you and your hair.

    These were all adorable and kind of made me homesick? I mean, I ate raclette and drank half a bottle of wine and passed out early, which was nice and all but I miss costumes.

  3. I feel as though there should be a giant AS Hallowe’en party (that we could all teleport to).
    Stef, are you in???

    If there ever is a just universe where AS magically makes millions, then I am putting my application in for costume-maker for all the glorious events you will be having all year long.

    I didn’t have time to do much this year, but here is my steam-punk costume from Hallowe’en. I love Hallowe’en so much…

  4. This is me as Lt. Natasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was riding light rail to work and very concerned that I was the only Starfleet Officer on board. I was probably violating the Prime Directive or something by being in uniform during the 21st century. Whatever. Everyone ALWAYS violates the Prime Directive.
    Also, I got my haircut the day after this picture was taken, and I think my shorter hair makes me look a bit more like Natasha does, as my hair is too long/grown out and weird in this picture.

    Here is me @ work with my phaser.


      (I want to live in the alternate universe where they didn’t waste that character’s potential)

        • Apparently she wanted to leave-she didn’t want to be doing tv or something.
          I just wish they could have immediately replaced her with another woman, but instead we have to wait five million episodes for Ro, and Ro isn’t even a main fucking character!
          (Please do better, Star Trek 2017 show)

  5. I always feel so inspired by everyone’s costumes AFTER halloween. I think a midwinter straddler costume party is definitely in order after seeing all these rad ones!! :)

  6. Wait I was at West Hollywood, how did I not hear about Lavern being there. Or better yet, how did I not see the magical glow that is that here. :-|

  7. The squee is strong here. I’ll be over there on the fainting couch, recovering from overexposure to critterness.

  8. Actually, can we like kick Michelle Rodriguez off the lesbian island here now, considering that she’s actually a horrible awful evil transphobic piece of shit, and is committed to remaining such?

    I mean, really, AS, you should know better than to include She Who Must Never Get Another Acting Contract Again in anything given that she’s treating trans issues like she’s getting money from Rupert Murdoch.

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