No Filter: Could Hayley Kiyoko Be Ariana Grande’s “Next?”

Lo! Another week has come and gone and No Filter rises in the east, this weekly tribute to the most fascinating queer celebrity social media. I regret to inform you that I don’t have any updates on the Demi Moore or Chloë Grace Moretz stories we discussed last week, but I do have this fascinating article about Stella Maxwell getting a massage from a bunch of snakes??? What a world.

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ponytail party [email protected]

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If you like one Stephanie Beatriz standing in front of a wall HOW ABOUT TWO STEPHANIE BEATRIZES STANDING IN FRONT OF A WALL?!?!!?!?

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Good morning. ?

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If Evan Rachel Wood’s Insta stories are to be believed, she’s basically moved into a tiki bar and will be subsisting off scorpion bowls until Westworld season three starts filming.

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Samira Wiley is filming a guest spot on Will and Grace, which I have not watched since it went off the air the first time, but I’d like to think her plot will involve a lot of banter between her and Karen.

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Young ♊️ Quing

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Welcome to your Gemini nightmare.

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thank u celine

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Somewhere I’ve got a really great video of my colleague Molly Priddy doing pretty much exactly this.

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Back at the office.

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I’m going to include Kate Harrison in this week’s No Filter because nobody told me I couldn’t and now her comments are full of people with names like “sexymoretz” telling her how cool she is. I love the internet!

Teddy Geiger is celebrating a pretty serious Grammy nomination but I think the real news here is this t-shirt situation!??!?!

I didn’t really catch what Hannah Gadsby is advertising here (just kidding half my feed is blowing up about it) because my brain shut off as soon as she said “Casablancer” in her adorable accent.

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Stolen from … @mattwinkelmeyer

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  1. OK so I figured out the secret to this week’s NF is that every post represents a different zodiac sign:

    Stephanie Beatriz: That is some Leo-level confidence right there. Also realizing you look so damn good there should be two of you? Totally Leo.

    ERWB: Bringing beauty to the world the way only a Libra can. But, like, wanting to please people with it.

    Samira Wiley: That amount of excitability is pure Aquarius.

    Brittani Nichols: look, I’m not doing this twice. But pretty sure this was meant to be talked about. #gemini

    KP: The Sagittarius at any party can be hard to distinguish from the Leo – but, the distinguishing factor is they work harder at it. Whatever it is.

    Hayley Kiyoko: Honestly she’s too sweet to be anything but Pisces in this. Expect a LOT of emotion and over-communication in her next song.

    BB: quite frankly the most Cancer mood #homeforever

    Kate Harrison: setting a Taurean tone….Earthy and comfortable, but don’t you dare forget I’m stylish.

    Teddy Geiger: the weirder the joke, the more Capricorn it is. Unless it’s Aquarian. But somehow, Capricorn jokes are always unexpected.

    Hannah Gadsby: look, I don’t know, but that tie is definitely Virgo.

    Lena Waithe: Aries is pure energy. That’s all I can say. Pure, perfect energy.

  2. Disclaimer: I have no fucking idea what sign any of these wonderful peeps are. But feel free to use this as reference and then curse me when your last minute project on queer astrology gets panned for inaccuracy.

  3. Ok wait Ariana posted a comment on Hayley’s instagram the other day about like “thank you for flirting with me,” right? I can’t find it now and am considering that this was maybe wishful thinking/a dream.

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