Chloë Grace Moretz Kisses Kate Harrison, Demi Moore Maybe Has a Girlfriend? Is Everybody Gay Now

Look guys, I don’t know what to tell you. It seems like the prophecy has finally come true: everybody in Hollywood is gay, everyone is gay; your chances of getting a date with Janelle Monáe have never been better. Famous person Chloë Grace Moretz was recently photographed awkwardly kissing very attractive Playboy model Kate Harrison on the neck outside Nobu in Malibu. Witnesses reported small woodland creatures dancing around the couple and singing as the paparazzi snapped merrily away.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post star’s most public relationship has been with Brooklyn Beckham, son of Posh Spice, though they split for good this past August following a tumultuous four-year romance. Although whispers about her sexuality have certainly swirled for some time, Moretz has declined to publicly define herself as queer (“Don’t assume anyone’s sexuality,” she cautiously told the Independent). She’s also mentioned an aversion to public displays of affection to the press, telling the Sunday Times’ Style Magazine, “I’m not a big fan of PDAs in general. I personally don’t want to see people posted all over my phone making out.” These particular TMZ photographs were taken outside of a restaurant celebrities mostly seem to go to in order to be photographed by paparazzi, so in this instance it seems like nobody’s trying especially hard to keep this gal pal situation a secret. We at Vapid Fluff HQ hesitate to define this relationship as anything in particular, but we will be watching all future developments with great interest.

Also, like, mazel tov to everybody involved.

In other news, as we discussed yesterday in No Filter, Demi friggin’ Moore has been photographed multiple times over the last few weeks with Serbian stylist Masha Mandzuka, and tabloids have been speculating that the two have been an item for two entire years. Two years!!! That’s a lifetime in lesbian years; they’re basically common law at this point. Think of all the rescue dogs you and Consummate Mommi Demi Moore could have adopted over the span of two years! Recently, Moore and Mandzuka dined at the Ivy, another restaurant celebrities go to on purpose in order to be photographed, and also strolled around Los Feliz with Mandzuka’s two-year-old daughter Rumi. “They hold hands, and Demi is like a second mom to Masha’s baby,” an anonymous source apparently told Radar. Both of these things are gay. I don’t make the rules.

Never one to be outdone, former child star Alyson Stoner took to the streets wearing a white sweatshirt emblazoned with her own childhood face and the words “MOST LIKELY TO BE QUEER.”

Based on this evidence, it seems like as deeply shitty as the rest of 2018 was, at least everyone in Hollywood is finally gay now. You’re welcome, world.

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  1. LISTEN, she was pretty convincing in Cam Post? And I thought “either this is normal for her or Desiree Akhavan is just a very good director” and like listen she is 21 and she can be whatever she wants but MAYBE IT WAS BOTH, all I’m saying.

  2. Alyson Stoner’s “most likely to be queer” sweatshirt is SUCH a power move. Like, wearing your OWN FACE on your sweatshirt is already a power move, but just staring right at people while they read your shirt and then realize it’s YOUR FACE… BIG QUEER POWER MOVE. I really want to make one with my kindergarten school picture on it and wear it to holiday parties. (To reference the recent Butchmas post, I am casual/cozy butch, so it would be with skinny jeans, a beanie, and my blue Tomboy Toes.)

    Also, I’m pretty sure my basketball photos from that age look exactly like Alyson Stoner’s childhood photo. I had that haircut until I started growing my bangs out around 11.

  3. In women’s soccer evidence that 20gayteen was off the chain:

    Debinha and Meredith Speck of the NC Courage are together.

    Kristie Mewis and Rachel Daly have now been together for a year.
    Carson Pickett continued the long and vaunted tradition of returning from a W-league season with a girlfriend (AUSWNT goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold).

    Harris and (especially) Krieger got so gay with their posts. I mean, a photo of them wearing rainbow number jerseys each kissing their puppy and captioned “it really does get better”?!?!?

    And finally, my personal favorite…Marta (reigning world’s best soccer player) has hooked up with (formerly presumed straight) Orlando Pride teammate Toni Pressley, who is hitting all the award shows with her and has traveled multiple times to Brazil.

    woso 20gayteen has been lit.

  4. Ahhhh this just reminded me of Alyson Stoner’s awesome queer music video. What a time to be alive.

  5. Just had this exchange about Chloe Moretz and Kate Harrison:

    Me: “Do you remember Chloe Moretz? She’s maybe dating this supermodel who’s also a lady!”
    Fiance: “No, who is that?”
    Me: “Remember, she was in 30 Rock when she was younger, as Jack’s nemesis?”
    P: “What else was she in?….A supermodel, I guess.”

    • Don’t say that to Sandra Bernhard Renee. In spite of her dating only women, she denies being gay OR bisexual.
      So,either Bernhard is straight OR she’s feeling severe 1950’s level shame.

      • OR Renee, it could be that Sandra denies ALL of her relationships because she’s an INSENSITIVE PRICK!

  6. Tell it to NASA as it just decided to send all-female mission to Mars to avoid astronauts having sex in space… And I thought they hire only smart poople. ;)

  7. Tell it to NASA as it just decided to send all-female mission to Mars to avoid astronauts having sex in space… And I thought they hire only smart people. ;)

    • I wish to believe a bunch of scientists just really wanted to send an all-female crew of awesome scientists to Mars, and they decided this was the argument that would generate the fewer misogynistic protests.

  8. All of this is no doubt momentous news, but please stop linking to the Daily Mail, AS editors.

    That hive of villainy and lies does nothing but harm to anyone. The website and the rag of a newspaper shouldn’t feature anywhere near civil society.

  9. Just to say that Kate Harrison was in a relationship with Emily Armstrong for quite a while and is friends with Kristen Stewart’s exgirlfriend Alicia Cargile. And Chloe also kissed her on the mouth in a different pic.

  10. I had suspected it before, but this just confirms it.

    “I personally don’t want to see people posted all over my phone making out.”

    I have nothing in common with Chloe Grace Moretz. Except that I also want to make out with Kate Harrison so I guess there’s that.

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