No Filter Brought An Umbrella To Pride

Welcome back to No Filter, a weekly column about what Danielle Brooks is putting in her coffee. This week, everybody went to Pride and sprinkled glitter everywhere and then the whole cast of Orange Is The New Black went out for a drink together, apparently. Were you there?! I was at NYC Pride for a hot minute; it was really rainy and everybody caught colds. Let’s get to the important issues of the day!

Never Too Late #LoveWins ❤️

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First of all, Beyoncé is here to bless us with her presence. I know, I know, she isn’t queer, but this is very important because Beyoncé.

Love Wins. ❤️

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Lauren Morelli went right to the Claire’s at her local mall and picked up matching “Best Friends Forever” necklaces for herself and her gal pal, Samira Wiley.

Thusly empowered, Samira Wiley took to the streets and shared her excitement over legal galpaldom with Kelly Osbourne, apparently.

Making strides.

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Then Samira and her OITNB crew appeared on the cover of Essence, looking awesome in orange – right in front of Laverne Cox’s Bust cover. Worth noting that all these gorgeous people are hanging out between Michelle Obama and Cookie fucking Lyon.

Me and my girl @selenisleyvaofficial @oitnb we out here!! HAPPY PRIDE!! You see my cute bodyguard in the back!!

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Not to be outdone, Danielle Brooks went to pride wearing the best shirt ever.

Laverne Cox was like, “That’s cool and all but if you need me, I’ll be hanging out with myself.”

And then Lea DeLaria assumed her rightful place in the universe, and all was well.

?? #OITNB does #cubbyhole #Repost @ladygill

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I guess if you were at Cubbyhole you could have had a drink with the cast of OITNB! Does Lori Petty have a Ween tattoo or what?

Hey, I went to this thing! The Autostraddle/Everyone Is Gay event at Bluestockings was really crowded and sweaty but really, really precious – just look at these cute faces!

Regram from @mamariz1

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Somer Bingham and her perfect wife Donna and their perfect baby Ella hung out at NY pride, just being casual best moms ever.

The L Word. Filmmakers brunch #sanfran #lovewins #hbo

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Finally, Nneka Onuorah answered the pressing question that’s been on everybody’s minds – what has Daniela Sea’s hair been up to these days?

Join us next week, when Somer and Donna’s baby takes Manhattan, waves her flag around, probably smiles and gurgles.

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  1. I’m now picturing Lea DeLaria in Gondor style plate maille, but I think she’d be more suited to the leathers, chain maille and sectioned plate of Rohan.

    Annnddd this all leads to imagining her in a Roman centurion’s gear because butches in tunics and ancient historical menswear is a thing for me.
    Kinky queer nerds for the win.

    and special for the Fourth of July

    • I cannot find the words to describe just how much I love this comment, so I’ve just been sitting here grinning fondly at my computer screen for the past minute or so.

      (Also — is there a tumblr or something for butches in historical menswear? Because I might need that in my life, like, immediately.)

      • If there was I’d never leave, but alas no such tumblr exists to my knowledge. You could find some pictures of MOC folks from queer black history here and there I’d reckon. Harlem Renaissance, the Jazz Age.

        And a couple rich white ladies who were “peculiar” from the Victorian Age and later that were often connected to the art scene or feminism.

        Other than that it’s high fantasy art that is hella rare. If a woman sorta person is armored or otherwise “masculinely” attired in such art there are usually attempts to femme her up in some what or bring it down to a more appealing androgyny.

  2. THEY WERE AT THE CUBBYHOLE!? I WAS AT THE CUBBYHOLE! I got free shots while I was there but Big Boo >>>free whipped vodka

    Also I was at that AS event!! That was the best weekend.

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