No Filter: Brittani Nichols And Carly Usdin Take Outfest By Storm

This week in celebrities I don’t follow on Instagram for various reasons, Evan Rachel Wood’s band had a concert and she played the theremin, an “angry” Lindsay Lohan tossed her Russian fiance’s phone into the sea and Selena Gomez kissed Ruby Carr and then was like, “HAHAHA, CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!?!” Kissing girls is weird. Also, Kristen Stewart turns out to like recreational pain, which explains how she starred in so many Twilight movies.

Vh1 #hiphophonors. Magenta Carpet. #fuckyeahmissyelliott

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One time I saw Lea DeLaria on a pink carpet only we were both waiting to watch Anna Nicole: The Opera and I didn’t say anything because WTF do you say to Lea DeLaria? Cool story.

These two are KILLING ME with cuteness.
I have a buddy with a five-year-old who likes to sing along to this song but she thinks the words are “I gotta say hi all the time,” which I like better. Anyway this is Ruby Rose’s girlfriend Harley, who’s the co-founder, Vice President and head of marketing at a luxury skincare company. Makes sense.
Check out Amandla on the cover of Elle with all these queer fashion icons.
Can you even handle how talented and goodlooking these two weirdos are?
Looks like everybody famous was casually hanging out at this wedding, where Kristen Johnson officiated and Danielle Brooks sang and these two really just looked drop dead gorgeous.

This is the most luxurious two people have ever looked when en route to Newark.

Fly fishing with my bae, @carrierad! This is right after she caught her first fish! YAY!!! ????

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These two dorks, being huge dorks.

Heroes making the magic happen.


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Sure, OK.

Hi loves! In these New York streets ready for #HipHopHonors tonight. It's goin down!

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Queen Latifah looking cool as a cucumber, still wondering what she’s doing in this column.

Join us next week, when we’ll get back to very important business, like what Tegan and Sara’s cats are up to.

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