NEW MERCH ALERT: Enamel Pins for Introverts, Weirdos, Lesbians, Queerdos, Poly People and More!

Autostraddle’s enamel pin collection is expanding very quickly! We’ve just added nine new ways to express yourself, including several options for all you introverts and weirdos out there. Now we have 21 enamel pins in our store for you to choose from! That’s so many!

Queerdo Pin – $10

Queerdo Enamel Pin / Description: Play-doh inspired pin with a glittery purple top, says "queer-do" in the logo lockup / Metal: Black Enamel / Colors: Yellow, Red, White, Purple Glitter

Are you a weird queer? Do you enjoy an adorable pun? Check out our first-ever glittery enamel pin, full of nostalgia and deep symbolism.

Weirdo Lesbian Pin – $10

Weirdo Lesbian Pin / Description: Heart with ribbon across center that says "Weirdo Lesbian" / Metal: Rose Gold / Enamel Colors: Pink and Mint

In your heart of hearts, you know it’s true. You’re a weirdo, and you’re a lesbian. Time to wave that rose-gold and minty banner high.

Poly Pocket Pin – $10

Poly Enamel Pin / Description: Pocket shape with stitching, "poly" written in script in the center / Metal: Copper / Enamel Color: Navy

Autostraddle’s Poly Pocket column and polyamorous folks generally speaking just got their very own pin! Get ‘em for the whole fam!

Lez Pin – $10

Lez Enamel Pin / Metal: Gold / Colors: Baby Pink

Inspired by neon signs from the 80’s (and lez be real… San Junipero), this luxe little pin is painted with neon pink enamel on gold metal.

Angry Lesbian Pin – $10

Angry Lesbian Enamel Pin / Description: Shouting Mouth with Vampire Teeth, Banner reads: "Angry Lesbian" / Metal: Black Enamel / Enamel Colors : Baby Pink, Lime Green, Magenta.

Tale as old as time. If you’re a lesbian, you’re probably a total vampire. It’s just part of who you are. Time to be honest with yourself and the world.

Introvert Pin – $10

Introvert Enamel Pin / Description: 8-bit heart of rose gold with blue enamel.

Introverts have a heart of gold, and in the case of this pin, vintage 8-bit hearts of rose gold.

Indoorsy Pin – $10

Indoorsy Enamel Pin / Description: House with swirly smoking chimney, banner across the front reads "Indoorsy" / Metal: Rose Gold / Enamel Colors: Coral and Mint

Here’s to the humans who love the great indoors! Coral and turquoise enamel painted on rose gold.

A-Camp Pin – $6

A-Camp Enamel Pin / Metal: Antique Silver / Enamel Colors : Cornflower Blue

Have you joined us on the flat mountain? Are you just a fan of camps and/or Wisconsin in general? Here’s a commemorative pin for you! These are marked down to $6 because we were supposed to have them in time to sell at A-Camp, but there was allegedly a fire in the offices of the company who made these pins and therefore they sent them to us two months late which we are very upset about and they are NOT equally upset about.

Lavender Menace Pin – $6

Lavender Menace Enamel Pin / Description: "Lavender Menace" written in sporty script face / Metal: Antique Silver / Enamel Colors: Lavender
This radical little pin was inspired by the Lavender Menace, which’s how some second-wave feminists referred to lesbians in their movement. They thought we were a problem when in fact we have always been the coolest. These are marked down to $6 because the colors didn’t turn out how we wanted them to — we wanted the letters to be darker than they are. But they’re still really cool and this is a great chance to get a pin for real cheap!

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  1. my birthday is in december and i need the angry lesbian, weirdo lesbian, and lavender menace pins. i’m just saying.

  2. I need to get myself another they/them pin, can you make one in the trans flag color or Philly rainbow colors(you know the flag color with brown and black also)? Or one that glows?

  3. I didn’t even hesitate purchasing that indoorsy pin. I really wanted the sleeveless gender traitor shirt too though, but got punched in the face by the irony of it only being available in women’s cut. :'(

  4. me to every cute enamel pin flair i see “this is all i ever wanted!!!! but i cant want it anyyyyyyyyy moreeeee”

  5. “weirdo lesbian” is definitely my new identity.

    Also that Queerdo pin…..jokes on so many levels I love it!

  6. QUEER-DO!
    100% perfect in so many ways.
    My sexuality is like when you mash all the Play-do colours together and get happy sludge.

  7. ya Menace. i’ts a long fall from an underdog yet proud and the coolest – to a dog on a chain.

    • come payday might have one, to restore the original meaning and to remember whom to keep metal things pointed at

  8. I love y’all but poly=Polynesian people and poly pocket is a wonderful cute pun but we spent so much of camp talking about this? It’s not cool to continue using poly rather than polyamory or polyam or non monogamy when we for sure know better as a group and it’s such an easy change to make. :( sad abt it. I would love to buy a polyam or non monogs pin

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