Boobs on Your Tube: Nancy Drew Breaks Out the Murder Board in a Creepy Teeth Episode

Well, And Just Like That is back for another bananas episode and so are Heather’s recaps. Riese has updated our mega list of queer stuff to watch on Hulu. We’ve got ourselves a whole new queer Housewife on Bravo, and of course Kayla’s got the scoop on that. She also checked in this week on Riverdale’s horny bi Betty. Valerie Anne reviewed From, one of their favorite new spooky TV series. Himani did a deep dive on this season’s Never Have I Ever. And is Warrior Nun really saved?

Notes from the TV Team:

+ Okay The Rising officially got as gay as I thought it might! I didn’t want to write a whole thing here because even though the CW is airing it now week to week, it aired a full year ago in the UK, so it feels silly to write about it as if it’s new. But I did want to give you the heads up about it, in case you were on the edge of watching. I’m really enjoying it. — Valerie Anne

+ grown-ish returned for its sixth and final season…it’s not very gay (yet?) but I’ll keep you updated. — Natalie

How I Met Your Father Episode 217: “Out of Sync”

Written by Valerie Anne

How I Met Your Father: Ellen staring at her phone in disgust

Who amongst us hasn’t stalked an ex on Instagram a liiiiittle too much.

This week, the friends decide they’re due for a technology break, partially inspired by Ellen obsessing over Rachel’s social media, so they lock their phones up in the bar and agree to have a tech-free day until midnight.

It starts off a little rough; Val looks great but can’t post a selfie, Sophie gets paid but has to go to the actual bank to deposit it. But then when they get to the bank, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone aka 40% of *NSYNC. And this is neither here nor there but everyone in this episode pronounced the band name like they’re saying the letter N (“en”) then saying the word Sync (“sink). En-sink. I always pronounced it more like nn-sink or in-sink (you know, because they’re…in…sync???) but I’ve asked friends and most of them say it like I do. Maybe it’s just the California accent, maybe I’m overthinking it but it just struck me as funny because they said it so many times and it surprised me coming from Hilary Duff of all people, who was also making music in the early 2000s.

AAAANYway, Ellen is having a less fun time than Sophie and Val. She’s trying to watch Rachel through the peephole and spiraling. When Charlie’s spa day idea doesn’t work for her, she puts him in a sensory depravation situation of her own design and sneaks out the fire escape, kicking a duct taped gas line on the way out.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Val investigate the library trying to find the location of the club Lance and Joey invited them to. Val wants to hook up with Lance, and Sophie has to tell her that he’s “famously gay.” Her response “Noo, he dated Topanga” made me laugh. This one’s for the 90s kids. They don’t end up making it to the right party, but they do end up reconnecting with each other, which is very sweet.

When Ellen realizes she can’t get her phone and goes back home, she finds the apartment being evacuated and knows Charlie wouldn’t have heard them, so she runs in to save him and fireman carry him. This helps Ellen realize she’s a catch and that Rachel is the one missing out. All it took was a near-death situation for her to get over her breakup. Easy peasy.

Nancy Drew Episode 405: “The Oracle of the Whispering Remains”

Written by Valerie Anne

Nancy Drew: Bess smirks at Nancy, their faces awfully close together for just friends

If they don’t want me to keep shipping these two, they should have Addy around more often. Just saying.

This week the Drew Crew is in mystery mode, using a proper murder board to lay out the clues they have about the dead bodies that rose in the woods. They know their names and when they died, but all they can tell that they have in common is that they were born in Horseshoe Bay and they died before they were 30.

Meanwhile, George is having a hard time getting together law school tuition, so Bess decides to throw a singles night to raise money for her, and to maybe help Nancy get over Ace. Nancy thinks being around lonely people will just bum her out, but Bess points out they’re not necessarily lonely, just available. Nancy asks how Bess even has time to meddle with everything going on, and she says her own problems are scary and Nancy and George’s problem can be solved with a party. Much more fun.

Nick also realizes he needs an “act of Bess” and she helps them turn the reservoir water red so they finally shut the town’s water off and everyone stops drinking zombie goo. A win for the Drew Crew, to be sure.

WIth some help from George’s biological dad they find teeth with occult symbols not only on their own bodies, but on bodies in a secret room of the university. They also get help from Jessica Meraz, whose character’s name we don’t know, but who I loved in Chasing Life (remember the bisexual glory of that show???) and who is flirty and fun and gives the Drew Crew a Roundle (which is like a cryptex) that has symbols like the ones on the teeth on it.

At first, when they put the symbols in, it just poofs dust out, but later when Nick picks it up they realize it’s a compass. The Drew Crew follows it to the woods, where it leads them to a horrible creature that emerges from the ground. It’s like a human and a lamprey had an awful monster baby and it roars at them then curries off in an upside down crab walk. No thank you!!

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