Let’s Get Brunch: July 26-28 Is International Autostraddle Brunch Weekend

Once upon a time, we did this really great thing. We took two of the best things on earth and we smashed them together and created an important international queermo holiday. What are two of the best things on earth, you ask? Well duh: brunch and Autostraddle readers, obviously! Yes, you guessed it – this fairytale is all about International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Day, and the reason we’re talking about it on this beautiful day is because it’s that time again! The perfect moment to meet smart cute girls! The exact right second to try out all those amazing eggs-in-holes recipes we told you about this week! The most delicious time of year! Are you ready for this?! I don’t know if you’re ready for this.

Because International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Day was such a whopping success, we decided to be crazy this year and introduce International Autostraddle Brunch WEEKEND. That’s right, we’re getting wild. Also we’re all gonna live happily ever after.


Now that I’ve told a really beautiful fairytale let me give you some details to ensure this can all become reality.

International Autostraddle Brunch Weekend is on July 26-28. Autostraddle team members will be hosting brunches in their respective cities, but since we haven’t quite taken over the world yet we’re not everywhere. That’s where you come in!

If you’re interested in hosting/coordinating a brunch over the weekend of July 26-28 in your city, email chelsey [at] autostraddle [dot] com with the following info, and we’ll update this post to include your meetup!

Brunch Location
Date / Time
RSVP info / Facebook event URL (make sure your Facebook event is public!)
Special Instructions

If you’ve never experienced the magic of an Autostraddle Meetup, you can get a glimpse of what to expect by checking out our epic photo gallery from last year’s International Autostraddle Meetup Weeks, but the only way to really understand how amazing these get-togethers are is to show up! So go forth and brunch, Straddlers. The cuties and the eggs are waiting for you.

Albany, New York

Hosts: Emily & Natalia
Date: Sunday, July 28. 1pm.
Location: Iron Gate Cafe
Special Instructions: Please RSVP on the facebook event or email straddlista [at] yahoo [dot] com
RSVP: FB event page / straddlista [at] yahoo [dot] com

Atlanta, Georgia

Host: Eve
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11:30am.
Location: Flying Biscuit (10th and Piedmont)
Date: Sunday, June 28 11:30am
Special Instructions: If it’s crazy busy we can go play in Piedmont Park instead!
RSVP: FB event page

Auckland, New Zealand

Hosts: Claudia & Shen-ru
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am.
Location: To be confirmed
RSVP: FB event page

Austin, Texas

Host: Julia
Date: Sunday, July 28. 12pm.
Location: Bouldin Creek Cafe (1900 S. 1st St.)
RSVP: FB event page 

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Area Brunch-Me-In-The-Face
Hosts: Cara, Lizz, Carrie, Rose & Vanessa
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am
Location: John F. Kennedy Park in Cambridge (about 10 minutes from the Harvard T Stop, down JFK street)
Special Instructions: Come potluck with us in the sunshine! Everyone should bring a dish to share (and food for yourself if you have dietary restrictions or if you feel “like you will need your own personal breakfast burrito otherwise you might die”). And also bring cool games for us to play outside and/or sun protection.
RSVP: FB event page

Chicago, Illinois

Autostraddle International Brunch – Chicagostraddle Edition
Host: Kay JustKay
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am.
Location: See the FB page
Description: We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re hungry! Bring your favorite potluck food and some fun games, and we will get brunched! Specify your food allergy, and we can list ingredients like last year. BYOB! See great friends! Meet new ones! Bask in central air, pitying people in the outdoors!
RSVP: Join the local Chicagostraddle group to be invited to the event!

Denver, Colorado

Snacks in the Park
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: Cheeseman Park (1599 E 8th Ave.)
Special Instructions: Bring snacks to share!
RSVP: FB event page

Houston, Texas

Hosts: Jaydee & Brooklyn
Date: Saturday, July 27. 12pm.
Location: Menil Park
RSVP: FB event page

Indianapolis, Indiana

The Real A Word: Autostraddle Does Brunch
Host: Intern Kenzie
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: Cafe Patachou  (225 West Washington Street)
Description: Bring yourselves/IDs if drinking/happy smiling faces and let’s brunch.
RSVP: FB event page

Jerusalem, Israel

Hosts: Sarah Weil and Naomi Zaslow
Date: Friday, July 26. 11am.
Location: Nocturno Espresso Bar (7 Bezalel, Jerusalem 02-625-8510)
Special Instructions: Come BRUNCH with us :)
RSVP: FB event page

London, England

Hosts: Hattie & Ally
Date: Sunday, July 28. 10:30am – ?
Location: Goswell Road Coffee (160-164 Goswell Rd London EC1V 7DU)
Special Instructions:Come (*snigger*), eat some pancakes, and be prepared to quote a lot of The Breakfast Club with us.
RSVP: FB event page

Los Angeles, California

Host: Wildman
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: The Little Next Door  (8164 W. 3rd St.) – local, farm fresh, organic french food
Description: Come down, up, or around to Mid City for this relaxed, escapist-inspired Brunch Meetup. I was going to suggest another picnic potluck in the park, but there’s just something about being served fresh pastry and pretending that LA is, in fact, a relaxed little town and not a bustling wasteland of freeways. The breakfast plates are between $9 – $14 and the booze is fancy French booze pricing.
Special Instructions: Plan on bringing cash if you come, because 3 hours splitting up credit cards is not how I want to close out this party.
RSVP: FB event page 

Madison, Wisconsin

Host: Emma
Date: Sunday, July 28. Time TBD.
Location: Garner Park, or somewhere air conditioned. TBD.
Special Instructions: Potluck style!
RSVP: FB event page

Melbourne, Australia

Hosts: Flo & Cara
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am.
Location: £1000 Bend (361 Little Lonsdale Street)
Description: £1000 Bend is pretty much the perfect venue for a queer brunch as there’s breakfast food for (almost) all food allergies and preferences (win!!) plus we can start drinking at 11am. Also, no promises but there may be a pass the parcel.
RSVP: FB event page

Miami, Florida

Host: Hana Nagel
Date: Sunday, July 28. 1pm.
Location: The Federal (5132 Biscayne Blvd.)
Special Instructions: RSVP before Thursday so I can update the reservation
RSVP: FB event page

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Beach Brunch- TC Autostraddler Style
Host: Whitney
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: Thomas Beach, Lake Calhoun
Special Instructions: Bring your blanket/towel, food and drinks, beach wear and anything else fun.
RSVP: FB event page 

Missoula, Montana

Hosts: Tara & Alanna
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am-12:30pm.
Location: Picnic at the Clark Fork Saturday Market!
Special Instructions: Meet by the fish statues near the Higgins Street Bridge at Caras Park. Look for a blue and white blanket and people eating delicious vegan baked goods!
RSVP: Email straddlemissoula [at] gmail [dot] com if you’d like to RVSP/get access to special exclusive details about the event. Or feel free to just show up.

Nashville, Tennessee

Host: Emily
Date: Sunday, July 28. 1:30pm.
Location: No. 308 (407 Gallatin Ave)
Special Instructions: RSVP as attending or message Emily that you’re planning on coming by Friday or Saturday so we can make a reservation!
RSVP: FB event page

New York, New York

Host: Rachel Kunstadt
Date: Sunday, July 27. 12pm.
Location: La Palapa (77 St. Mark’s Place, between 1st and 2nd Ave.)
RSVP: FB event page

Omaha, Nebraska

Autostraddle Brunch for the Queer Ladies of Omaha
Host: Kathryn
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: Dixie Quick’s (157 West Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA 51503)
Special Instructions: To ensure you get good parking and so that we’re all there by seating time, get down to Council Bluffs around 10:30. Dixie Quick’s is small so they are very serious about their reservation/seating rules: “All parties must be here and complete before being seated; Your reservation is set for your original amount — any extra persons may or may not be seated according to availability.” And if you feel like dressing up in your most fabulous attire, I’ll totally squish you like my “Despicable Me” unicorn (he’ll probably come too).
RSVP: FB event page

Orange County, California

OC Brunch
Host: Brigid
Date: Saturday, July 27. 1 – 3/4pm
Location: Bruxie in Old Town Orange (292 North Glassell Street Orange, CA 92866)
Special Instructions: Prepare to eat waffles!
RSVP: brigidjeffers [at] gmail [dot] com

Orlando, Florida

Brunch Club
Host: Intern Chelsey
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: Ethos Vegan Kitchen (601-B New York Avenue)
Description: Mimosas and cinnamon rolls and vegan biscuits and gravy! Oh my!
RSVP: FB event page

Ottawa, Canada

Let’s Have Brunch!
Host: Carolyn
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am.
Location: The Lieutenant’s Pump (Elgin and Waverly)
RSVP: FB event page

Portland, Oregon

Host: Morgan
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11:30am.
Location: Night Light Lounge (2100 SE Clinton St.)
Special Instructions: Bottomless mimosas for $10! We will be on the patio weather permitting.
RSVP: FB event page

Paris, France

Hosts : Marie & Laetitia
Date : Sunday, July 28. 2pm
Location : Métro station “Hôtel de Ville”
Special Instructions: brunch will be along the Seine, if you need anything, contact us
RSVP: FB event page

Providence, Rhode Island

RhodyStraddlers Brunch
Hosts: Rachel & Madeline
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am.
Location: Olga’s Cup and Saucer
Special Instructions: Boston Brunch is Sunday, so we’re going for Saturday. NEW ENGLAND DOUBLE BRUNCH WEEKEND is what I’m saying.
RSVP: FB event page / To RSVP to the facebook event, you’ll need to join the RhodyStraddlers group. You can RSVP that way, or FB message one of the hosts! We’d like to get a count so we can head over early and snag a nice spot at the tables outside.

Racine, Wisconsin

Host: Lisa W.
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: North Beach in Racine
Special Instructions: Did you miss the pool party at A-Camp? Let’s frolic on the beach! Come hang out at North Beach in Racine! This beach has lovely sand and great swimming (you can wade out to a sand bar or swim in nice deep water, unlike many of the Chicago beaches where guards don’t let you go very deep!) There is an oasis with restrooms, food, and adult beverages ($3-4). There are also palm trees and hammocks, and often live music! Bring a picnic lunch or snacks or cash for the bar/snack bar. We can meet at the oasis as a starting point and then select our favorite stretch of beach.
RSVP: lisawoj [at] hotmail [dot] com / FB event page

Saint Louis, Missouri

Host: Kayla Potter
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: MoKaBe’s Coffeehouse, 3606 Arsenal St., right next to Tower Grove Park at Grand & Arsenal.
Special Instructions: Please RSVP on the Facebook page! It’ll make it so much easier to keep track of folks. Otherwise, come and be merry. MoKaBe’s Sunday brunch is $14/person, and is primarily vegetarian/vegan if I recall it right. Let’s brunch it up in classic St. Louis fashion.
RSVP: FB event page 

Salt Lake City, Utah

Host: Erin
Date: Sunday, July 28. 11am.
Location: Liberty Park
Special Instructions: Meet on the South side of the park by the duck pond and bring a dish to share.
RSVP: FB event page

Salty Straddlers’ Meetup
Host: Petra
Date: Saturday, July 27. 10am.
Location: Frisch Compassionate Eatery (779 S. 500 E.)
RSVP: saltystraddlers [at] gmail [dot] com

San Diego, California

Host: Leslie
Date: Saturday, July 27. 10am.
Location: R Gang Eatery (3683 5th Ave.)
Special Instructions: All further instruction and details shall be posted on the FB page!
RSVP: FB event page

San Francisco, California

Dunkin’ Dolores – Bay Straddlers Brunch
Hosts: Daniela & Intern Naimah
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am – 2pm.
Location: Dolores Park
Description: Potluck style!
RSVP: FB event page

Seattle, Washington

Host: Christine
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am.
Location: Julia’s on Broadway (300 Broadway E) – not just for drag queens I promise!
RSVP: seattlebrunch [at] gmail [dot] com

Singapore, Singapore

Hosts: Natalie & Fikri
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11am
Location: The Garden Slug (55 Lorong L Telok Kurau)
Special Instructions: We’ll be wearing AS shirts so you can recognise us. E-mail Fikri if you want a contact number. If you’re observing Ramadan, you won’t be the only one not-eating so please still feel free to come along & meet people.
RSVP: FB event page / If you don’t want to RSVP publicly, you can also e-mail fikrialkhatib [at] gmail [dot] com or just drop by. (We’d really appreciate it if you let us know in advance though!)

Springfield, Missouri

Host: Intern Devin
Date: Sunday, July 28. 10:30am – 3pm
Location: Hemingway Blue Water Cafe
Special Instructions: Show up any time between 10:30am – 3pm. Adult brunch is $14/person. Read a review of the restaurant here.
RSVP: FB event page

Stockholm, Sweden

Host: Sophia
Date: Sunday, July 28. Time is flexible
Location: Café Foam (Karlavägen 75, 114 49 Stockholm in Östermalm)
RSVP: FB event page

Sydney, Australia

Host: Crystal
Date: Saturday, July 27. 10am.
Location: Berkelouw Books, Newtown (6-8 O’Connell St  Newtown NSW 2042)
Description: We’re going to hang out at the book store and drink coffee and eat breakfast foods. Join us!
RSVP: FB event page

The Hague, The Netherlands

Hosts: Anne & Chloë
Date: Saturday, July 27. 11:30am
Brunch Location: Zuiderpark
Special Instructions: Potluck-style!
RSVP: FB event page

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hosts: Kerrie and Rhiema
Date: Sunday, July 28. 10:30am.
Location: Sneaky Dee’s (431 College St / Bathurst & College)
RSVP: FB event page 

Tucson, Arizona

Hosts: Mariah & Laura
Date: Saturday, July 27. 10am.
Location: The Cup Cafe at The Hotel Congress (311 E. Congress Street)
Description: Do you like food? Do you like to spend time around people who are drinking with breakfast? You should probably come be our friends.
RSVP: FB event page

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Host: Meredith
Date: Sunday, July 28. 10am.
Location: Shine Cafe
Description: Oh hey there beautiful Autostraddlers! Lets all hang out together and have some yummy food and talk about how great AS is and how cool all our new friends are :) I don’t know how many of us there are here in Victoria, but I’m excited to find out!
Special Instructions: Please RSVP so I can make a reservation!
RSVP: FB event page

Washington, DC

Carmen’s Birthday Brunch, Feat. Hopefully More Than a Few Special Guests
Host: Carmen
Date: Saturday, July 27. 12pm.
Location: Looking Glass Lounge, 21+ (3634 Georgia Ave NW). We’ll be out on the patio downstairs.
Description: I’M 23 BITCHES! No like, July 27 is my ACTUAL date of birth. The best day of them all! And if this brunch is anything like the last one, the best gift is a ‘straddlerfest.
Special Instructions: Dogs encouraged! (if there’s bad weather, scrap the hound.) (do not bring a dog that can’t be friends with eli, and bring a leash.)
RSVP: FB event page

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Vanessa is a writer, a teacher, and the community editor at Autostraddle. Very hot, very fun, very weird. Find her on twitter and instagram.

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  1. I just wanted to say, whoever did the design on this (and the previous post about brunch) did a really good job. Great design/colors!

  2. Any Southern/Central Maine ‘Straddlers out there? I’m totally down for traveling to the Boston meetup, but if I don’t have to take the Downeaster, that’s more money for mimosas and other lovely brunchy things!

    • i am in full support of a Maine brunch, but i WILL say that if you default to Boston, you will probably get to see/hear Lizz play a Taylor Swift song on guitar
      possibly a Taylor Swift song rewritten for this very occasion

      “today was a fairytale / i went to brunch / i used to choose between breakfast and lunch / you took me by the hand / and we drank mimosa punch / today was a fairytale

      today was a fairytale / i wore a dress / you wore a rainbow bow tie / you told me i was pretty / with my mouth full of eggs / today was a fairytaaaale”

      • Well, I’m sold! Clearly the only solution would be to have a Maine brunch on Saturday and take the train to Beantown on Sunday, because ain’t no way I’m missing a gay TSwizzle singalong.

        What’s better than brunch? TWO BRUNCHES, is what.

    • Wait… I’m not the only Mainer here? Amazing!

      I can’t do Boston on Sunday, sadly, as I have to go to my best friend’s amazing play in the afternoon.

      Portland on Saturday morning, anyone?

      • also maybe it’s not the dog’s fault if they’re not friends maybe it’s cause eli likes humans not dogs

  3. Ooh exciting! I’m from Brisbane but I’m in Sydney that weekend. I hope one is organised there. ^_^ (I would organise one myself but I don’t know Sydney that well.)

  4. Hmmm..DC in July. For Carmen’s birthday. I have that weekend off. Now to convince the other half that a gay ladies brunch to celebrate the birth of Her Fabulousness in our nations capital is a thing we need to do! Fingers crossed!

    • I live in Michigan, but I’m actually going to be visiting London that weekend (for the first time!). But alas, my mother and sister probably won’t want to attend a queer-lady brunch…

      • :(
        I sympathise, I had pretty shitty comments from the madre when I said I was going to Pride. *sigh*

        • Oh wait, says July everywhere, apart from on this page! Too confusing for a hungover Saturday morning. I cannot go sadly as I’m already being taken for a birthday brunch.

      • :D

        I love whoever chose The Breakfast Club as the meeting place because I love The Breakfast Club. All this excitement and I don’t even know if I’ll end up going. I want to join the group but it’s not private…

    • There are a few of us Calgary straddlers out there.
      I unfortunately will be camping this weekend so I am no help to the cause.

  5. Kind of really hoping there will be something in the NYC area? Probably a no-brainer but haven’t seen anything yet and I have never been to a meet up, but I really want to go!

      • I’m loathe to admit it but I actually live in CT so a southwestern CT situation would work too.

        • I second (third!) the desire for a CT brunch! I’m super new to the area and nothing would make me feel more at home than brunch with a bunch of queers!!!

        • Let’s do it! I can’t officially host, but I can definitely help pull something together. I’m in southwestern CT too – any preferences as to which town?

          • I’m in fairfield/black rock and there are a bunch of great places for brunch around here if everyone’s amenable to that? I know New Haven probably has some good places too.

  6. St. Louis! I’m gauging interest via facebook… I’m willing to host, my MO & IL friends!

  7. I don’t have a Facebook to RSVP with – but definitely excited for the Indy meet up!

  8. Any ladies in Pittsburgh?

    There are so many wonderful brunch places here! And many of them veggie/vegan friendly and some of them very queer.

    We should definitely do a meet up this Sunday!

    • I saw that two people liked this… but no one replied.

      My friend and I love Zenith in South Side, so we’re going to go there this Sunday! They have huge tables, and everything is vegan. You get a ton of food and it’s all super tasty.

      Let’s meet at 11:30am? Anyone who’s interested should reply here! We can maybe figure out details on facebook/text. Go brunch!

  9. Well naturally it would be brunch that finally draws me out of my lurkitude. Is something up withe SF FB link (maybe it’s also set to private?) or am I just clicking wrong?

  10. The Portland event doesn’t have a date yet and I don’t have a facebook so I can’t see the page. I probably can’t make it anyway I have college registration that weekend anyway.

  11. Noooo, I planned to go camping next weekend and then this happens! Can we have an early Vancouver brunch on Friday the 26th, pretty please?

  12. I know there’s a big group of us Edmonton queers. I believe that the Saturday is out, because of the SlutWalk happening at noon. Which leaves Friday and Sunday. Unless we’d be interested in forgoing the brunch aspect and making the meetup about the Slutwalk?

  13. Sounds awesome. I would love to go to the D.C. brunch but I’m too young and also I have to work and also I don’t even know Caroline so I wouldn’t want to crash her party. But happy birthday, Caroline!

  14. Atlanta folk,

    Can we have a meetup here? I’m moving that weekend, so can’t do much to organize, but it would be so great, and I can bring at least 3 people with me, but probably 6. What shall we take over? Revolution Donuts? the Flying Biscuit? Name it and I’ll be there.

  15. I’m super interested in the Portland meet up, but I guess I’ll wait for confirmation on the date and hope the location doesn’t change since I don’t have facebook

  16. ¿Hay alguien en Santiago de Chile? ¿Punta Arenas, Valpo, Viña? We can go get winter brunch!

    • I’m in Santiago, Chile!
      I can’t believe there is actually someone else here, I would love to get winter/summer brunch!

  17. To drive 1.5 hours to Indy merely for brunch or to not drive 1.5 hours to Indy merely for brunch.

    That is the question…

  18. just throwing it out there for the future– are there any scotland straddlers? i’m in st andrews most of the year but would totally do an edinburgh or even glasgow meetup

    • I’ll *hopefully* be moving to Edinburgh in september for university so second this.

      In the meantime, anyone from Bristol? I’d be happy to organise it but I still don’t know what days I’ll be around.

      • I am moving to Edinburgh for uni this year too! What course have you applied to? I’m looking at welcome weekend events right now so I’m getting excited :)

        • Hi, I’ve applied for physics. What about you?

          I’ve only just looked at the events but it seems like there’s loads on (and quite a few lgbtq events too). It’s getting so close now! :)

    • There’s a whole active group based on Edinburgh and Glasgow called I think Scots Straddlers?

    • I’m from Aberdeen, and moving to Glasgow in September so, yeah we should definitely organise a meet-up sometime!

      • I ended up not being able to make it, but went to Ethos later on and had delicious pancakes albeit sans awesome lesbians. How was it?

  19. Anyone at the northwest of the UK sunny side up? Come on Manchester, Liverpool I know you have this.

    • I am! Probably a little too far away for brunch, but it made me sad that no one else had replied to you, so I thought I would.

      Seriously, upstate queers, where you at?!

      • Right?! Oh well, if no one in the capital region responds, I’ll probably just put on my “straddle this” shirt, wander down Lark St, and hopefully find girls and/or mimosas.

  20. Anyone in the Chattanooga/East TN area? Atlanta’s a bit of a stretch for me.

  21. Miami anyone???
    My girlfriend and I unknowingly (or because we are secret geniuses) already have [Autostraddle Brunch] reservations at The Federal Miami (http://www.thefederalmiami.com/). It’s gourmet Southern food, plus bottomless mimosas and PBR! Who’s joining us?

  22. i’ve been toying around with visiting new orleans. anyone wanna give me a good reason why i should do it next weekend?

    • Actually I hate to rain on your Autostraddle brunch parade but you should *not* go next week because it is deathly hot and humid and everyone is currently hidden inside hugging their ACs for dear sweet life. Murp.

      • hahaha, i live in mississippi. it’s inescapable either way. (though, i type that as i’m inside hugging my AC for dear sweet life…)

        • (obviously also i would totally brunch with mississippi people if they actually exist. do you exist, mississippi people? you should. or alabama people, too!)

    • I’m in NOLA…I’m sure we could find a decent place (with AC even!). And I realize I’m a little to this party, but I figured I’d at least add in another vote for NOLA.

  23. I’ve been Ctrl+F ing “cleveland” and “ohio” for a week, but no luck… Anyone?

  24. Hey everyone in Illinois or Wisconsin, come frolic at the beach with me! Racine is about 40 minutes south of Milwaukee and 1.5 hours north of Chicago–but totally worth it!

  25. Anyone in the general Philly, Pa area down for brunch? Valanni in the Gayborhood has the most amazing mango mojitos and even better brunch noms!

  26. Is anyone in the Triangle area of North Carolina interested? I work on the 26th and 27th, but would be down for brunch on the 28th. I could maybe host at my place in Durham, or definitely meet somewhere.

    • I’m working at Duke University and could potentially do Sunday too if you’re interested.

  27. I know there’s already a Philly event going, but does anyone in Lehigh Valley/Allentown area want to brunch together?

  28. If there are any Autostraddlers in the Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens area we could totally get IHOP yo.

    But I feel like maybe I’m alone.

  29. Any Michigays want to brunch? I’m in Detroit, but would travel as far as Ann Arbor, Windsor, or maybe even Toledo.

  30. Is there interest for a Sarasota/St. Pete brunch? I’ll put one together in Sarasota…but would definitely attend one in St. Pete!

  31. Oh Autostraddle Goddesses, please send me a small sign of possible Weekend Brunchers in San Jose, Ca!

  32. Is it just me or is there something wonky with the SLC link? (Not totally sure I can make it anyway, long drive and bad timing but WHO KNOWS.)

    • the link works for me, but i’m FB friends with the event organizer person. if you’re not already, get on the FB Salty Straddlers :)

      • Yeaaah, not really in a position where I can be joining FB groups, unfortunately. I should really get a burner FB for this stuff.

  33. My current home in Moscow, ID is too far away to make any of the scheduled brunches, but I’m making croissants for Sunday morning to get in the spirit!

  34. Super stoked to see New York straddlers on Sunday! My first Sunday off work in six months!

  35. I’m obviously a little late to this party, but is anyone in Baltimore?

    I’d go to DC, but I’m only 20 :/. But Happy Birthday Carmen! (You don’t know me but I hung out with your dog once and we went to Chef Geoff’s. He’s super adorable and I also love my dog with a fiery passion and cannot wait until I’m old enough to do adult queer DC dog lover things.)

  36. Awe man! I wish I’d read this sooner, I would’ve loved to host a brunch in Mexico City for autostraddle… aka me and Caitlin (queer girl city guide mex city) … I believe it’s you and me girl, dassit!

    Next time gadget!

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