DeAnne Smith’s Questionable At Best Asks “What’s too Jewy?”

Once again it’s time for DeAnne Smith’s totally awesome podcast Questionable at Best!

deanne_wideThis week DeAnne is chatting with comedian Robby Hoffman as they try to answer the question “What’s too Jewy?” DeAnne’s not Jewish but Robby Hoffman is and it’s delightful to listen to DeAnne’s complete discomfort with the whole concept. The question was Robby’s idea.

Is that kreplach soup you're sipping?

Is that kreplach soup you’re sipping?

Who’s Robby? Well:

Robby uses humor to describe her neuroses (think Woody Allen) as well as her life growing up in a family of ten children, as a lesbian in a Jewish Orthodox family.

There is also a discussion of whether or not scissoring is real and actually taking place between lesbians. Spoiler Alert: DeAnne has scissored.

I think you’ll enjoy this one.

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  1. this was the only one I’ve listened to so far (mainly because of the Jewish thing, makes me want to listen to the other ones to see if they’re just as good…

  2. Do other people not scissor? I’ve never understood why this is such a unicorn-like phenomenon in the lesbian community…

    • I know people who claim lesbians never do it, one guy I know thinks it’s a waste of time and only for men’s benefit in porn*.

      I’ve tried it but only once or twice had any foreplayeque success. Our first time was hilariously awkward and in the end we ended up giggling and moving onto oral.

      It seems like the sort of this that would hurt with stubble.

      Do you mind me asking what positions you’ve had success in? We’ve only managed it with missionary style.

      *He’s got female parts and talks about his sex life as it is.

    • Myself, and most of my queer friends, have always sort of regarded scissoring as a joke. Like, as in no one actually does it. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it and having it… well, working.

      Personally, I’ve tried it with one girlfriend. I don’t know how to put the experience other than: uneventful. Maybe you just have to find the right partner…

  3. “I love gay jews” – yes me too seeing as Ive been dating one for three years. This was the most amusing for both of us. Thanks for the laughfest!

  4. I saw Robby at the Women in Comedy Festival last year and she was hilarious. Awesome to see (erm, hear) her show up on DeAnne’s podcast!

  5. This was actually a lot worse than I had expected. The host is so embarrassed about her racist upbringing that she pretends to not remember it. She is barely able to pronounce the word ‘anti-semitism’. Then she says that Jews run comedy. Like that’s not one of the oldest stereotypes in the book. Robby makes a sound of discontent, but lets it fly.

    Also, being an accountant is not a Jewish thing. It was also disappointing when they decided that getting things for free is Jewy. I mean, is this satire and I’m just not getting it? Not only did this not deconstruct any anti-semitic stereotypes, it reinforced them.

    I listened to this because I was interested mockery of the concept of “too Jewy”, but didn’t find it. They basically described what “too Jewy” is (anti-semite much?), and didn’t mock or tear dow the concept at all. This was incredibly disappointing, and not radical at all.

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