Ladies, Start Your Skillets: International Summer Brunch Day Is This Sunday

Bunchsters! Don’t forget that you’ll be brunching this Sunday in along with the rest of the brunchateers at Autostraddle International Summer Brunch Day 2012.

Thanks to our intrepid hosts and the dubious magic of Facebook, we’ve got brunches planned all over the world and we’d love to have you. You can get all the details on your local meet-up on the original AISBD post.

If you don’t see your city on the map, it’s not too late! Grab a group of friends, put a call out on Autostraddle Social or brave it alone and flirt with your waitress. Do something!

While you’re there, don’t forget to take pictures; seeing your shiny happy faces warms the cockles of our hearts and gives us hope that we’re doing more than just furiously typing away on keyboards all day long.

Onward ho, brunchees!

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  1. dearest nyc, forgive me for being out of town this weekend.

    i’ll be forcing my girlfriend who hates brunch to eat brunch with me in new jersey.

    this counts as participating, right?

    rachel, one of these days i will finally attend a new york brunch.

    until then, i am really looking forward to carmen’s get baked. like really really really.

  2. Sunday is my mother’s birthday. I had to explain this Brunch to her as my excuse for not joining her and the rest of my family at the beach for the weekend. Oops! Sorry Ma I love you but Brunch wins! Luckily she was super understanding!

  3. As a former resident of Minnesota I find the lack of a twin cities brunch option disappointing.

    I’m going to go ahead and assume y’all are too busy going out and doing actual gay shit to plan a brunch on here. Maybe you’ll just all end up at the Perkins across from the Townhouse at 3 a.m. and call it brunch.

  4. Looking like my Autostraddle “brunch” will be a small, intimate gathering of two. But in honor of Marika, it will be pants less! That, and frankly I prefer my girl pants less, she’s got the cutest little….

  5. Atlanta has an unofficial “group” (I put group in quotes because it may very well be just me looking really awkward…) going to the Flying Biscuit. There’s a thread in the original post. Please come and relieve me of my awkward misery! :)

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